In the Dark - Season 2 Episode 6

A young, blind woman tries to solve her friend's murder.

Episode: 6/20 eps

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - In the Dark
"Murphy is a hard-living, hard-drinking, disaffected twenty-something with a penchant for cigarettes and casual sex. She\u2019s also blind."
"After Murphy\u2019s latest one night stand calls her \u201cMommy,\u201d she develops a rather unexpected lead in Tyson\u2019s case. Meanwhile, Chloe thinks it\u2019s time for her father Dean to start a dating profile. Lastly, Murphy helps Jess pick out a special gift for her girlfriend Vanessa."
"Murphy enlists an unwitting Felix to help her organize an outreach presentation at Fairview High so she can do some digging around to try and locate Tysons girlfriend Kira. When the presentation goes awry, Murphy and Felix take a smoke break under the bleachers and have their first heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, Dean does his best to be there for Chloe as she experience\u2019s a rite of passage."
"Murphy discovers she may not have known Tyson as well as she thought she did. Meanwhile, it\u2019s puppy graduation day at Guiding Hope, and one of the foster\u2019s is having a hard time letting go."
"Jess reluctantly agrees to let Murphy go alone with Max on a day trip. While traveling, Murphy has flashback of memories of Tyson. Meanwhile, Jess and Joy (Kathleen York) realize they may have more in common than they thought."
"Murphy, unable to deal with things, begins to push everyone away, including Max. Meanwhile, Murphy and Jess have a heart-to-heart."
"While hanging out with Max in his food truck, Murphy is shocked to hear a familiar voice screaming outside; Murphy offers to watch Chloe so Dean can go on a date, but things get a little crazy after she does the one thing he asks her not to do. Lastly, Murphy's worlds of Max and Darnell and Guiding Hope begin to collide."
"Murphy finally starts opening up to Max. Meanwhile, Murphy, Max and Darnell step up to help Jess. Lastly, Felix makes an interesting decision."
"With Jess focusing all of her attention on Vanessa, Murphy begins to feel neglected. To make matters worse, tensions begin to rise between her and Max. Meanwhile, Jules is forced to make a quick decision."
"Murphy and Jess are both going through similar situations, but they are handling things very differently. Meanwhile, Felix and Jess share a beautiful moment together."
"Murphy and Jess borrow the Guiding Hope van to search for Max, leaving Felix in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Dean receives some surprising news."
"It\u2019s Murphy\u2019s first birthday since Tyson was killed and she is feeling more isolated than ever."
"Things begin to take an interesting turn between Murphy and Dean. Season finale."
Season 2 - In the Dark
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