Saturday Night Live - Season 47 Episode 3

A famous guest host stars in parodies and sketches created by the cast of this witty show.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Lorne Michaels

Country: USA

Episode: 3/922 eps

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1975

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include: \"Wolverines\", \"George Carlin's Monologue\", \"New Dad Insurance\", \"The Courtroom\", \"Andy Kaufman\", \"George Carlin Stand-Up I\", \"Victims Of Shark Bite\", \"Jamitol\", \"Triopenin\", \"Triopenin\", \"Triple-Trac\", \"George Carlin Stand-Up II\", \"The Impossible Truth\", \"Bee Hospital\", \"Academy of Better Careers\", \"Show Us Your Guns\", George Carlin Stand-Up III, \"Trojan Horse Home Security\""
18 Oct 1975
"The host for the episode is Paul Simon, and the musical guests are Randy Newman and Phoebe Snow. The skits for this episode are as follows: former Chicago Seven member Billy Rubin pitches ..."
"Live from New York, it's.. \n\nSketeches Include: Wheelchair Bound, A Trip to the Doctor, Fashion Show, Surgery Free Healing, Dangerous But Inept, National Pancreas Association PSA, At The Blaine Hotel, What Gilda Ate, Square Dancing, Smoking Craters, and Operation.\n\nJohn Belushi (as Joe Cocker) performed \"A Little Help From My Friends.\""
"Live from New York, It's... \n\nSketches include: Gerald Ford adressess the nation, Ambassador Training Institute spot, \"Jaws II\", Garrett Morris confronts unorganized CIA, Catherine Deneuve, Black Perspective, \"Midnight Probe\", Andy Kaufman as Foreign Man, Crank Call to Airline Stewardess, Obnoxious journalist interviews world ruler."
"Live from New York, It's... \n\nSketches include: Pagent winner Sherry refuses crown, Minute Mystery, Bee-Cenntinial Minute, Greg Allman dodges question about his love-life, The Eternal Crawl: Roaches Through History, Sam Peckinpah, Female fireman tips, Looks at Books."
"Live from New York, it's... Sketches include \"Gerald Ford Addresses the Nation,\" \"Beethoven Sings My Girl,\" Jaws III, \"Edith Ann On Ice,\" \"Spud Beer,\" \"How To Harass Men,\" \"Beethoven's Second,\" \"The Clumsy Bellhop and the Interracial Couple,\" \"Suzy Forgives Patty Hearst,\" \"Beethoven as Ray Charles,\" and \"Skred In Love\" (Muppets)."
"On A Seven Second Delay from New York, it's...Garrett Morris\n\nSketches include: The Clumsy Waiters, Samurai Hotel, Looks At Books, New Dad (repeat from the first episode of the series), Police Line-Up #1, Racist Word Association, SNL Film: Pong, When White Family Members Turn Black, Spud Beer, Police Line-Up #2, Early Suicide Pill, The Muppets: Ploobis and Scred Get Drunk, Police Line-Up #3, Exorcist II, SNL Film: Albert Brooks Is Home Sick, and Richard Pryor Stand-Up.\n\nGil-Scott Heron performs: \"Johannesburg\" and \"A Lovely Day\""
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include-- Fireside Chat with Gerald Ford, \"Mel's Char Palace\", \"What Gilda Ate\", Billy is guilty of murder, Teddy the Elf, \"The Fritzie Kringle Show\", \"Minute Mystery\", Candice and the cast perform 'Winter Wonderland', The Bees Christmas Party, Homeward Bound."
"Live from New York, it's... Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include \"The Dead String Quartet,\" \"Interior Demolitionists,\" \"Vito Corleone in Therapy,\" \"The Killer Bees,\" \"Birthright\", \"Gilda and Elliot,\" \"New Shimmer,\" The Muppets, \"Play Misty for Me\" (film), \"Jamitol,\" \"Try-Hard 1-11,\" and \"Powwow With the Press\" (stand-up).\n\nAnne Murray performed \"Long Distance Call\" and \"Boogie With You.\""
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--Suicide Prevention, \"Samurai Deli\", Operation Stumblebum, \"Citizen Kane II\", King Bee(the Blues Brothers), Auto mechanic tells bedtime story, \"Presidential Foreplay\", Chevy misuses a joint, The Constipated Man, The Muppets and the Japanese sex Device."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include-- Bomb Squad, Prisoner Auditions, \"Don Pardo's Holiday on A Elevator\", \"Table Talk\", \"Backstage Banter\", Sonny and Cher, The Baby Jesus, Chevy talks to Angola's roommate, The Muppets."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--Voodoo on Chevy Chase, Alcohol and Firearms, Lowell Brock of H&R Brock, \"Looks at Books\", Dick Cavett's School of Hydroplane Operation, Dance To The Nation, \"The Apple Follies\", Our Town."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include \"The Valentine's Day Massacre,\" \"Samurai Divorce Court,\" \"Jason and Sunshine,\" \"The Corrida.\" \"All Pro Wrestling,\" \"Remembering of Things Past\", \"Dueling Brandos,\" \"A Home Movie\" (film), and \"The Orgy.\" Al Jarreau performs \"We'll Get By.\""
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include-- Gerald Ford gives a word association, Literary Recital, Very White(Chevy Chase)sings unsoulful songs, \"The Failed Pilots of I Love Lucy\", Cuban accupunture, Lucille Ball talks about Desi's book, Bisexual Minute."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include-- No More Falls, \"Great Moments in Herstory\", White Guilt Relief Fund, Inquisitive Girlfriend, Grable and Lombard, Car Yummies, Paying the Milkman, Jill Carson Guidance Counselor!, Andy Kaufman sings \"Old Macdonald\", \"The Mr. Bill Show\"."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--'SNL is not ad-libbed' says Chevy Chase, A President's View on Marijuana, Dominatrix Cleaning Tips, \"Norman Bates School of Hotel Management\", Low-budget Movie Trailers, Sherry protest her B(ee), Policemen Dance Party, \"Hello Dolly\"."
"Live from New York, It's...Gerald Ford\n\nSketches include-- \"The Dead String Quartet\", Super Bass-O-Matic 76, An Oval Office, David Eisenhower is Anti-Nixon, Thomas Jefferson denies slavery, The New Stoner Volunteer Army, Catherine the Great, Disgusting Jam, Autumm Fizz--The Carbonated Douche, \"Tomorrow With Tom Snyder\"."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include-- \"Get to the fall Chevy!\", Purina Rat Chow, Joseph Franklin's 10-letter Metric Alphabet, \"The Claudine Longet Ski Invitational\", \"One Flew Over The Hornest Nest\", Chevy tries to convince Raquel to take off her shirt, Baba Wawa, Bisexual Moment, The Muppets are finished on SNL."
"Live from New York, it's Chevy Chase! Sketches are \"Ronald Reagan's Jam Session,\" Not for Ladies Only, Wilderness Comedian, \"Slumber Party,\" Bride of Frankenstein, \"Fondue Pots for Namibia,\" \"The Muppets Can Reunite the Beatles,\" New York's My Home (film), \"Super Absordent Dry Hose,\" and \"The Final Days.\" Carly Simon performs You're So Vain."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--Chevy has to do the fall again, \"Hearing Test,\" \"The Adulterer,\" \"Vacationland Adventure\", \"Minister with Hiccups,\" \"Dyan Cannon's Dream,\" \"Orange Juice,\" \"The Bathwater of The Stars\", \"Johnny Angel\", \"Cresk Toothpaste,\"\" and \"The Hubcap Thief\" (film). Leon Russell and Joe Cocker (Belushi) perform \"Daylight\"."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--Emmy winner Chevy tries to get Laraine todo the fall, Samurai Tailor, \"Talk Back!\", \"Dell Stator's Toad Ranch Resturaunt\", \"Looks at Books\", The Crowd Audition, Peter Lemon Moodring, \"Not For Ladies Only\", Lorne Micheals offer to the Beatles."
"Sketches include \"Wax Museum,\" \"Phone Operator Academy,\" \"European Poker Player,\" \"Babs's Uvula,\" \"The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise,\" \"The Bee Honeymooners,\" \"Shirley Temple Black,\" \"Vibramatic,\" \"Uncle Charlie's School,\" and \"Show Us Your Guns.\"\n\nLeon Redbone performed \"Shine On Harvest Moon.\""
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--Belushi thinks Chevy has a big head, Louise Lasser locks herself dressing room, General \"V.D\" Amin, Sven and Inger, John Belushi tries to sell his clothes, Ode to Television, Louise apologizes to her dog, Jimmy Carter talks about the campagin."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--Kristofferson signs \"Help Me Make it Through The Night\", new SNL employer Sherry, Samurai General Practitioner, the Great White Athelete, Gerald Ford dosent want to talk about local issues, \"Talk Country\", My Blind Date is My Gynocologist, Andrew Young is a Suckup, Police State, \"Waiting For Don Pardo\"."
Season 2 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include-- Big shot Lily Tomlin will do the show without rehearsing, \"Debate 76\", Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak, The Phone Company, \"Women In Literature\", Tess DiSenzo, The Antler Dance, Judith Beasley."
"Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase (On telephone)\n\nSketches include-- Gilda plans to do the fall, Jimmy Carter speaks on sexual performance in the White House, Chevy's Girls, Trial sitcom--\"The Snakehandling O'Sheas\", Joseph Franklin--The Metric Clock, Abusive Divorce Lawyer, Rhodesian Peace Talks."
"Live from New York, it's..Chevy Chase (on telephone)!\n\nSketches include-- Hospitalized Chevy confronts impostor, Designer Babies, KLOG Deejay, The Killer Bees, Cufflinks of the Gods, Drag is Not Funny, Dragnet, Drag Racing Today, Jacques Cousteau, Joe Cocker and his doppleganger(Belushi), \"Ken Norton is more talented than Muhummad Ali\"."
"Live from New York, it's...Chevy Chase! Sketches include-- Chevy returns, \"Baba Wawa at Large,\" Debate '76, A*M*I*S*H, Cancer-free Cupcakes, \"Love Russian Style,\" The Lunch Counter Reunion, Mr. Bill, Ode to American Coinage."
"Sketches include \"Yankees Lose,\" \"Jeopardy 1999,\" \"Speak Out For Milk\", \"The Beatnik Club,\" \"Ted Baxter Kills Mary Richards,\" \"Looks at Books,\" and \"Mysteries in Medicine.\"\n\nKinky Friedman performed \"Dear Abby.\""
"Sketches include-- Trick or Treating Land Shark, \"Not For Ladies Only\", Samurai Stockbroker, Garrett Morris's Family History, Debate 76, Super Bass-O-Matic 77, \"The OintMENt\", Mr. Mike's Least Loved Bedtime Tales, Houdini's Ghost."
"Live from New York, It's...Gilda Radner\n\nSketches include-- Chroma Trak Girl, Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers, Nixon's Watergate Frame-up, Crossroads, Grandparent Bees, Mr.Mike's Least Loved Bedtime Tales--\"The Blind Chicken\", Mobile Shrink, \"How Things Work\", Marines--Looking For A Few Good Men."
"Live from New York, It's...George Harrison\n\nSketches include-- Paul Simon meets pauper Chevy Chase on sidewalk while Lorne talks with George Harrison, Quarry, \"Baba Wawa at Large\", The Twilight Zone, Billy Paul, \"Tomorrow with Tom Synder\"."
"Live from New York, It's...Gilda Radner\n\nSketches include-- Gilda wont be in much of tonight's show, Wendy, Bee Peter Pan and Tinkerbee, Rovco's Puberty Helper, Metal Man, Steve Bashekis, Im Not Black, The Crush on the Biology Teacher, Don Pardo--The First Fifty Years, Laraine Newman's talents, Mr.Mike's Least Loved Bedtime Tales--\"\"he Little Train That Died\"."
"Live from New York, it's... Gilda Radner!\n\nSketches include: \"Patty Hearst At Home,\" \"Jimmy Carter Can't Keep His Promises,\" \"Santi-Wrap,\" Consumer Probe, Fern and Friend in PSA for The Right to Extreme Stupidity League, FX-70 Cheese Slicer, The Killer Trees trailer, \"Adopt John Belushi For Christmas,\" \"Radioactive Fallout Report,\" and \"Let's Kill Gary Gilmore For Christmas.\""
"Live from New York, It's...Ralph Nader\n\nSketches include-- Ralph Nader wants to cut loose, Badmouthing Grandfather, Dress Rehearsal for Execution, The Confederate Takeover, \"Baba Wawa At Large\"\" The Coneheads, \"Youth Ask Questions\", Andy Kaufman as Elvis, Testing Party Dolls."
"Live from New York, it's...John Belushi in a wheelchair!\n\nSketches include-- Belushi's too sick to do the show, Barbara Streisand, Emily Litella and Her Sister, Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, Little Old Ladies of The Night, Asking the Babysitter About Sex, E. Buzz Miller, Crazy Frank Commercial parody, and Mr. Mike's Least-Loved Bedtime Tales."
"Live from New York, it's... the cast of SNL! Sketches include \"Locker Room Pep Talk,\" \"Swiss Army Gun,\" \"Amy Carter in School,\" \"Chambers' Missing Arm,\" \"Black Perspective,\" \"Home Restaurant,\" \"Community Appeal,\" \"Fran's One-Night Stand,\" \"Grand Stand,\" \"French Liquid,\" and \"Rhonda's Credit Card Counseling.\""
"Live from New York, It's... Steve Martin! Sketches include \"Steve Martin's Ego Trip,\" \"Coneheads' Tax Audit,\" \"Celebrity Weightlifting,\" \"Dr. Breadloaf's Quickloss Diet Book,\" \"Pulling the Plug,\" \"Broadway Baby,\" \"Hollywood Bingo,\" \"From the Big Orange to the Big Apple\" (film), \"Roots II,\" and \"Plenty in Common.\""
"Live From New York, It's...Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, and Sissy Spacek! Sketches include-- \"Dave Wilson's Dead,\" \"Burger Master,\" \"Ask President Carter\", \"\"Belushi's Olympic Dream,\" \"Gidget's Disease,\" \"Bad Playhouse,\" and \"White Trash Couple."
"Live From New York, it's... Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, & Linda Ronstadt! Sketches include \"Goodbye Saccharine,\" \"Samurai Hit-Man,\" \"Broderick's Old Neighborhood\" (film), \"Mel's Hide Heaven\", \"Bill Murray, The New Guy,\" \"Lucy Ricardo's Nuke Job,\" \"Highway Patrol,\" \"Baba Wawa At Large,\" and \"Nixon and Hoover.\""
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi Sketches include-- Belushi Refuses to Say Live From New York, The Coneheads, Marine Wedding, \"The Untouchables\", \"The Story of The Squatters\", \"Ask Big Daddy\", Washed Up Comedy Writer, Suicidal Buisnessman, Old-Fashioned Pharmacist."
"Live From New York, It's...Gilda Radner\n\nSketches include-- Emily Litella's New Love, Lowell Brock, Black Perspective, \"Dr.X, Family Counselor\", Right On Afro Lustre, Great Moments In Motown, Creeley's Soup, Bad Cinema, George Wallace, Julian and Andrew Young Talk With President Carter."
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi! Sketches include-- Brezhnev Wants to Appear on Carson, The Castration Walk, Nick The Lounge Singer, You've Come a Long Way, Buddy, United Face Bank, Jason and Sunshine, Pilson Feedbag Dinners."
"Live From New York, It's...Bill Murray Sketches include-- Potato Torture, The American Dope Growers Union, \"The Nixon Interviews\", Flight Attendant Sherry, \"Plain Talk\", \"Heavy Wit Championship\", Bill Murray's Bad Childhood Memories, \"Telethon for Britian\", \"The Battle of Britain\". Gary Weis film: Body Language."
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi\n\nSketches include-- Bee Sketch Is Pre-Empted by Norton-Bobick Fight, Video Vixens, Badly Disguised Bank Robber, Viva Las Vegas II, \"Baba Wawa At Large\", Feuding Couple, \"Bad Ballet\", \"Night of The Moonies\", Audience Member Chevy."
"Live From New York, It's...Gilda Radner\n\nSketches include-- Carter's Energy Saving Message, Buck Performs A Live Sex Act, Samurai B.M.O.C, The Shower Mike, The Coneheads Return to Remulak, Rhonda Weiss's Bridal Shower, Charles Lindbergh Meets the Land Shark."
Season 3 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York, It's...Dan Aykroyd\n\nSketches include--\"Bert Lance National Express Card\", \"Kromega III\", \"Wild & Crazy Guys\", \"Mike McMack, Defense Lawyer\", \"Trinity 3000 Computer\", \"Great Moments In Rock & Roll\", \"Mr. U.S.A. Pageant\", \"Royal Deluxe II\""
"Live From New York, It's...Bill Murray\n\nSketches include--\"Lee Harry Oswald\", \"Swill\", \"Bad Opera\", \"The 'Anyone Can Host' Contest\", \"Bianca Jagger Talks with Close Personal Friends\", \"The Acid Generation - Where Are They Now?\", \"Blind African-American\", \"Autumn In New York\", \"Ultra-Personal Feminine Product\", \"Dubbing Hercules\", \"Dame Edna Everage\", \"Pocket Pal\", \"Phone Secrets\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Laraine Newman\n\nSketches include--\"Playboy Bunny\", \"Angora Bouquet\", \"Planet Of The Men Vs. Planet Of The Women\", \"The 'Anyone Can Host' Contest\", \"The X-Police\", \"Circular Bed Sex Research\", \"Listening To Great Music\", \"Sex In Cinema\", \"3 R's\", \"The Story Of H\", \"Funeral Magician\", \"The Farbers at the Playboy Club\""
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi\n\nSketches include--\"Grodin Misses Dress Rehearsal\", \"Weekend Update Ad\", \"The Coneheads\", \"Long-Winded Set-Up\", \"Consumer Probe\", \"The 'Anyone Can Host' Contest\", \"Samurai Dry Cleaners\", \"Trick-or-Treating Killer Bees\", \"Judy Miller\"\", \"The Professional School of Football\", \"Incompetents\""
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi\n\nSketches include-- \"Don Corleone\", \"A Message From the President of the United States\", \"Mamorex\", \"Howdy Doody's Widow\", \"Tomorrow\", \"The Young Caucasians\", \"Ray Charles Medley\", \"Franklyn Ajaye\", \"Evelyn Woodski Slow Reading Course\", \"Blackout Burglary\", \"Buck Henry Announcement\"."
"Live From New York, It's...Anyone Can Host Contest Finalists\n\nSketches include--\"The 'Anyone Can Host' Contest Finalists\", \"Little Chocolate Donuts\", \"Samurai Psychiatrist\", \"Stunt Babies\", \"Motel Sanitation Items\", \"Tomorrow\", \"Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow\", \"The Rickey Rat Club\", \"The History of Franken & Davis\", \"Jackie Onassis\", \"'Anyone Can Host' Contest Film \", \"Life After Death\""
"Live From New York, It's...Laraine Newman, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray, Mary Kay Place, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, & Jane Curtin\n\nSketches include--\"Peppiest Show Ever\", \"Hey, You!\", \"More Insects To Worry About\", \"Total Womanhood\", \"Married In A Minute!\", \"Bad Musical\", \"Hanukkah Explanation\"."
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi\n\nSketches include \"\"America's Oldest Living Doper,\" \"Meat Wagon Toy Ambulance,\" \"Dating the Self-Conscious & Extremely Obnoxious,\" \"Gift of the Magi,\" \"Starsky and Hutch,\" \"The Al Franken and Tom Davis Show,\" \"E. Buzz Miller's Art Classics,\" \"College Students Home For Christmas,\" \"Drunken Santa,\" \"Madame Butterfly\""
"Live From New York, It's...Dan Aykroyd\n\nSketches include--\"State of the Union Address\", \"Swill\", \"Searching For Bigfoot\", \"Wild & Crazy Guys\", \"Body Floss\", \"The Coneheads On 'Family Feud'\", \"'Close Personal Friends' Film\", \"What If?\""
"Live From New York, It's...Paul Shaffer\n\nSketches include--\"Mr. Mike & Tina Turner Review\", \"Olympia Cafe\", \"The X-Police\", \"Nick Winters\", \"Nerds Album\", \"Frogs Look At Film \", \"Giant Lobster Attack Warning\", \"Rhonda Weiss\", \"Attack Of The Giant Lobsters\", \"Lobsters Wreck The Studio\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Chevy Chase\n\nSketches include--\"A Former President Speaks to the Nation\", \"The Moth Masher\", \"Post-Sex Discussion\", \"King\", \"Customs Trainee\", \"Bad Day Soundtrack Film\", \"Sermonette\", \"World War II GI Quiz\", \"Sketch With No Ending\""
"Live From New York, It's...Gilda Radner\n\nSketches include--\"Gilda Answers Audience Questions\", \"Samurai Night Fever\", \"Great Moments In Sports\", \"The Mohawk Master\", \"The Raid On Nicosia\", \"Voodoo\", \"The Franken & Davis Show\", \"Mandingo II\", \"E. Buzz Miller's Animal Kingdom\", \"Hertz Ad\", \"Celebrity Battle of the Sexes\""
"Live From New York, It's...Gilda Radner\n\nSketches include--\"Modern Crimes\", \"Kromega III\", \"Tomorrow\", \"Miracle In Chicago\", \"Stage Door Guard\", \"Looks At Books\", \"Don't Look Back In Anger\", \"Looking For Mr. Goodbar Playset\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Garrett Morris\n\nSketches include--\"Garrett Morris sings 'Danny Boy'\", \"Royal Deluxe II\", \"Olympia Cafe\", \"Sybil III\", \"Bad One-Man Theater\", \"Nutrifix\", \"Myopia\", \"Shower Mike\", \"The Coneheads On Earth\", \"Celebrity Crack-Up\""
"Live From New York, It's...John Belushi\n\nSketches include--\"Kevin Scott\", \"Movie Trailers\", \"My Fair Lady\", \"Mr. Death\", \"Anwar Sadat\", \"Cold As Ice\", \"Dell Stator's Rabbit Hut\", \"Vampire Hunters\", \"Richard Belzer\", \"Mr. Bill Goes To The Circus\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Dan Aykroyd\n\nSketches include--\"Oscar Awards\", \"Little Chocolate Donuts\", \"Tax Deductions\", \"H&L Brock\", \"Great Escape\", \"Nerds Piano Lesson\", \"The Case of the Scarlet Membrane\", \"Good Time At Party\", \"Mr. Bill Pays His Taxes\", \"Danger Probe\""
"Live From New York, It's...Laraine Newman\n\nSketches include--\"A Message From the President of the United States\", \"Angora Bouquet\", \"Judy Miller\", \"E. Buzz Miller's Exercise World\", \"La Dolce Gilda\", \"Abraham Lincoln in the Audience\", \"Archaeologicus\""
"*Nominated for an Emmy Award* \n\nLive From New York, It's...Paul Shaffer\n\nSketches include--\"Don Kirshner's Rock Concert\", \"Hey You!\", \"Wild & Crazy Guys\", \"Theodoric of York\", \"Dancing In The Dark\", \"Extramarital Foreplay\", \"Swan Lake\", \"Troff 'n' Brew\", \"Nerds Science Fair\", \"Next Week In Review\"."
"Live From New York, It's...Bill Murray\n\nSketches include--\"Paraquat\", \"Cone Encounters of the Third Kind\", \"Sex Test\", \"Nick 'Springs'\", \"Annoying Lovers' Traits\", \"The David Susskind Show\", \"Father Guido Sarducci\","
"Live From New York, It's...Dan Aykroyd\n\nSketches include-- \"Nixon Kicks His Book Around\", \"Nerds Go To The Prom\", \"Samurai TV Repairman\", \"Sodom Chamber of Commerce\", \"Olympia Cafe\", \"Mr. Mike's Least Loved Music\", \"More Insects To Worry About\", \"Stunt Puppy\", \"Bad Conceptual Art\", \"The Franken & Davis Show\"."
"No description"
Season 4 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, it's Dan Aykroyd! Sketches include \"Garrett Morris and the National Broadcasting Orchestra,\" \"Mayor Koch Honors John Belushi,\" the commercial parody \"Autoscent,\" Tomorrow, \"Nerds Meet the Norge Refrigerator Repairman,\" \"Olympia Restaurant #4,\" Tom Schiller's Sushi By the Pool, \"Paul McCartney and John Lennon Reunion,\" \"Danger Probe.\""
"Sketches include--\"Honker in the Audience\", \"Two Guys Who Are Lawyers\", \"Aging Stuntman Cliff Preston\", \"One-Night-Stand vs. Phone Talk\", \"Mr. Bill Goes To N.Y.\", \"Bobbi Farber\", \"Crossroads\", \"Scotch Boutique\", \"Booji Boy\""
"Sketches include \"Fred Silverman,\" \"Coneheads,\" \"Domestic Prison,\" \"Night on Freak Mountain,\" \"Woman to Woman,\" \"The Al Franken and Tom Davis Show,\" \"Mr. Bill\""
"Live from New York, it's...President Dan Aykroyd! Sketches include \"A Message From the President of the United States,\" \"Where's the Cracker, Steve?\" \"Elvis Presley's Coat, \"What If?, \"Theodoric of York, Medieval Judge,\" \"Festrunk Brothers at a Fox Bar,\" \"The Nerds at the Hospital, \"Looks At Books\", and \"Annoying Waiter.\""
"Sketches include--\"Concession Speech,\", \"Rovco Chinch Canch\" commercial parody, \"Samurai Optometrist,\" \"Uncle Roy #1,\" \"The Death Of Rasputin,\" \"Nick Sands, the Lounge Singer,\" More Flu To Worry About, and \"St. Mickey's Knights of Columbus.\""
"Live from New York, it's....Garrett Morris! The Blues Brothers open the show by performing Soul Man. Carrie comes out dressed as Princess Leia for her monologue, telling a joke that only the voice of Obi Won (Dan Aykroyd) likes. This leads into Beach Blanket Bimbo from Outer Space, \"The Loud Family,\" Mercy Killers, the Blues Brothers' performance of Almost and B-Movie Boxcar Blues, \"Mr. Bill's Fishing Trip,\" Tomorrow, \"Bad Red Chinese Ballet,\" and the Schiller film Arrividerci Roman."
"Sketches include--\"Fred Silverman\", \"Super Epoxy-Dent\", \"The Bad News Bees\", \"Olympia Cafe\", \"Daughter's Old Room\", \"Nixon's Conspirator, \"Woman to Woman\", \"Government Surplus Store\", \"Network Battle of the T's & A's\", \"Mr. Bill Is Late\""
"Sketches include \"Telepsychic Ray,\" \"Julia Child,\" \"Madrigal,\" \"The Woman He Loved,\" \"What Do You?\", \"Candy Slice,\" \"Consumer Probe,\" \"Singing Dog Agent,\" and \"Cochise at Oxford\"."
"Sketches include \"White House Lawn Special Event,\" \"Rovco All-Flammable Christmas Tree,\" \"The Widettes,\" \"Mommie Dearest,\" \"Scotch and Spirits,\" \"Bob and Ray,\" \"St. Mickey's Knights of Columbus,\" and \"Honker Works the Christmas Lot\"."
"Sketches include \"State of the Union Address: Preparation I,\" \"Palin's Socks Monologue,\" \"Mr. Brighton Returns to the Nerds,\" \"Miles Cowperthwaite, Part One,\" \"What If Superman Grew Up in Germany?\" and \"Name the Bats.\" Weekend Update features \"Chico Escuela's Super Bowl Recap\" and \"Father Guido Sarducci's Bill for The Last Brunch.\""
"Sketches include \"Cicely Confronts Garrett Monologue,\" \"Nick Rails, the Train Lounge Singer,\" and \"The Widettes.\""
"Live from New York, it's...John Belushi!\n\nSketches include \"WGN Morning Show,\" \"The Twilight Zone,\" \"Helium,\" \"\u00bfQuien Es Mas Macho?,\" and \"Rock Against Yeast '79.\"\n\nJudy Collins performed \"Hard Times for Lovers.\""
"Sketches include \"Charlie's Angels,\" \"Nerds,\" \"Fred Silverman,\" \"Child Psychiatrist,\" \"Andy Kaufman,\" \"Kate Jackson and Fred Silverman,\" \"Bad Cabaret For Children,\" \"Coneheads\""
"Live from New York, it's...John Belushi! Sketches include: \"Breaking the Ice with Belushi\" \"Billy Carter\" \"Women's Problems\" \"The Unsung Heroes of Rock n Roll\" \"The Slopjockey\" \"Bill Murray Talks With Mrs. Ed.\" Gregory Hines joins Eubie Blake in singing Low-down Blues, I'm Just Simply Full Of Jazz and I'm Just Wild About Harry. Busey and Paul Butterfield perform Stay All Night."
"Live from New York, it's...John Belushi! Sketches include \"WGN Radio Live at Doyle's Tavern,\" \"The Navy,\" \"Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute,\" \"St. Mickey's Knights of Columbus,\" \"Superhero Party,\" The Franken and Davis Show, \"Men's Problems,\" and The Mr. Bill Show. The Chieftains perform If I Had Maggie In The Woods and Morning Dew."
"Sketches include \"The Pepsi Syndrome,\" \"The Nerds In Love,\" and \"Scottish Restaurant.\" Jones performs his hit \"Chuck E's In Love.\""
"Sketches include \"Texaco Star Theater Intro,\" \"The Widettes,\" \"On The Spot,\" and \"Milton's Writers.\" Ornette Coleman played \"Times Square.\""
"Sketches include \"Mother's Day Monologue,\" \"Miles Cowperthwaite, Part Two: I Am Nailed to the Hull,\" and \"Black-Market Gasoline.\" Weekend Update includes \"Margaret Thathcer Interview.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Dan Aykroyd! Sketches include \"Telepsychic Ray,\" \"Nick Wings, the Airport VIP Lounge Singer,\" and \"Idi Amin Holes Out.\""
"Sketches include \"Mr. Bill at SNL,\" \"Disco Roller Fishing Park,\" \"Samurai Bakery,\" \"Uncle Roy,\" \"Watergate Was a Joke,\" and \"Olympia Cafe.\" Bette Midler performs a medley of standards."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 5 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"The Pope's Doorman,\"\" \"\"Craig's Travellers' Checks,\"\" \"\"Free Spanish Lesson,\"\" \"\"Juvenile Delinquent Vandal,\"\" \"\"Rise,\"\" \"\"Carole King,\"\" \"\"The David Susskind Show,\"\" \"\"Bolshoi Ballet,\"\" \"\"The All-New Mr. Bill Show,\"\" \"\"What the Hell is That?\"\". Blondie performs \"Dreaming\" and \"The Hardest Part\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Eric's Sick,\"\" \"\"Hotel-Motel Art Fair,\"\" \"\"Mr. Howard's Shoe Store,\"\" \"\"Prince Charles Tells You How To Pick Up Girls!,\"\" \"\"Hardcore II,\"\" \"\"Heavy Sarcasm,\"\" and \"\"Ask Elvis.\"\"\n\nBob Dylan performs \"\"Gotta Serve Somebody,\"\" \"\"I Believe In You,\"\" and \"\"When You Gonna Wake Up.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Kennedy in '80,\"\" \"\"Banshee,\"\" \"\"The Black Shadow,\"\" \"\"The Landers Files,\"\" \"\"Mr. Bill at Home,\"\" \"\"Nick in the Arctic,\"\" \"\"Eleanor Roosevelt,\"\" \"\"Sports Hot Line,\"\" and \"\"Big n' Tall That's All.\"\"\n\nChicago performs their 1970 hit \"\"I'm a Man\"\" and their then-current single \"\"Street Player.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rush Home to the Bathroom,\"\" \"\"Find the Popes in the Pizza Contest drawing,\"\" \"\"Nerds #12,\"\" \"\"Harley's Bristol Cream\"\" and \"\"Banshee\"\" commercial parodies, and one of Aviva Slesin's \"\"First Love\"\" films."
"Sketches include \"\"Sex Change,\"\" \"\"The Backers' Audition,\"\" and \"\"First, He Cries.\"\""
"Sketches include the \"\"Steve Marvin Radio Show\"\" and the debut of \"\"The Al Franken Decade.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Quick Sex Change Operation,\"\" \"\"Le Shoe,\"\" \"\"Afraid of the Dark,\"\" \"\"Striking Teachers,\"\" \"\"Apocolypse Now,\"\" \"\"First Love, Part 2,\"\" \"\"Foreveready,\"\" \"\"Criminals,\"\" \"\"Minota AM-3 Camera,\"\" \"\"Revisions of Freudian History,\"\" \"\"Martin Sheen Hairspray\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"A Christmas Gift from The Shah,\"\" the \"\"Nerds Nativity,\"\" and \"\"Java Junkie.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Paul McCartney in Japan: Day 11,\"\" \"\"Craig's,\"\" \"\"Somewhere Near Mason City, Iowa,\"\" \"\"Debs Behind Bars,\"\" \"\"Anchovy Council of America,\"\" \"\"Bad Playhouse,\"\" \"\"Baby Casting Director,\"\" and \"\"The Mr. Bill Show.\"\" The B-52's perform \"\"Rock Lobster\"\" and \"\"Dance This Mess Around.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Chevy Chase! Sketches include \"\"Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford,\"\" \"\"Pre-Chewed Charlies,\"\" The Bel Airabs, \"\"You Can't Win,\"\" Speaking of Fashion, \"\"Linden Palmer, Hollywood's Forgotten Director,\"\" and \"\"Honduras.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Kramer vs. Godzilla,\"\" \"\"The Incredible Man,\"\" Andy Aaron's film \"\"Get Rid of That Building,\"\" and \"\"All-Time Radio.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Kirk's Greatest Kirks,\"\" \"\"What If?,\"\" \"\"Arlene Meets Kirk Douglas,\"\" \"\"Greg's Bar Mitzvah,\"\" \"\"Prime Time Saturday,\"\" and \"\"Mask of Fear\"\""
"Sketches include-- Dressing Room opening, Dr. Shockley's House of Sperm, Niggerands, Manhasset, The Subsitute Judge, Celebrity Corner: Bill Murray talks with Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow."
"Sketches include \"\"Anniversary Seance,\"\" \"\"Todd's Campaign,\"\" \"\"The Biggest Leprechaun,\"\" \"\"The Flogging Musicians,\"\" \"\"Talk or Die,\"\" and \"\"The David Susskind Show.\"\"\n\nPaul Simon and James Taylor perform \"\"Cathy's Clown \/ Take Me to the Mardi Gras\"\" and David Sanborn performs \"\"Anything You Want.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Women Empowerment\"\" and \"\"Hotel Room\/Smell You.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Burt's Not Angry,\"\" \"\"Vomitorium,\"\" \"\"The Burt Book,\"\" \"\"Be a Pepper,\"\" and \"\"Baba Wawa at Large.\"\" Anne Murray performs \"\"Lucky Me.\"\""
"The host for the episode is Strother Martin, and the musical guest is The Specials. The skits for this episode are as follows: Rosalyn Carter talks about sections of the 1980 census intended for illegal aliens, including questions about how they got into the US, where they would hide if the INS came to their homes, and how much they would be willing to do housework for. During his opening monologue, Strother Martin reveals that he was asked to host the show because Lorne Michaels mistook him for Tennessee Williams, and so far he's been keeping up the act. At Camp Beau Soleil, the campers are forced to learn French by the brutal camp counselor, Le Capitain, but a camper named Luke is determined to escape. Additional skits include a variety show will, the Conductor's Club, Any Town, and Food. The Specials perform \"Gangsters\" and \"Too Much, Too Young\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Mysteries of the Universe,\"\" \"\"The Dating Zone,\"\" \"\"Writing Home,\"\" and \"\"Mr. Bill.\"\" The Amazing Rhythm Aces (featuring Bill Murray) perform \"\"Third-Rate Romance.\"\""
"Sketches include: \"\"Father Guido Sarducci, Live from London,\"\" \"\"Real Incredible People,\"\" \"\"Stretch Marks Record Offer,\"\" \"\"Reagan's Dinner,\"\" and \"\"The Hominids.\"\"\n\n3-D performed \"\"All-Night Television.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Harry Shearer!\n\nSketches include \"\"Election '80: Almost Halfway Over,\"\" \"\"The SNL Stars of the Future\"\" monologue, \"\"Lord and Lady Douchebag,\"\" \"\"Uncle Roy,\"\" and \"\"Nick at Trader Nick's.\"\""
Season 6 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include: Elliot Gould Discusses SNL's Glory Days, A Public Service Announcement: Highway Education, Jimmy Carter's Libido, Billy-Gram, What's It All About, Gail Matthius's Breast Exam, Nose Wrestling, The Accordian Killer, Speed Listening, The Rocket Report, Valley Girl Vicky, Heart to Heart, Gidget Goes To Hell, and Foot Fetish.\n\nKid Creole and the Coconuts perform: \"\"Mr. Softee\"\" and \"\"There But For The Grace of God Go I\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Gilbert Gottfried!\n\nSketches include: Sitting Up Straight In The Electric Chair, Mutually Omaha's Wild Kingdom: In Search of the Negro Republican, Tobacco Growers of America, Serf City, Amy Carter Gets Adopted To The Reagans, Alex DeLarge For The American Milk Association, SNL Film: Showdown, Gothic Novel Shop, The 100 Years War, The Leather Weather Report, Commie Hunting, The Rocket Report, Jack The Stripper, SNL Film: Someone Is Hiding In My Apartment, and The Wine Cellar With Caroline Parker\n\nCaptain Beefheart and the Magic Band perform: \"\"Hothead\"\" and \"\"Ashtray Heart\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"A Message From David Rockefeller,\"\" \"\"Ed MacMahon School of Laughing,\"\" \"\"What It Is All About,\"\" \"\"The Rocket Report,\"\" \"\"Paulie Herman,\"\" \"\"Our Front Door,\"\" \"\"Pepe Gonzales,\"\" \"\"Valley Girls,\"\" \"\"Sam the Snake,\"\" \"\"The Toni Tenille Show,\"\" \"\"Fish Heads,\"\" \"\"Blame For Divorce,\"\" \"\"Old Lady\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Charles Rocket, Gail Matthius, and Denny Dillon!\n\nSketches include: A Message From The Mean Majority, Clovin Hind Jeans Ad 1, The Attack Of The Terrible Snapping Creatures, Paulie Herman Plays 3-Card Monte, SNL Mini-Film: Who Is Gilbert Gottfried?, Dying To Be Heard, Poker and Drugs Don't Mix, Clovin Hind Jeans Ad 2, The Badger Convention, Clovin Hind Jeans Ad 3, Charles Rocket for The Tortu-Matic, Roweena's Cut and Curl, SNL Mini-Film: The Statue of Liberty Explosion, and Roadkill Burial Biker Gang.\n\nJames Brown performs: Rapp Payback and a medley of his hits Ellen Shipley performs: Fotogenic"
"Live from New York, it's...Joe Piscopo\n\nSketches include \"\"Joe Piscopo Impersonates Don Pardo,\"\" \"\"Gun City,\"\" \"\"The Menswear Store,\"\" \"\"Vicky and Debbie at the Mall,\"\" \"\"The Rocket Report,\"\" \"\"Dylan and Guthrie,\"\" \"\"The Home Version of Dallas,\"\" \"\"Mr. Bill's Christmas,\"\" \"\"Kung Fu Christmas,\"\" \"\"The Harlem Heroin Experience,\"\" \"\"The Virgin Search\"\" (film), \"\"Dopenhagen and Happy Daze,\"\" \"\"Colonel Sanders' Funeral,\"\" \"\"The Dancing Man\"\" (film), and \"\"Welfare Counseling.\"\"\n\nGeorge Rose, Linda Ronstadt, Rex Smith and the cast of \"\"The Pirates of Penzance\"\" perform Christmas carols."
"Live from New York, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Eddie Murphy!\n\nSketches include \"\"The Real Jimmy 'The Weasel' Fratiano,\"\" \"\"Work Time Beer,\"\" \"\"WASP Couple Interpretation,\"\" \"\"Citizens For A Better America,\"\" \"\"Jimmy Carter At The Bar,\"\" \"\"January 11th Celebration,\"\" \"\"Filming Lazlo's Confession,\"\" \"\"Have A Nice Day,\"\" \"\"White Baby Salesman,\"\" \"\"Surrogate Mothers,\"\" \"\"The Man With The Black Hat\"\" (film), \"\"Stop-A-Nut,\"\" \"\"The Waiter-Maker,\"\" \"\"Nonexsistant Product,\"\" and some stand-up by Eddie Murphy.\n\nJack Bruce performed \"\"Dancing On Air\"\" and \"\"Livin' Without Ja.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Ann Risely\n\nSketches include: White House Move Out, The Legendary Composers, Foundation For The Tragically Hip, The Livelys, Reagan's Vice President, The Rocket Report, Mona Lisa In Love, 60 Minutes, Patient Thoughts, Fair Dinkum Championship Finals, Neighbor Confrontation, Paulie Herman At The Diner, Saturday Night Live Action Figures, What's It All About, and National Handgun Association\n\nCheap Trick performs: Baby Loves To Rock and \"\"Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try\"\"\n\nStanley Clarke Trio performs: Wild Dog"
"Sketches include \"\"America Not Held Hostage Anymore,\"\" \"\"Dazola,\"\" \"\"Love American Style,\"\" \"\"Disco Meltdown,\"\" \"\"Reaganco,\"\" \"\"Sports Central,\"\" \"\"Ballpark Organist at a Funeral,\"\" and \"\"Eddie Gets Promoted.\"\" Joe Carrasco performs \"\"Don't Bug Me Baby.\"\""
"Sketches include \"Is Frank Sinatra a Hoodlum?\", \"Don't Look In The Refrigerator\", \"Where's Cooder?\", \"Paulie in the Card Shop\", \"Sweethearts\" (film), \"Newsbreak\", and \"The Waxmans in SoHo\". Deborah Harry performs \"Come Back Jonee\" and \"Love T.K.O.\". Funky 4 + 1 More performs \"\"That's The Joint\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Rocko vs. Weindulah,\"\" \"\"I'll Get Charlie Rocket If It's The Last Thing I Do,\"\" \"\"Mister Robinson's Neighborhood,\"\" \"\"The Pork Queen,\"\" Charles Rocket and Charlene Tilton ride \"\"The Subway,\"\" \"\"A Fiddler Be On The Roof,\"\" \"\"Weekend Update,\"\" \"\"Nancy Reagan's Diary,\"\" \"\"The Competition,\"\" \"\"Speaking Out,\"\" \"\"Women Behind Bars,\"\" \"\"Submissive Sugar Daddies,\"\" \"\"Mary Louise's Birthday\"\" (musical number), \"\"After Midnight,\"\" and \"\"Who Shot C.R.?\"\"\n\nTodd Rundgren performed \"\"Healer\"\" and \"\"Time Heals\"\"; Prince performed \"\"Party Up.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"It Just Doesn't Matter,\"\" \"\"Script In Development,\"\" \"\"Altered Walter,\"\" \"\"Nick On The Mississippi,\"\" and \"\"No Sex With Mary.\"\" McClinton performs \"\"Shotgun Rider.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Chevy Chase!\n\nSketches include \"\"Mr. Bill and Chevy,\"\" \"\"I Married a Monkey,\"\" \"\"Jello,\"\" \"\"Same,\"\" and \"\"SNL is Improving.\"\" The All-Stars perform How Sweet It Is."
Season 7 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Our Age is Showing,\"\" \"\"The Little Richard Simmons Show,\"\" \"\"The Clams\"\" (film), \"\"Nuns on the Beach,\"\" \"\"A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney,\"\" \"\"Prose and Cons\"\" (film), \"\"The Khaddaffi Look,\"\" \"\"Ruth Deals With Rod,\"\" \"\"Andy Warhol,\"\" Juggling with Michael Davis, and \"\"Season of Glass\"\" (film)."
"Sketches include \"\"McDonald & Wife,\"\" \"\"The Bizarro World,\"\" \"\"Buckwheat Sings,\"\" \"\"Skanky Fiancee,\"\" \"\"Cheap Laffs,\"\" and \"\"The Alan Alda Guide to Sensitivity.\"\" The Kinks performed \"\"Destroyer\"\" and Christine Ebersole performed \"\"Single Bars and Single Women.\"\" Also featured is an Anwar Sadat tribute film."
"Sketches include \"\"To Tell the Truth Gone Awry,\"\" \"\"Mister Robinson's Neighborhood #2,\"\" \"\"Velvet Jones #1,\"\" and \"\"Harry Anderson's Grappler Tricks.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Vomiting for Luck,\"\" \"\"Jogger Motel,\"\" \"\"Profiles in British Courage,\"\" \"\"Last Night I Killed My Husband\"\" (musical number), \"\"Sugar Breakfast\"\" and \"\"Andy Warhol's TV.\"\"\n\nFear performed \"\"I Don't Care About You\"\" and medley of \"\"Beef Bologna,\"\" \"\"New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones,\"\" and \"\"Let's Have A War.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Phone Company,\"\" \"\"Tales of the Unlikely,\"\" \"\"Washed-Up Tom Snyder,\"\" \"\"MX-5 Tampons,\"\" and \"\"The Economics of Christmas.\"\" The Spinners perform \"\"I'll Be Around.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"He's No Burt Reynolds,\"\" \"\"Paul Harvey Radio News,\"\" \"\"Golden Age Obedience School,\"\" and \"\"Koala Bear Embryo.\"\" Mink De Ville performed \"\"Maybe Tomorrow.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Lorne Greene,\"\" \"\"The New Celibacy,\"\" \"\"20\/20,\"\" \"\"The Uncle Tom Show,\"\" \"\"Senior Spring Fling '82,\"\" \"\"Meet the People,\"\" and \"\"Help Out Blythe Danner.\"\"\n\nRickie Lee Jones performed \"\"Pirates\"\" and \"\"Lush Life.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Save Larry the Lobster,\"\" \"\"Whiners' Anniversary,\"\" \"\"Hill Street Blues,\"\" \"\"Too Many Ethel Mermans,\"\" and \"\"Career Corner.\"\" John Cougar Mellencamp performed \"\"Hurts So Good.\"\""
"Elton John performs the John Lennon tribute \"\"Empty Garden.\"\" Sketches include \"\"Velvet Jones\"\" and \"\"Shadows.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Louis DePalma's Revenge,\"\" \"\"The Executive Test,\"\" \"\"The Whiners on an Airplane,\"\" \"\"Solomon and Pudge,\"\" \"\"Enzo,\"\" and \"\"Looks at Books.\"\" Sparks performs \"\"Mickey Mouse.\"\" Also, Brian Doyle-Murray interviews recently humbled actor-wrestler Andy Kaufman."
"Sketches include \"\"Ebony & Ivory,\"\" \"\"I Married a Monkey,\"\" Grease, \"\"Hitler In Heaven,\"\" and \"\"Ballpark Organ Favorites.\"\" ONJ performs the hit \"\"Physical\"\" in lieu of the opening monologue."
Season 8 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches are \"\"Chevy Live from Burbank,\"\" \"\"Tyrone Green Art Gallery,\"\" \"\"Joe Piscopo In Love,\"\" \"\"John Hinckley for President,\"\" \"\"Mystery Theatre,\"\" \"\"Popeil Galactic Prophylactic,\"\" \"\"Late Night with David Letterman,\"\" and \"\"PTC Club.\"\" Queen performs \"\"Crazy Little Thing Called Love\"\" and \"\"Under Pressure.\"\""
"Sketches include Mister Robinson's Neighborhood #4."
"Sketches include \"\"Opie's Back,\"\" \"\"Whiners Want a Baby,\"\" and \"\"Focus On Film.\"\" The Clash performs \"\"Rock The Casbah.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Merv Griffin Show,\"\" \"\"Shuttle Mission,\"\" \"\"PBS Promo,\"\" \"\"Talent Show,\"\" \"\"Little House on the Prairie,\"\" \"\"Masterful Theatre,\"\" \"\"Eddie Murphy,\"\" \"\"No More Andy Kaufman,\"\" \"\"DTV\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Dressing Room Opening,\"\" \"\"Gertie Kills E.T.,\"\" \"\"The Whiners,\"\" \"\"Mr. Blunt,\"\" \"\"Tim Kazurinsky Babysits Drew,\"\" \"\"My Friend Zeus,\"\" \"\"Robin Duke's Biological Clock\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"A Message From Eddie,\"\" \"\"Merry Christmas, Dammit!,\"\" and \"\"April May June's Holiday Message.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Lily Confronts Eddie,\"\" \"\"Geraldine,\"\" \"\"Irish-American Radio Hour,\"\" and \"\"Coffees of the World.\"\""
"Sketches are \"\"Howard Works on his Monologue,\"\" \"\"Sleepy Boy 2000,\"\" \"\"Elvis Presley, Back and Black,\"\" \"\"The A-Team,\"\" and \"\"Dion and Margie's Dreams.\"\" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform \"\"Change of Heart\"\" and \"\"The Waiting.\"\""
"Tim Kazurinsky was attacked by the monkey during the dress rehearsal of \"\"I Married A Monkey.\"\" Tim was able to escape, but the monkey (actually a male) ripped off the dress he was wearing and began pleasuring himself."
"Sketches include \"\"VD,\"\" \"\"Kannon AE-1,\"\" \"\"Stevie Wonder Impersonator,\"\" \"\"Hitler: The Secret Diaries,\"\" \"\"The Story of Stevie Wonder,\"\" \"\"Stevie at Dion's Salon,\"\" \"\"Cotton Land,\"\" and \"\"The Hunchback Busboy.\"\" Wonder performs the songs \"\"Fingertips,\"\" \"\"Overjoyed,\"\" and \"\"Go Home.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"What's the most disgusting thing you've seen in New York?\"\" \"\"Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood,\"\" \"\"Crowded Ledge,\"\" \"\"The Enquirer,\"\" \"\"Late Night with David Letterman,\"\" and \"\"Woman's Auxillery Meeting.\"\" Dexy's Midnight Runners perform \"\"Come On, Eileen,\"\" while Kevin Rowland performs \"\"The Celtic Soul Brothers.\"\""
Season 9 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"In Brandon's Office,\"\" \"\"NBC Junket,\"\" \"\"Gumby's Rehearsal,\"\" \"\"Larry's Corner,\"\" and \"\"Whiner Show Ideas.\"\" John Cougar Mellancamp performs \"\"Tumblin' Down\"\" and \"\"Pink Houses.\"\""
"Sketches are \"\"Calvin Klein Cream Pies,\"\" \"\"Mister Robinson's Neighborhood,\"\" \"\"Crazy Edelman,\"\" \"\"Book Beat,\"\" \"\"What Would Frank Do?\"\" \"\"Amos n' Andy,\"\" and \"\"Spanish Class.\"\" Eddy Grant performs \"\"I Don't Wanna Dance,\"\" \"\"Electric Avenue,\"\" and \"\"Living on the Front Line.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Jim and Mr. Mambo,\"\" \"\"Doc Edmund,\"\" \"\"Village of the Damned Little Rascals,\"\" \"\"Eddie Murphy in the Suburbs,\"\" \"\"Dr. Tongue's Offer,\"\" \"\"Candace's Fantasy Shack,\"\" and \"\"Prison for the Winter.\"\" Men at Work perform \"\"Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Jive.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Cheerleader Practice,\"\" \"\"Mister Robinson's Neighborhood,\"\" \"\"History: The Real Story,\"\" \"\"School Assembly,\"\" and \"\"Caffiene Achievers.\"\" The Zoo (featuring Lindsey Buckingham) performs \"\"Tonight.\"\""
"Sketches are \"\"National Phone-In Democratic Primary,\"\" \"\"Tasteless Choice,\"\" \"\"The Ghost of Buckwheat,\"\" \"\"Countdown '84: The Candidates,\"\" \"\"Nice Boys Don't Get Girls Pregnant,\"\" and \"\"Phone-In Results.\"\" The News perform \"\"Heart & Soul\"\" and \"\"I Want a New Drug.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Donahue,\"\" \"\"Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood,\"\" and \"\"Powerful Living Snaps.\"\" The Motels perform \"\"Suddenly Last Summer.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's... Joe Piscopo!\n\nSketches include \"\"TV President,\"\" \"\"Kannon AE-1,\"\" \"\"I Married A Monkey,\"\" \"\"The Hamlisch Maneuver,\"\" \"\"Fascinating People And Their Friends,\"\" \"\"Witness Protection,\"\" \"\"Romeo and Juilet,\"\" \"\"El Dorko and Becky,\"\" and \"\"This Is Your Afterlife.\"\"\n\nBilly Idol performed \"\"White Wedding\"\" and \"\"Rebel Yell.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Olympic Coverage,\"\" \"\"Rock & Roll ...and then some,\"\" \"\"Gandhi & The Bandit,\"\" \"\"Firing Line,\"\" and \"\"MTV News.\"\" Adam Ant performs \"\"Strip.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rappin' Jimmy B.,\"\" \"\"Semi-Competant Video Store Clerk,\"\" \"\"The Julia Show,\"\" \"\"Jimmy and Jamie Lee Rehearse,\"\" \"\"People Transit,\"\" and \"\"Texxon.\"\" The Fixx performs \"\"One Thing Leads to Another.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"SNL Hairdressers,\"\" \"\"Edwin Newman and James Brown,\"\" and \"\"Prose and Cons.\"\" Kool & the Gang perform \"\"Celebrate.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"St. Patrick's Day Party,\"\" \"\"Hung Like Me,\"\" \"\"Unexplained Questions of the Universe.\"\" \"\"Family in the Attic,\"\" \"\"Bad Career Moves,\"\" \"\"Ronald Reagen and Sammy Davis, Jr.,\"\" \"\"God's Place,\"\" \"\"The Womb,\"\" and \"\"SNL's First Episode.\"\" Al Jarreau sang \"\"Mornin'\"\" and \"\"Trouble In Paradise.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Lost Script,\"\" \"\"MTV News,\"\" \"\"Four Minutes to Live\"\" (film), \"\"TV's Foul-Ups, Bleeps, Blunders, Bloopers, Practical Jokes, And Political Debates,\"\" \"\"Sugar or Plain\"\" (film), and \"\"Footless.\"\" Deniece Williams performs \"\"Let's Hear It for the Boy.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"60 Minutes,\"\" \"\"Menage a Trois,\"\" \"\"Book Talk,\"\" and \"\"My Brother, The Loser.\"\""
"Sketches are \"\"Simulated Cat Fight,\"\" \"\"Foldgers Crystals,\"\" \"\"Lie Detector Test,\"\" \"\"Spinal Tap Interview,\"\" \"\"Guest Performance: A. Whitney Brown,\"\" \"\"2 on the Town,\"\" and \"\"Texxon.\"\" Spinal Tap perform \"\"Christmas with the Devil\"\" and \"\"Big Bottom.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Frank & Sammy,\"\" \"\"Sarducci & Nelson,\"\" \"\"Nose Guard,\"\" \"\"Hello, Trudy!,\"\" \"\"Needleman the Dentist,\"\" and \"\"Stooges Self-Defense.\"\" The Cars perform \"\"Drive.\"\""
Season 10 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Lifestyles of Relatives of the Rich and Famous,\"\" \"\"Wheel of Fortune Interview,\"\" \"\"Grandpa Howard,\"\" \"\"Syncronized Swimming,\"\" \"\"First Draft Theater,\"\" \"\"Rich Hall's Election Report,\"\" and \"\"Olympics 1984.\"\" Thompson Twins perform their hit \"\"Hold Me Now.\"\""
"Live from New York, \"it's a baby boy, Mr. Williams!\" it's... Martin Short!\n\nSketches include \"Password,\" \"Snap, Crackle & Pop,\" \"An American Portrait,\" \"Little League Trade,\" \"Tom Brokaw,\" \"Mamie Eisenhower Center For The Dull,\" \"7 x 4,\" \"Negro Leaguers\" (film), \"Lost and Found Department,\" \"Tippi Turtle\" (cartoon), \"SNL Mailbag,\" \"Baseball Juice,\" and \"Color Commentary.\"\n\nPeter Wolf performed \"Lights Out\" and \"I Need You Tonight."
"Rev. Jackson has his monologue sabotaged, meets Ed Grimley, sings two pop songs and hosts the parody game The Question is Moot!"
"Sketches include \"\"Gerry and the Mon-dells,\"\" \"\"Fernando's Hideaway,\"\" \"\"The Folksmen Reunion,\"\" \"\"First Draft Theater,\"\" \"\"Buddy Young Jr. Is Back,\"\" and \"\"Mondale's Strategy.\"\""
"Sketches were: \"\"Gary Kroeger's Last Mondale Impression,\"\" \"\"Profiles in Sports,\"\" \"\"Willie and Frankie as Night Watchmen,\"\" \"\"Rich Hall's Election Report,\"\" \"\"The Joe Franklin Show,\"\" \"\"Ye Olde Comedy Shoppe,\"\" \"\"The Ghostbusters Show,\"\" \"\"Strategic Airborne Contraceptive,\"\" \"\"In Thickeness and In Health,\"\" \"\"International Health News,\"\" and \"\"Relunctant Cop.\"\" Frankie Goes to Hollywood performs \"\"Two Tribes\"\" and \"\"Born to Run.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Lou Grant's Rescue Mission,\"\" \"\"Wing Tips,\"\" \"\"60 Minutes,\"\" and \"\"Nuclear Plant Retiree.\"\" The Kinks perform \"\"Do It Again.\"\""
"Sketches included \"Kate & Ali,\" \"Strategic Airborne Contraceptive,\" \"Book Beat,\" \"Time Traveler,\" \"Grim Reaper Trivial Pursuit,\" \"Refridgerator Magnets\" (film), \"Let's Watch TV,\" \"Chayefsky,\" \"Meshugana,\" \"Eyeball to Eyeball,\" and \"Elevator Stool.\" Billy Squier performes \"Rock Me Tonight\" and \"All Night Long.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Beatles Auction,\"\" \"\"Fernando's Hideaway,\"\" and \"\"Ed Grimley Meets Ringo.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Buckwheat Lives!\"\" \"\"White Like Me\"\" (film), \"\"Milestones,\"\" and \"\"Newsmakers.\"\" Robert Plant and the Honeydrippers perform \"\"Santa Claus is Back in Town.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Donahue Green Room,\"\" \"\"Hypnotic Fireplace,\"\" \"\"The Joe Franklin Show,\"\" \"\"Boxing Stories,\"\" and \"\"Mr. Blackwell.\"\""
"Sketches include \"Reagan's Inaguration,\" \"Ricky & Phil,\" \"Super Bowl XIX Tickets Sale,\" a performance by Steven Wright, \"Foldgers Crystals,\" \"In Praise of Women,\" \"Penny Lane,\" \"Good Cop, Bad Cop,\" and \"Mental Hospital.\" Billy Ocean performs \"Carribean Queen\" and \"Loverboy.\""
"Live from New York, its... Billy Crystal! \n\nSketches include \"Prince and Hulk Hogan,\" \"Ed Grimley's Sexy Neighbor,\" \"Time Magazine\" (rerun 2\/26\/83), \"A Couple Of White Guys Rap,\" \"Kelly Cola,\" \"Power From Giving,\" \"New York On Five Dollars a Day,\" \"Walter Mondale in Minnesota,\" and \"The Auctioneer.\" \n\nTina Turner performs \"What's Love Got To Do With It,\" \"Better Be Good To Me,\" and \"Private Dancer.\""
"Sketches are \"\"Robert Latta in Congress,\"\" \"\"The Kate and Ali's Valentine's Day Special,\"\" \"\"American Profiles,\"\" \"\"Dueling Magi,\"\" \"\"While You Were Gone,\"\" \"\"Ricky and Phil's Discuss Movies,\"\" \"\"Salem Witch Trial,\"\" \"\"Hats,\"\" and \"\"Small Time Agency.\"\" Bryan Adams performs \"\"Somebody\"\" and \"\"Run to You.\"\""
"Sketches include \"Strategic Airborne Contraceptive\" (rerun 11\/10\/84), \"The Joe Franklin Show,\" \"White Rappers,\" \"Fernando at Radio City Music Hall,\" standup by Rich Hall, \"Jim's Promise,\" \"First Draft Theatre,\" \"Linda & Joan: The Catfight Album,\" \"Tom, Dick & Horny\", and \"Bullet Cartoon.\"\n\nThe Power Station performed \"Some Like It Hot\" and \"Bang a Gong (Get It On).\""
"Sketches include \"\"Willie and Frankie In The Crew,\"\" \"\"Ed Grimley In The Hospital,\"\" \"\"Run and Throw Like a Girl Olympics,\"\" \"\"Sports Beat,\"\" and \"\"Good Sex.\"\" Greg Kihn performs \"\"Lucky.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"A.D.13,\"\" \"\"Superman Auditions,\"\" \"\"Jackie Rogers Junior's $100,000 Jackpot Wad,\"\" \"\"Escaping the Germans,\"\" and \"\"Aging Superman.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Willie and Frankie In The Crew,\"\" \"\"Ed Grimley In The Hospital,\"\" \"\"Run and Throw Like a Girl Olympics,\"\" \"\"Sports Beat,\"\" and \"\"Good Sex.\"\" Greg Kihn performs \"\"Lucky.\"\""
Season 11 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include: \"\"SNL Drug Tests,\"\" \"\"A Message From The Almighty,\"\" \"\"National Inquirer Theatre,\"\" \"\"Pinklisting,\"\" \"\"Cabrini Green,\"\" and \"\"Nancy Reagan Meets Charles and Di.\"\"\n\nSimple Minds performed \"\"Alive and Kicking.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Smoky Hallway,\"\" \"\"Wacky Glue,\"\" \"\"Those Unlucky Andersons\"\", \"\"Ford and Reagan,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" \"\"Pathological Liars Anonymous,\"\" \"\"Craig Sundburg-Idiot Savant,\"\" \"\"Trojans,\"\" \"\"The Blue, The Gray and The Yellow,\"\" \"\"Vlad the Impaler,\"\" \"\"Drums Drums Drums,\"\" and \"\"Jose Cuervo's Party School Bowl.\"\"\n\nSheila E. performed \"\"Hollyrock\"\" and \"\"A Love Bizarre.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Twin Towers Tightrope,\"\" \"\"Pee Wee Herman's Thanksgiving Special\"\", \"\"Marital Problems,\"\" \"\"Pee Wee's School Romance,\"\" \"\"Find the Mouse in the Coke,\"\" and \"\"Hal Fisher's Money Magnet Method.\"\""
"Sketches include--- Halley's Comet, Cliche Father, Master Thespian, Nancy Reagan sings \"\"That Old Black Magic\"\", The Ad Council, Rajneesh's Rolls-Royces, The Limits Of The Imagination."
"Sketches include \"\"Entertainment Tonight,\"\" \"\"Trojans,\"\" \"\"Tommy and His Mother,\"\" \"\"Comedians,\"\" and \"\"Steve's Fantasy.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Wrapper Rapper,\"\" \"\"Critic,\"\" \"\"The Price of Eggs,\"\" \"\"Hildy,\"\" \"\"A Roy Orbison Christmas,\"\" \"\"The Big Tree,\"\" and \"\"Time Traveling Trivial Pursuit.\"\" The Dream Academy performed their one and only hit, \"\"Life In A Northern Town.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Dennis Miller! \n\nSketches include \"Herb's Press Conference,\" \"Gulf Coast Furniture Warehouse,\" \"Cleveland Vice,\" \"Death Of A Gunfighter,\" \"What You Said During Labor,\" \"That Black Girl,\" \"Big Ball Of Sports\" (film), \"The Friendly Drunk,\" \"Jack's Discount Emporium,\" and \"Say No To The Army.\"\n\n The Replacements performed \"Bastards of the Young\" and \"Kiss Me on the Bus.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Monks and Football,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" \"\"Master Thespian\"\", \"\"The Limits of the Imagination\"\", \"\"Name That Tune,\"\" and \"\"Die Foriegner Die!\"\" Al Green performs \"\"Going Away.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Ronald Reagon, Jr.\n\nSketches include: White House Risky Business, You're Going To Hell: A Message From The Almighty (repeat from the Madonna\/Simple Minds episode), The Pat Stevens Show, Dalkon Shield Trout Lure, Back To The Future, Penn And Teller Guest Performance, Limits of the Imagination, Shakespeare In The Slums With Flotilda Williams, and The Woody Allen Fan\n\nThe Nelsons performs: Walk Away and Do You Know What I Mean"
"Live from New York, it's... Mick Jagger! \n\nSketches include \"Tommy Flanagan,\" \"The Limits Of The Imagination,\" and \"Models Against The Wilderness,\" \"Master Thespian,\" \"The Line of Death,\" \"Sam Kinison Stand-Up,\" \"The Pat Stevens Show,\" and \"Dad's Sore Big Toe.\" \n\nStevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughn perform \"Say What\" and \"Change It.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Backstage,\"\" \"\"Star Search,\"\" \"\"Dinner with Mike,\"\" \"\"Biff & Selena,\"\" and \"\"Jay's Evil Twin.\"\""
"\"\"Tommy Flanagan's Pathological Liars Anonymous\"\", \"\"Griffin Dunne's One-Handed Drum Solo from Wipeout\"\", \"\"Ferdinand Marcos Malacanang Palace Liquidation Sale\"\", \"\"You bet your finger\"\", \"\"Weekend Update with Dennis Miller\"\", \"\"Two Jones' Cable Installers\"\", \"\"Penn & Teller\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"The Honeymooners: Lost Episodes,\"\" \"\"Camera Control,\"\" \"\"Two Directors,\"\" \"\"That Black Girl,\"\" and \"\"Vietnam Sketch.\"\" Philip Glass performs \"\"Rubric.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Beat Her!,\"\" \"\"John Mellencamp,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" \"\"Craig Sundberg, Idiot Savant,\"\" and \"\"One-Shoe Emma.\"\" Joe Jackson performed \"\"Right or Wrong.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Randy Quaid, Robert Downey Jr., and Anthony Michael Hall! \n\nSketches include \"Vietnam Horror Story,\" \"Nancy Reagan's Workout,\" \"Lyndon LaRouche Theatre,\" \"The 30-Second Count,\" a guest performance by Penn & Teller, \"Big Time Professional Golf,\" \"My Unconditional Love,\" \"Master Thespian,\" and \"The Further Adventures Of Biff And Salena.\"\n\n Laurie Anderson performed \"Baby Doll\" and \"Day The Devil.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Paul Simon! Sketches include \"Geraldo Rivera Opens The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier,\" \"Wall Shackles Prison,\" \"The Late Show with Joan Rivers,\" \"The Limits Of The Imagination,\" \"Dirk Landers, CIA Operative,\" a guest performance by Penn & Teller, \"Producer Tommy Flanagan,\" \"Brim Decaffeinated,\" \"A Mother's Day Message,\" and \"Trojans.\" Paul Simon performed \"You Can Call Me Al,\" \"Homeless\" with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and \"Graceland.\""
"Sketches are \"\"Mike 'The Menace' Hall,\"\" \"\"Kill Kaddafi?\"\" \"\"Tornadoville,\"\" \"\"Marvin's Knockout Tips,\"\" \"\"Lone Wolf McCord,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens,\"\" \"\"Cabrini Green's Assembly,\"\" \"\"Jody Hagler,\"\" \"\"Midday with Jennifer Hicks: Bond's Supervillains\"\", \"\"Weekend Update with Dennis Miller\"\", \"\"Sam Kinison's standup act\"\". Level 42 performs \"\"Something About You\"\" and EG Daily performs \"\"Say It, Say It\"\" with Jon Lovitz."
"Live from New York, it's...Randy Quaid\n\nSketches include: Hands Across America, Moments of Doubt, Glamorous Drinking, National Council of Liquor and Spirits, Actors on Film, Hallmark Cards, Lesbian Pick-Ups, Bocce Ball My Way, Tempting Billy, The People's Second Choice Award, Book Minute, LaBelles At The Movies, My Friend, and Backstage SNL: Lorne Kills The Cast (except for Jon Lovitz, Nora Dunn, and Dennis Miller)\n\nGeorge Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic perform: \"\"Let's Take It To The Stage\"\" and \"\"Do Fries Go With That Shake\"\""
Season 12 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York, it's...Madonna\n\nSketches Include: A Message From Madonna, \"\"General Dynamics,\"\" \"\"Tommy Flanagan,\"\" \"\"Quiz Masters,\"\" \"\"The Amazing Alexander,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"Bows and Smith Advertising,\"\" \"\"Alienses,\"\" \"\"Ten Weeks In Jail,\"\" \"\"Baby It's Cold Outside\"\" (musical number), \"\"Derek Stevens Auditions,\"\" and \"\"The Brecht Opera.\"\"\n\nBuster Poindexter performed \"\"Smack Dab in the Middle\"\" and \"\"Fool For You.\"\""
"Sketches include \"Bartles & Jaymes,\" \"Xynex,\" \"Donahue,\" \"The Crosby Show,\" \"Instant Coffee,\" \"Parent-Teen Drunk Driving Contract,\" Sam Kinison performs stand-up, \"Chalk Factory,\" and \"Johnny's Finished.\"\n\nRun DMC performs \"Walk This Way\" and \"Hit It, Run\"; Buster Poindexter performs \"Hit The Road Jack.\""
"Sketches include \"Pretending To Be Lorne,\" \"The People's Court,\" \"Church Chat,\" \"Helmsley Spook House,\" \"Pork\" (two part), \"Eddie & The Two Sammies,\" \"Dog Baseball,\" (film), \"Make Joan Baez Laugh,\" \"Miss Connie's Fable Nook,\" \"I Saw God,\" \"Coffee and Cigarettes\" (film), and \"Pango\" (film).\n\nRic Ocasek performed \"Emotion In Motion\" and \"Keep On Laughin'.\""
"Sketches include: Church Lady protest Sam Kinison hosting SNL, Obnoxious School Teacher, Superman--Krypton dosent explode, \"\"Love Connection\"\", Chick Hazard, \"\"Adobe Car Commercial: Made out of clay\"\", \"\"New York, 1943 (B\/W)\"\", \"\"Ching Chang's Pet Chicken Shop\"\", \"\"Lord Sketch-Me-or-You-Die\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Reagen's Earpiece,\"\" \"\"Hamlet,\"\" \"\"Sweeney Sisters Retirement Home,\"\" \"\"Adieu,\"\" \"\"Robin Williams' Standup Act\"\", and \"\"Paul Simon remembers everyone but Garfunkel\"\". Paul Simon performs \"\"Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes\"\" and \"\"The Late Great Johnny Grace.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Stumblebums,\"\" \"\"I'm Me! (And You're Not...)\"\" (musical number), \"\"Ronald Reagan,\"\" \"\"Under the Couch Cushion,\"\" \"\"The Eggshell Family,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" \"\"Halsey & Roarke British Customs,\"\" \"\"Ed Meets the Devil,\"\" \"\"Church Lady,\"\" \"\"Steve Martin's Holiday Wishes,\"\" and \"\"The Amazing Alexander, The World's Greatest Hypnotist\"\".\n\nRandy Newman performed \"\"Longest Night\"\" and \"\"Roll With The Punches.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Jon Lovitz!\n\nSketches include \"Iranian National Assembly,\" \"McSooshi,\" \"Derek Stevens' Marketing Expert,\" \"Seducing a Blind Man,\" \"Sideshow Of The Stars,\" \"Movie Talk,\" a performance by Penn & Teller, \"The Back Page,\" \"Ditzy Actress,\" \"Bob Roberts\" (film), and \"Al-Anon.\"\n\nThe Pretenders perform and \"How Much Did You Pay For Your Soul?\" and \"Don't Get Me Wrong.\" Buster Poindexter performs \"Rockin' Good Soul.\""
"Live from New York, it's... William Shatner!\n\nSketches include \"The Mute Marine,\" \"Star Trek Seafood,\" \"Star Trek Convention,\" \"TJ Hooker,\" \"Sweeney Sisters Christmas,\" \"It's A Wonderful Life: The Lost Ending\" \"Frankie Toussaint\" (film), and \"Look at That!\"\n\nLone Justice performed \"Shelter\" and \"I Found Love.\" Buster Poindexter performed \"Zat You, Santa?\""
"Sketches include: \"\"NFL Video Countdown,\"\" \"\"Leslie and Stu,\"\" \"\"Pathological Liar,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"The NFL Today,\"\" \"\"Michael Jackson Workout,\"\" \"\"Chick Hazard: Private Investigator,\"\" \"\"Adobe Car Commercial: It's Made out of Clay\"\", \"\"A man and his dumb kidnapper\"\", \"\"Weekend Update with Dennis Miller\"\", \"\"Super Bowl Gambling Memories\"\", \"\"The Most Honest Guy in the World\"\". Debbie Harry performs \"French Kissin'\" and \"In Love With Love\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Paul's Dressing Room,\"\" \"\"What's My Addiction?\"\" \"\"The Grenada Experience,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" and \"\"Sweeney Sisters' Far East Medley.\"\" The Range perform \"\"That's Just the Way It Is,\"\" and Paul Shaffer sings \"\"It Was a Very Good Year.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Phil Hartman! \n\nSketches include \"Liberace In Heaven,\" \"Nightline,\" \"Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Issue,\" \"The Life Of Golda Meir,\" \"Hardware Store Gigolo,\" and \"Miss Connie's Fable Nook.\" Paul Young performs \"War Games\" and \"The Long Run.\" \n\nBuster Poindexter performs \"Heart of Gold.\""
"\"\"Afterlife Styles of the Rich and Famous\"\", \"\"The Mob Snitch who Wears A Wire and Loses Deal\"\", \"\"Party Girl: Great Moments in the History of White Trash\"\", \"\"Church Chat\"\", \"\"Welfare Cheat: Great Moments in the History of White Trash\"\", \"\"Pathological Liar Tommy Flanagan Meets Willie Nelson\"\", \"\"Victoria Jackson w\/Willie Nelson: The Boyfriend Song\"\", \"\"Heartache Love in a Truck Stop Cafe\"\", \"\"First Cousins: Great Moments in the History of White Trash\"\"."
"Live from New York, it's... Phil Hartman! \n\nSketches include \"Reagan-Regan Affair,\" \"McSooshi,\" \"Hard News Cafe,\" \"Discover,\" \"Dinner At The Van Halen's,\" \"Ching Chang In Love,\" \"Washington Center Professionals,\" \"Let's Go To The Movies,\" \"On Broadway,\" and \"Opera Singer Doctor.\" Eddie Van Halen performed \"Stompin' 8H.\" \n\nRobert Cray Band performed \"Smoking Gun\" and \"Right Next Door.\""
"Live from New York, it's...Bill Murray\n\nSketches include: Backstage SNL: The 110-Show Contract, The New York Telephone, Bad One-Night Stand, Donahue, Nick The Lounge Singer In Prison, Girls-Only Doctor, Il Returno De Hercules, Tough Parents, and Honker Cab Driver\n\nPercy Sledge performs: \"\"When A Man Loves A Woman\"\"\n\nThe NBC rerun has three changes to it: The \"\"Nick The Lounge Singer In Prison\"\" sketch has the word \"\"bitch\"\" muted out, The \"\"Donahue\"\" sketch replaces Nora Dunn's mention of Joe Piscopo with a mention of Gallagher, and Phil Hartman's clumsy introductory narration in the \"\"Il Returno De Hercules\"\" is dubbed over with a flawless narration by Al Franken."
"Live from New York, it's... Charlton Heston! \n\nSketches include \"God's Money,\" \"The New Paper Chase,\" \"Church Chat,\" \"Sweeney Sisters,\" \"Slave Drivers,\" and \"A Message About UNLV.\"\n\n Wynton Marsalis performs \"J Mood\" and \"One Mustaad.\""
"Live from New York, it's... John Lithgow!\n\nSketches include \"Embassy Spies,\" \"Laramie Vice,\" \"The Pat Stevens Show,\" \"World's Meanest Methodist Minister,\" \"Master Thespian,\" \"Discover,\" \"Cab Ride,\" and \"The Fighter.\"\n\nAnita Baker performs \"Sweet Love\" and \"Same Ole Love.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! \n\nSketches include \"Pagan Easter Special,\" \"Sold-Out Gold,\" \"Collecting Evidence,\" \"Heaven Has The Answers,\" \"Instant Coffee,\" \"ICM Meeting,\" and \"Grab Bag Store.\" \n\nTimbuk 3 performs \"Just Another Movie\" and \"Hairstyles & Attitudes.\""
"\"\"The New Charlie's Angels\"\", \"\"People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 1986\"\", \"\"Grown-up Babies in Modern America\"\", \"\"Very Smart Theater presents Attila the Hun: The Early Years\"\", \"\"The Myowling Bible Commercial\"\", \"\"Einstein Express Commercial: When it has to be there the day before yerterday\"\", \"\"A Salmon's Reproductive Tale\"\", \"\"Ad Council: Wasting your time in various ways for no good reason\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Iran-Contra Hearings,\"\" \"\"Returning a Sweater,\"\" \"\"The Puppy,\"\" \"\"Stu's Support Group,\"\" \"\"Babette's Teeny Cafe,\"\" \"\"Trans-Ozark Airlines,\"\" \"\"Hollywood Mom\"\" (film), and \"\"The Happy Couple.\"\" Los Lobos performs \"\"Is That All There Is\"\" and \"\"One Time, One Night.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Easy Rider,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"What's That Smell?,\"\" \"\"This Week with David Brinkley,\"\" \"\"Problem Drinkers from Outer Space,\"\" \"\"Cannibalism Interview,\"\" \"\"Last Chance,\"\" and \"\"Sweeney Sisters Farewell.\"\" Roy Orbison performs \"\"Crying,\"\" \"\"Oh, Pretty Woman,\"\" and \"\"In Dreams.\"\""
Season 13 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Ronald Reagan and George Bush,\"\" \"\"Gary Hart Ad,\"\" \"\"Common Knowledge,\"\" \"\"NFL Today,\"\" \"\"Slide Whistle Sound Effects,\"\" \"\"Bullets Aren't Cheap,\"\" \"\"Permission to Speak Freely,\"\" \"\"Adventures in the Lost Realm,\"\" and \"\"Pumping Up With Hans and Franz\"\"."
"Live from New York, it's... Sean Penn!\n\n Sketches include \"Fatal Attraction 2,\" \"Wall Street Week,\" \"Church Chat,\" \"Pitman & Bullock,\" \"The Teeny Cafe,\" \"Keister Family Talk,\" \"Discover,\" \"The Spimozo Brothers,\" and \"Cat Dentist\" (film).\n\n LL Cool J performs \"Go Cut Creator Go.\" Michael Penn and The Pull performs \"This & That.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey!\n\n Sketches include \"Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous, and Scary,\" \"Nature's Broom,\" \"The Winning Spirit,\" \"Don't Go Down To The Basement,\" \"Scary Campfire Stories,\" \"Marriage Counselor,\" \"Count Dracula, Self-Taught Auto Mechanic,\" \"The Pat Stevens Show,\" \"New High School Mascot,\" and \"Lambert & Fitch Securites.\" \n\nThe Cars performs \"Strap Me In\" and \"Double Trouble.\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Pumping Up with Hans & Franz,\"\" \"\"Anne Boleyn,\"\" \"\"The First Thanksgiving,\"\" and \"\"Having Sex by an Open Window.\"\" \"\"PITMAN and BULLOCK: Put the Power of the PIT BULL to Work for You\"\"."
"ive from New York, it's... Danny Devito! \n\nSketches include: \"Gorbachev-Reagan,\" \"Siskel & Ebert,\" \"Church Chat,\" \"Eddie Spimozo's Jungle Room,\" \"White Trash Appraiser,\" \"Ann Landers' Playhouse,\" and \"Reminiscing with Doorman.\" \n\nBryan Ferry performs \"The Right Stuff\" and \"Kiss and Tell.\""
"Live From New York, it's...Kevin Nealon\n\nSketches include: Amateur Translator, Docu-Fresh, Who Can Land The Plane?, Donahue, Wedgie Fever, Traumatic Memories Party, Police Women, The Assimilated Jew's Hannukah, and Drunk Man\n\nBuster Poindexter performs: \"\"Hot, Hot, Hot\"\" David Gilmour performs: \"\"Ah, Robertson, It's You\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Jan Hooks\n\nSketches include: Jesus's Surprise Party, Gary Hart Ad, Pumping Up With Hans and Franz, Christmas on a Desert Island, Master Thespian, The Sweeney Sisters, Subway Beggar, Succinctly Speaking, Seasons Greetings From Tonto, Frankenstein, and Tarzan, Educated Anita, and A Message To Future Viewers\n\nLinda Ronstadt and the Mariachi Vargas perform: \"\"Los Laureles, La Cigarra\"\" and \"\"Under African Skies\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Pumping Up with Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"Compulsion,\"\" \"\"Birthing Video,\"\" \"\"Cable ACE Awards,\"\" \"\"Hard to Say I Love You,\"\" \"\"Discover,\"\" and \"\"Robin's 60th Birthday.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bush-Whacked,\"\" \"\"The NFL Today,\"\" \"\"Handi-Off,\"\" \"\"Democratic Debate '88,\"\" \"\"Helen and Cheri,\"\" \"\"TV Actress,\"\" \"\"Master Thespian,\"\" and \"\"The Garden\"\" (film).\n\nRobbie Robertson performed \"\"Testimony\"\" and \"\"Somewhere Down the Crazy River.\"\""
"\"\"53rd. Debate of the 1988 Republican Presidential Candidates\"\", \"\"Learning to Feel with Denise Venetti, Ph.D.\"\", \"\"Family Ties: If These Old Walls Could Talk (Flashback-Flashback Episode)\"\", \"\"Blocked songwriter Derek Stevens loses his Muse\"\", \"\"An older man, the bimbo girlfriend Linda and his Judgemental Friends\"\"."
"\"\"A male figure skater's flawed perfomance in tight pants\"\", \"\"The Pat Stevens Show with Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Dole\"\", \"\"The Bean Cafe: We only serve beans\"\", \"\"On 49th and First: Two sad guys want to score with the ladies\"\", \"\"This is a stick up!, yelled the Psychotic Vietnam Vet with great acting skills\"\", \"\"Can't come up with an ending for a bad sketch\"\", \"\"Casey Kasem sings The Beatles\"\", \"\"Compulsion by Calveen Kleen: The World's Most Indulgent Disinfectant\"\", \"\"A Pawnshop That Pays Full Sentimental Value\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Pumping Up With Hans & Franz,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"Friendly Dictator,\"\" and \"\"Big Bird Pirates.\"\""
Season 14 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Pumping Up With Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"ABC Presents Debate '88,\"\" \"\"Mr. Short Term Memory,\"\" \"\"Jew, Not a Jew,\"\" and \"\"The Pat Stevens Show.\"\" \"\"First Citiwide Change Bank: Our business is making change\"\", \"\"Tom Hanks Bullying Kids: Never-Before-Seen Outtakes from the movie BIG\"\", \"\"Class of 1978 Ten Year Reunion: Two Sad Losers Want To Score With The Ladies\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Nicknames,\"\" \"\"The Republican Party,\"\" \"\"The Liberal,\"\" \"\"Dukakis After Dark,\"\" and \"\"Church Chat.\"\" The New Bohemians perform \"\"Little Miss S.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bush's Final Negative Campaign Ad\"\", \"\"Beauty and the Beast: The Double Date\"\", \"\"In a Camping Site at Night with Hans and Franz\"\", \"\"One Man's Demons\"\", and \"\"Neuburg's Bleu Cheese Cooler\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Ted Bundy Lives,\"\" \"\"Come Back to Carbon Paper,\"\" \"\"War of Da Woilds,\"\" \"\"Frankie's Proposal,\"\" and \"\"What Are You Looking At?\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Cheers,\"\" \"\"Iranian People's Court,\"\" \"\"Plug Away,\"\" \"\"Kevin's First Love,\"\" and \"\"The Long Goodbye.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" \"\"The 60's Movie,\"\" \"\"Subliminal Man and Friend,\"\" and \"\"Wayne's World.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Barnes & Noble Under Siege,\"\" \"\"Therapy Session,\"\" \"\"Pumping Up With Hans & Franz,\"\" \"\"The 49th Westminster Mad Dog Show,\"\" and \"\"Master Thespian.\"\" The Gipsy Kings perform \"\"Bamboleo.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Raymond the Bookie,\"\" \"\"Tales of Ribaldry,\"\" \"\"Mel Gibson, Dream Gynecologist,\"\" \"\"Cooking with the Anal Retentive Chef,\"\" \"\"Josh Acid,\"\" and \"\"Tonto, Tarzan, & Frankenstein.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rock Cleaners,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Restaurant,\"\" \"\"Planet of the Enormous Hooters,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"The Stories of Dolly Parton's Mom,\"\" \"\"Broadway Story,\"\" and \"\"Lothar of the Hill People.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Bob Waltman Special,\"\" \"\"The Snow White Story,\"\" \"\"Attitudes,\"\" \"\"The Palmer Bunch,\"\" \"\"Suspended Animation,\"\" \"\"Game Show Models,\"\" and \"\"The Apocalypse\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Carter in Panama,\"\" \"\"Fishing With the Anal-Retentive Sportsman,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"This Week with David Brinkley,\"\" \"\"Stanley Cup Loss,\"\" \"\"Point Blank,\"\" and \"\"Waikiki Hockey\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Pumping Up With Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"Tammy Wynette Sings the Classics,\"\" \"\"Toonces, The Cat Who Could Drive a Car,\"\" \"\"An Ode to the Woman I Love,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"Get to Know Jon Lovitz,\"\" \"\"Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein,\"\" \"\"Big Red\"\"."
Season 15 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"thirtysomething Cereal,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Phil Donahue,\"\" \"\"Anal-Retentive Carpenter,\"\" \"\"Johnny O'Connor,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" and \"\"Bruce Willis' Bluesy Commercial Jingles\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Jackie Mason,\"\" \"\"The Big Bitch Bull Dyke Bust Out of '89,\"\" \"\"Honey, I Shrunk Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"Merv Griffin's Money-Losing Hotel,\"\" \"\"Wild Horse,\"\" \"\"New Baseball Commissioner,\"\" \"\"Baby Talk,\"\" and \"\"Word Busters\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"The Miracle Of Fatima '89,\"\" \"\"Plug Away,\"\" \"\"Die Squaren Ost Berliner,\"\" \"\"Donheiser,\"\" \"\"The Eggman,\"\" \"\"Lank Thompson,\"\" \"\"All About Deborah Norville,\"\" \"\"Average Blind Date,\"\" \"\"Last Maxwell House Ad\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,\"\" \"\"Yard-a-pult,\"\" \"\"Dracula and AIDS,\"\" \"\"Primetime Live,\"\" \"\"Ventriloquist Act,\"\" \"\"Falling in Love,\"\" \"\"Three Dudes Holistic Automotive,\"\" \"\"Hemsley Spook House,\"\" and \"\"Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Wimbledon,\"\" \"\"Oneupmanship,\"\" and \"\"Lothar of the Hill People.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Jack Nicholson,\"\" \"\"Pumping Up with Hans & Franz,\"\" \"\"A&E Attitudes,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" and \"\"Three Very Lonesome Cowboys.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"It's a Wonderful Savings and Loan,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Cooking with the Anal-Retentive Chef,\"\" \"\"Toonces The Cat Who Could Drive a Car,\"\" \"\"The Mike Ditka Type-A Christmas Special,\"\" and \"\"The Referee Pitman Show\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush and Dan Quayle\"\", \"\"Yard-A-Pult,\"\" \"\"Messy Date\"\", \"\"Tales of the Runaway Boulder,\"\" \"\"Attack of the Masturbating Zombies,\"\" \"\"Rockefeller is Evil,\"\" \"\"A Betty Ford Straight Arrow Christmas\"\", and \"\"In the Middle.\"\"\n\nLinda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville performed \"\"Don't Know Much\"\" and \"\"When Something Is Wrong.\"\""
"Sketches included \"\"Interrupted PSA,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"The Night Hanukkah Harry Saved Christmas,\"\" \"\"Hal Jerome Tribute,\"\" and \"\"Before the Wedding.\"\" Tracy Chapman performed \"\"Gimme One Reason.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Bizilady,\"\" \"\"I Got What You Need,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"The Nagging,\"\" \"\"Dennis Woo's Real Estate Fortunes The Easy Way,\"\" \"\"Ceaucescu's Wake,\"\" \"\"Lothar of the Hill People,\"\" and \"\"SNL in the 90's\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson,\"\" \"\"Eternity,\"\" \"\"Hired Break-Up,\"\" \"\"The Continental,\"\" \"\"Attitudes,\"\" \"\"Lease With an Option to Kill,\"\" \"\"Hardbound\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Pumping Up With Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"Century 21 Marriage Counselors,\"\" \"\"Toonces,\"\" \"\"Bob Waltman Special,\"\" \"\"Jazz Perspective,\"\" \"\"Reverend and Rabbi,\"\" \"\"Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein,\"\" \"\"Soviet Central Committee,\"\" \"\"House Committee on Dials and Gauges\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Ivana Trump Pre-Nup\"\", \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Tales of Ribaldry,\"\" \"\"Tradtional Irish Drinking Songs for St. Patrick's Day,\"\" \"\"The Mob,\"\" \"\"Singles Cruise,\"\" and \"\"Black History Minute.\"\"\n\nAerosmith performed \"\"Jamie's Got a Gun\"\" and \"\"Monkey On My Back.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"Left Alone with a Gun,\"\" \"\"The Pat Stevens Show,\"\" \"\"Imaginary Friend,\"\" and \"\"Hooked on Sushi\"\" (film).\n\nTechnotronic performed \"\"Pump Up The Jam.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush\/Rob Lowe,\"\" \"\"Irish Drinking Songs,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"Arsenio Beckman Show,\"\" \"\"Lambada Prison,\"\" \"\"Helmet Head,\"\" and \"\"Alexander's Fur World\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Reagan Census Count,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Toonces the Cat Who Could Drive a Car,\"\" \"\"Calamity Jane,\"\" and \"\"Senate Record Labelling Hearings\"\", \"\"Weekend Update\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Cable Shopping Network,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Lawyer Court,\"\" \"\"Hanukkah Harry,\"\" \"\"George F. Will's Sports Machine,\"\" \"\"His Face,\"\" \"\"Movers and Shakers,\"\" and \"\"Playgirl Models\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Bush Talks to Nation,\"\" \"\"Greenhilly,\"\" \"\"The Environmentally Conscious One,\"\" \"\"Sexual Tension Diner,\"\" \"\"The Garbo I Knew,\"\" \"\"Only In New York,\"\" \"\"Nude Talk Show,\"\" and \"\"Middle Aged Man.\"\" The B-52's perform \"\"Cosmic Thing\"\" and \"\"Channel Z.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"It's a Wonderful Dice,\"\" \"\"Diceman Employment Agency,\"\" \"\"Cooking With the Anal-Rententive Chef,\"\" \"\"What's Sex?\"\", \"\"DJ Tony Trailer,\"\" \"\"Jan Hooks Protest,\"\" \"\"Cool Mite,\"\" \"\"Ridiculous Bull,\"\" \"\"Kevin Nealon Protest\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Toonces The Cat Who Can Drive a Car,\"\" \"\"The Carsenio Show,\"\" and \"\"Wayne's World.\"\""
Season 16 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"Twin Peaks,\"\" \"\"Luther Campbell,\"\" \"\"All Things Scottish,\"\" and \"\"Frank Sinatra and George Michael\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Victor Kiam's Classic Bitch and Lezbo Shavers,\"\" \"\"All My Luggage,\"\" \"\"Great Love Stories,\"\" \"\"Game Breakers,\"\" and \"\"Her First Period\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Kevin Nealon, Victoria Jackson, and George Steinbrenner,\"\" \"\"Middle-Aged Man,\"\" \"\"Ultra Slim Fast Commercial Parody,\"\" \"\"Winston-McCauley Funeral Homes,\"\" \"\"Carl's Quick Stop,\"\" \"\"What Was I Thinking?\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Dirty Square Dancing,\"\" \"\"Pumping Up With Hanz and Franz,\"\" \"\"Ghost 2,\"\" \"\"Super Feud,\"\" \"\"Chippendales Auditions,\"\" \"\"The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,\"\" \"\"White Trash Bed and Breakfast,\"\" and \"\"Mouse Trap Seminar\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Chia Head,\"\" \"\"Game Challengers,\"\" \"\"NBC News Employees,\"\" \"\"Simon,\"\" \"\"Date With a Ditz,\"\" \"\"The Dark Side With Nat X,\"\" \"\"Two-Faced Doormen,\"\" \"\"Mobile Home,\"\" and \"\"Verbal Reversals\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Live With Regis and Kathie Lee,\"\" \"\"Nikey Turkey,\"\" \"\"Toonces,\"\" \"\"Inflatable Dolls,\"\" \"\"Liason Mocking,\"\" \"\"The Civil War,\"\" \"\"What Animal Were You Raised By?\"\", \"\"Schillervision,\"\" and \"\"Gambling to Win\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Church Chat,\"\" \"\"The McLaughlin Group,\"\" \"\"Mick Jagger's Wedding,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"It's Pat,\"\" \"\"Davy Crockett\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Kevin Nealon (and hosting for the fifth time, it's Tom Hanks!)\n\nSketches include: Mr. Subliminal's Editorial Reply, Tom Hanks Joins The Five-Timers Club, The Gross-Out Family, Game Beaters, The Global Warming Christmas Special, P. Whipped, Sabra Shopping Network, Double-Takes, and The Christmas Tree Story\n\nEdie Brickell and New Bohemians perform: \"\"Woyaho\"\" and \"\"He Said\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Dysfunctional Family Christmas,\"\" \"\"Sally Jessy Raphael,\"\" \"\"Family Loves Ex-Boyfriend,\"\" \"\"Massage Students,\"\" \"\"Renegade,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"Schillervision Theatre,\"\" and \"\"The Specialty Songs Of Cal McLane, Jr.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Godfather Bush,\"\" \"\"New York Radio,\"\" \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Officer Miller,\"\" \"\"I'm Chillin',\"\" \"\"Complaint Letter,\"\" \"\"Superfans,\"\" \"\"Insane Inventors,\"\" and \"\"Eddie O'Hanlon Funeral\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Hedley and Wyche,\"\" \"\"Sting in an Elevator,\"\" \"\"The Sinatra Group,\"\" \"\"The Richmeister,\"\" \"\"Frankenstein,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk with Paul Baldwin,\"\" \"\"Meeting Parents Flashback,\"\" \"\"Bleak Poetry\"\""
"Live from New York, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Kevin Nealon! But is he or NBC or CNN? That's SNL's trick op their sleeve with the \"\"Gulf War Briefing.\"\" Among the domestic sketches are \"\"Richmeister #2.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Mr. Subliminal's War Press Conference,\"\" Misery II, the game show parody Comedy Killers, \"\"Victoria's Secrets\"\" and \"\"White Trash History Minute.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Dana Carvey\n\nSketches include: The McLaughlin Group, The Dancer, The Honest Planet, The Sinead O'Connor Awards, Lank Thompson: I'm A Handsome Actor, Pan Am, The Godfather IV, I'm Chillin', Confession Can Be Exciting For The Soul, and Cyrano De Bergerac\n\nWhitney Houston performs: \"\"I'm Your Baby Tonight\"\" and \"\"All The Man I Need\"\""
"Sketches include--\"\"Another Post-Desert Storm Speech\"\",\"\"America's Most Wanted\"\",\"\"Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smally\"\" and \"\"Michael J. Fox Fanatics\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Pumping Up with Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"Richmeister,\"\" \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Sherlock Holmes,\"\" \"\"McIntosh Jr. Commercial: The Power To Crush Other Kids\"\", \"\"Weekend Update with Dennis Miller\"\", \"\"Football Days by Jack Handey\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Frank and Nancy Sinatra,\"\" \"\"It's Pat,\"\" \"\"The Justice League of America,\"\" \"\"Frank Gannon, P.I. P.I.,\"\" \"\"In Conclusion Theater,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley,\"\" and \"\"Wedding Dress to Funeral\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Pumping Up with Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"Nico Tenelli,\"\" \"\"The Dark Side with Nat X,\"\" \"\"Musicians For Free Range Chickens,\"\" \"\"Date Intimidation\"\""
"Sketches include: Balz-Off, Hollywood Minute, Deep Thoughts, The Weight Watchers Meeting, Wayne's World, A Message From The President, Yelling At Your Kids, and Karaoke Hog"
"Sketches include \"\"Dennis Miller is Nervous,\"\" \"\"Da Superfans,\"\" \"\"Mr. No Depth Perception,\"\" \"\"Pat Gets a Haircut,\"\" \"\"Doo-Wop,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts,\"\" \"\"Burger Barn,\"\" \"\"Li'l General Fireworks,\"\" and \"\"The Sunrise Show.\"\""
Season 17 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"Schmitt's Gay Beer,\"\" \"\"The First Black Harlem Globetrotter,\"\" \"\"Superfans,\"\" \"\"The Dark Side With Nat X,\"\" \"\"Zoraida\"\""
"\"\"Johnny Carson's Tonight Show: The 29th and Final Anniversary\"\", \"\"Earthies, the Bountiful Diaper Commercial (From Dell Monty)\"\", \"\"The Richmeister Vs. The Name Singing Guy\"\", \"\"The Chris Farley Show\"\", \"\"Community College Bowl\"\", \"\"Apex Novelty Guy gets fired for designing bad quality rubber vomit\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Judge Clarence Thomas,\"\" \"\"Cantore,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk with Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"It's Pat,\"\" and \"\"Look Who Else is Talking Also.\"\""
"Sketches include: Coldcock Malt Liquor, Dysfunctional Family Feud, The Wolf Man's Curse, Pumping Up With Hans and Franz, Nich-Aid Hair Dryers, Super Fire-Hot Chicken Wings, and Club Banana."
"Sketches Include: Testifying for the Kennedys - The defense is picking members for the jury supporting Ted Kennedy. Campaign '92 - Democratic \"\"unhopefuls\"\" try not to become the candidate that loses to Bush. Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley - Stuart invites his cousin, Leon, to the show. Leon has a show which is much better than Stuart's, and Stuart is jealous, rendering an affirmation. Kiddie Metal - Guns 'n' Roses record a punk rock kids' song album. The Scottish Store - A small-town Scottish store owner is reunited with his estranged brother, and they fight on and off, while still kicking out people who don't \"\"think\"\" Scottish. Phone Illiteracy - A man who wants to talk to someone has his friend do it for him. Strange? The first man is phone illiterate. It's a dangerous thing...?"
"Sketches include \"\"Weekend Update Special Report,\"\" \"\"Toonces, the Cat Who Can Drive a Car,\"\" \"\"It's Pat,\"\" \"\"Annoying Double Date,\"\" and \"\"The Chris Farley Show.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Macaulay Culkin Gets Permission to Host,\"\" \"\"Superfans,\"\" \"\"Richmeister,\"\" and \"\"Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's ... Dana Carvey!\n\nSketches include \"Bush's Gift Ideas,\" \"Bad Haircut Support Group,\" \"The Daily Star,\" \"Tales From The Barbecue,\" \"Johnny Letter,\" \"Deep Thoughts,\" \"Remembrances of Love,\" and \"Dick Clark Productions.\"\n\nHammer performs \"Too Legit To Quit,\" \"Addams Groove,\" and \"This is the Way We Roll.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Steve Martin Decides to Try,\"\" \"\"Theatre Stories,\"\" \"\"The Dark Side with Nat X,\"\" and \"\"Tarzan, Chris Farley, & Frankenstein.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Oliver Stone,\"\" \"\"It's Pat,\"\" \"\"Delta Delta Delta Girls,\"\" \"\"Chris Rock's Guide to Surviving the Apollo,\"\" and \"\"Awkward Conversation.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's Mike Myers and Dana Carvey! Sketches include \"Wayne's World's Top Ten Reasons We're Bummed Communism Fell,\" \"Love Toilet,\" \"Adopt-a-Pet,\" \"Bob Swerski's Quiz Masters,\" \"Van Morrison Concert,\" and \"Are You All Right?\" Robbie Robertson sings Go Back To Your Woods and The Weight."
"Sketches include \"\"Richmeister on L.A. Law,\"\" \"\"Mike Tyson Trial,\"\" \"\"Partridge Family vs. Brady Bunch,\"\" \"\"The Sensitive Naked Man,\"\" and \"\"Janitor\/Executive Irony\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Olympic Skating,\"\" \"\"The Life and Times of Johnny Hildo,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"The Arsenio Hall Show,\"\" and \"\"Beverly Hills 90210\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Message To Bush,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk,\"\" \"\"A Star Is Born '92,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation,\"\" \"\"New Triple-Delta Sister,\"\" \"\"Dick Clark's Snotty Receptionist\"\", \"\"Tall Tales of the Recession: The Fast-Firing CEO\"\". The Peppers perform \"\"Stone Cold Bush.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The McLaughlin Group\"\" and \"\"Lisa Pograsic, Very Pregnant Undercover Cop.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Mike Myers and Dana Carvey!\n\nSketches include \"Wayne's World,\" \"Jiffy Pop Airbag,\" \"Hitting on a Women,\" \"Sex Games,\" \"Flippy, The Flipping Chihuahua,\" \"Lung Brush,\" \"Pat's Interrogation,\" \"Airport Security Check,\" \"Ernie's,\" \"Tayster's Choice Spermicidal Jelly,\" \"Phil Hartman Creations,\" and \"Pornographic Romance.\"\n\nPearl Jam performed \"Alive\" and \"Porch.\""
"Live from New York, it's Al Franken! Sketches include \"Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown,\" \"Stand Up and Win,\" and \"Make You Think,\" \"Lank Thompson's I'm a Handsome Black Man,\" and \"Superman on Talk Radio.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Ross Perot,\"\" \"\"Sabra Price is Right,\"\" \"\"The Guy Who Plays Mr. Belvedere Fan Club,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,\"\" and \"\"She Turned Into Her Mother\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Johnny Carson's Last Episode,\"\" \"\"Action Cats,\"\" \"\"Take Off Your Shirt,\"\" \"\"Jon Lovitz's Dangerous Mother,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts,\"\" \"\"Frank Gannon: Politically Incorrect Police Investigator,\"\" \"\"Triple-Delta Girls,\"\" \"\"Cowboy Song,\"\" and \"\"The Sensitive Naked Man.\"\" Vanessa Williams performs \"\"Save The Best For Last.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Johnny Carson's Last Episode,\"\" \"\"Action Cats,\"\" \"\"Take Off Your Shirt,\"\" \"\"Jon Lovitz's Dangerous Mother,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts,\"\" \"\"Frank Gannon: Politically Incorrect Police Investigator,\"\" \"\"Triple-Delta Girls,\"\" \"\"Cowboy Song,\"\" and \"\"The Sensitive Naked Man.\"\" Vanessa Williams performs \"\"Save The Best For Last.\"\""
"No description"
Season 18 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Husbands and Wives,\"\" \"\"Tiny Elvis,\"\" \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Baby Names,\"\" and \"\"The Queen Shenequa Show\"\"."
"Live from New York, it's...Dana Carvey\n\nSketches include: Perot '92, Caracci's Pizza, The Founding Fathers, Sunday Morning Videos, That's Not Yogurt, The Tori Spelling Show, Larry King Live, Cooking With Dennis Miller, Sweet Jimmy: The World's Nicest Pimp, Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley, and Bob Roberts Book Burning\n\nSinead O'Connor performs: \"\"Success Has Made A Failure of Our Home\"\" and an a cappella version of the song \"\"War\"\" that ends with the infamous destruction of Pope John Paul II's photograph and Sinead's words \"\"Fight the real enemy!\"\"\n\nThe reruns on NBC and syndication (if they do air) either end the performance of the second song before the picture is ripped (which is the version that played on Comedy Central) or replace it with a dress rehearsal where Sinead O'Connor holds up a picture of a starving child, then walks off the stage (which played on NBC)."
"Sketches include \"\"Debate '92,\"\" \"\"Pinky Ringery,\"\" \"\"Single White Person,\"\" \"\"Bullies on the Steps,\"\" and \"\"Zoriada annoys Joe Pesci.\"\" Spin Doctors perform \"\"Jimmy Olson's Blues.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Jiffy Express,\"\" \"\"Ed Closser, Trivial Psychic,\"\" \"\"Sinead O'Connor's Goodtime Happy Jamboree,\"\" \"\"The Continental,\"\" \"\"An Apology From Sinead O'Connor,\"\" \"\"It's Pat,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey,\"\" \"\"Perot gets rid of running mate Stockdale\"\", and \"\"The Boulevard of Broken Balls\"\"."
"\"\"Perot's Press Conference and the Republican Dirty Tricks\"\", \"\"Ass Don't Smell Commercial: The Name Says It All\"\", \"\"The Richmeister's Halloween Encounter with Death\"\", \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey\"\", \"\"Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon\"\", \"\"Daily Affirmations with Stewart Smalley\"\", \"\"New York's Strangest and Most Bizarre People: Shorty, The Guy Who Can't Cross The Street\"\"."
"\"\"George Bush Loses The Election to Clinton\"\", \"\"Hibernol Commercial: It Knocks Your Cold Out, While You're Out Cold\"\", \"\"Training the New, Socially Impaired Elevator Guy\"\", \"\"The First (Oscar-like) Annual Gutenberg Awards, Honoring the Best Books of the Year\"\", \"\"The Horny Guy Who Had To Date The Prudish\/Formerly Slutty Girl\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush and Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Homosexuals at War,\"\" \"\"At Home with Monica,\"\" \"\"Blacula,\"\" \"\"Gilligan's Bioshpere,\"\" \"\"Superman's Funeral,\"\" and \"\"The Proud Pattersons.\"\""
"\"\"Wayne's World presents: Top Ten Things we love about Clinton\"\", \"\"Sex and Peer Pressure at Valley High, a PBS Afterschool Special\"\", \"\"Clinton's exercising at a fast food joint\"\", \"\"Bill Swerski's Super Fans at 'Fatty Foods' Hospital\"\", \"\"Lincoln High G.E.D Ten Year Reunion\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"The Queen of England,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk with Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"Michael Eisner,\"\" \"\"What's the Best Way?,\"\" and \"\"Drumming on Your Stomach.\"\""
"\"\"The Super Fans Formally Express Their Anger Via Letter: Ditka is fired\"\", \"\"BBC1 Presents Simon! - Special Guest: A Foul-Mouthed, Middle-Aged Italian American\"\", \"\"The Fourth Amy Fisher Story on Fox: Aaron and Tori Spelling's Amy Fisher, 10516 with Danny DeVito as Joey Buttafuoco\"\", \"\"Gap Girls: Buy it large. Just belt it and cinch it!\"\", \"\"Black Entertainment Television Presents: Amy Fisher, One Messed Up Bitch\"\", \"\"The Privacy-Obsessed Hitman Whose Wife Knew Everything About His Business\"\", \"\"Books on Tape: Madonna's Sex Book. Text by Charlton Heston. Photo Interpretation by Al Goldstein\"\"."
"Sketches include, \"\"It's Pat\"\", \"\"Subway Transit Authority\"\", \"\"The Bathroom Attendant\"\", \"\"In or Out The Cab\"\", \"\"Deep Thoughts\"\", \"\"Unforzen Caveman Lawyer,\"\", and \"\"The Insane Deer Hunter\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Clintons Meet Wrestlers,\"\" \"\"Prince Charles is a Tampon,\"\" \"\"Dumb Yard Boy,\"\" \"\"Magic Fish Meeting,\"\" \"\"SNL Halftime Special,\"\" \"\"High School Liar's Club,\"\" \"\"Sassy,\"\" \"\"Queen Shenequa,\"\" and \"\"Country Boy Leaves Home\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Dateline NBC,\"\" \"\"The Mimic,\"\" \"\"The Chris Farley Show,\"\" \"\"Soap Opera Digest,\"\" \"\"Gap Girls,\"\" \"\"Naked Woman Theater,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley,\"\" \"\"The Bodyguard,\"\" and \"\"French Class\"\"."
"Sketches include: \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Hibernol,\"\" \"\"The Whipmaster,\"\" \"\"Frequent Flyer,\"\" \"\"I'm Chillin',\"\" \"\"Tommy Two-Tap,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk With Linda Richman,\"\" and \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey\"\"."
"Sketches include: \"\"College Students,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk With Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"Turkish Department Store Worker,\"\" \"\"Let's Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk About Movies\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Julia Sweeney\n\nSketches include \"Pat's Crying Game,\" \"Green & Fazio\" (two parts), \"The Rain People,\" \"World War II Hospital,\" \"Eager & Jones,\" \"Russell Simmmons Def Magic Show Jam,\" \"MTV Spring Break,\" \"Dieter's Dream\" (film), and \"Jack McManus' Bar.\"\n\nSoul Asylum performs \"Somebody To Shove\" and \"Black Gold.\""
"Complete Sketches: \"\"Clinton's Indecent Proposal to Yeltsin's wife\"\", \"\"Jason Alexander's Peter Pan\"\", \"\"Meeting of the Woody Allen Fan Club\"\", \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey\"\", \"\"Descending-Size Employee Lounges for Privacy-Obssessed People\"\", \"\"Can't you tell black or white people apart?\"\", \"\"Gyros: You like the juice?\"\"."
"\"\"Rodney King Song: Fire Bad by Recurring SNL Characters for Unity\"\", \"\"Quinko's Mmmph Board Game Commercial\"\", \"\"SNL Cheers wannabes come to cheer Kirstie up\"\", \"\"Hotel staff loves the Bellissima wife at La Cantoria\"\", \"\"The Montel Williams Show\"\", \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey\"\", \"\"Kirstie Alley meets Zoraida, the NBC page\"\", \"\"The all natural makeover\"\", \"\"Schiller's Reel presents: Security Camera Spectacular!\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker\"\", \"\"Focus on Beauty\"\", \"\"The Backwards Romance\"\", \"\"Nerf Crotchbat\"\", \"\"Worrisome Audition Warnings\"\", and \"\"Coffee Talk\"\""
"Sketches include: \"\"Mmmph?\"\", \"\"Italian Flatulence\"\", \"\"Don Lapre: Financial Freedom with a 900 Number\"\", \"\"Hub's Gyros\"\", and \"\"Criminal Encounter\"\"."
Season 19 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley,\"\" \"\"Gap Girls,\"\" and \"\"Coffee Talk with Linda Richman.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Operaman,\"\" \"\"Crystal Gravy,\"\" \"\"The Real World,\"\" \"\"The Denise Show,\"\" \"\"Salem Bitch Trials\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Rock For Michael,\"\" \"\"Subway Guitarist,\"\" \"\"The Wave,\"\" \"\"Karl's Video Store,\"\" and \"\"Christopher Walken Celebrity Psychic Friends Network\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Anne Murray Sings the National Anthem,\"\" \"\"Court TV: The Menendez Brothers Trial,\"\" \"\"Ruining It For Everyone,\"\" \"\"Theatre Stories,\"\" and \"\"James Carville\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Coffee Talk with Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"Matt Foley,\"\" \"\"Sassy's Sassiest Boys,\"\" and \"\"Trent Markham, Lung Doctor\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"The Packwood Diaries,\"\" \"\"Frank Sinatra Duets,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley,\"\" \"\"Forgetful Waiter,\"\" \"\"The Tomboy and the Sissy,\"\" \"\"Dick Clark's Receptionist,\"\" \"\"Will Work For Food,\"\" \"\"Homegirls\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Wayne's World,\"\" \"\"The Denise Show,\"\" \"\"Wednesday and Pugsley,\"\" \"\"Philip the Hyper-Hypo,\"\" \"\"Sprockets,\"\" \"\"Ross Perot,\"\" and \"\"Kitchen Arguments\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Studio of the Apes,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk with Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"The President is Illiterate,\"\" \"\"The Ten Commandments,\"\" and \"\"Herlihy Boy House-Sitting Service\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Adam Sandler's Santa Song,\"\" \"\"Matt Foley,\"\" \"\"Praying,\"\" and \"\"Headgames.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Chris Farley! \n\nSketches include \"Giuliani's Inauguration,\" \"NFL on Fox,\" \"The Road To Self-Improvement,\" \"Mr. Intense,\" \"Coffee Talk,\" \"The Herlihy Boy Dog Sitting Service,\" \"Where's the Rest of Me?,\" and \"Scary Ski Lift.\"\n\n Blind Melon performed \"No Rain\" and \"Paper Scratcher.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bobbitt Trial,\"\" \"\"HiberNol,\"\" \"\"Mistaken Roommate,\"\" \"\"Simon,\"\" \"\"Gap Girls,\"\" \"\"Blossom,\"\" \"\"Lunchlady Land,\"\" \"\"Disney Vacations,\"\" \"\"Rob Schneider's Girlfriend Theater,\"\" \"\"20 Questions,\"\" and \"\"Rob's Apology.\"\""
"Sketches Include:\n\nMichael Jackon can Never Score - Michael Jackson once again tries to score and even with the help of his assistants he cannot.\n\nThe Scottish Store - This time at the Scottish Store, a Scottish psychiatrist come to settle the owner's anger, and the perfect remedy is getting drunk. Also, a non-Scottish thinker gets beat up again.\n\nThe Love Boat: The Next Generation - The Love Boat takes it up a notch when it goes galactic. Still, the romance and strife is the same.\n\nErotic Cakes - Customers want quality erotic cakes, but all that's carried is women going to the bathroom.\n\nStand-Up Satan - Satan's jokes and insults are so lame that even his followers start mocking him."
"Live from New York, it's...Alec Baldwin!\n\nSketches include: Alec Baldwin's Goodfellas, Family Feud, Canteen Boy and the Scoutmaster, Phillip The Hyper Hypo, The Romantic Men, Mickey Ross's Pyramid of Pain, The Adventures of Tiny Elvis, and Backstage SNL: Chris Farley Meets Kim Basinger\n\nUB40 performs: \"\"C'est La Vie\"\" and \"\"Can't Help Falling In Love\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Jeff Gillooly,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley,\"\" \"\"Thugs,\"\" and \"\"Spare Players for the New Jersey Nets.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Press Confrence,\"\" \"\"Crystal Gravy,\"\" \"\"Sports Beat,\"\" \"\"Disney Gigs,\"\" and \"\"Lillehammer '94.\"\" Aretha Franklin performs \"\"Chain of Fools.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rockers Explain Whitewater,\"\" \"\"Total Bastard Airlines,\"\" \"\"Sexist Director,\"\" \"\"Office Space,\"\" and \"\"Rob Schneider's Girlfriend Theater.\"\" Snoop Dogg performed \"\"Gin & Juice.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Jan Hooks! \n\nSketches include \"Hillary Clinton's Investment Tips,\" \"Majestic Caribbean Cruise Line,\" \"Inhibited Dance Party USA,\" \"The Giulianis at Opening Day,\" \"20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,\" \"CBS Sunday Morning,\" \"Something Smells Good in Stinkville\" (three parts), \"Captain Jim & Pedro at Footlocker,\" \"Captain Jim & Pedro Books,\" and \"I Am A Man.\" \n\nDwight Yoakam performed \"Pocket of a Clown\" and \"Fast as You.\""
"Sketches include \"\"Michael Fay's Canning,\"\" \"\"Geek, Dweeb, of Spazz,\"\" \"\"The Whitewater Folder,\"\" and \"\"The Herlihy Boy.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"New York Governors Debate,\"\" \"\"Captain Jim and Pedro,\"\" \"\"NRA's American Sportsman Today,\"\" \"\"Real Stories Of The Arkansas Highway Patrol,\"\" \"\"Theatre Stories,\"\" \"\"Ninja Pep Talk,\"\" \"\"Michael Bolton,\"\" \"\"Flintstones Names,\"\" and \"\"Killer Taxi Drivers.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Coffee Talk,\"\" \"\"Eych,\"\" \"\"Wayne on Melrose Place,\"\" \"\"60 Minutes,\"\" and \"\"Phil Hartman in 'So Long, Farewell.'\"\""
Season 20 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Clinton Auditions,\"\" \"\"The Ron Wood Show,\"\" \"\"Baseball Cruise,\"\" \"\"Steve Martin's All-Natural Penis Beauty Creme,\"\" and \"\"Bad Ad Campaign.\"\" \"\"Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial,\"\" \"\"Total Bastard Airlines,\"\" and \"\"The Better Baby.\"\" Bathroom Monkey Commercial\"\", \"\"Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald\"\", \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey\"\", \"\"Leland-Meyers Home Headache Test Commercial\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial,\"\" \"\"Adult Education Class,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley,\"\" and \"\"Monsters of Monologue '94.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bathroom Monkey,\"\" \"\"Coffee Talk With Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"Dracula's Not Gay,\"\" \"\"Quentin Tarantino's Welcome Back Kotter,\"\" \"\"Women's Self-Defense,\"\" \"\"Larry King Live,\"\" \"\"Small Office,\"\" \"\"Deaf Drug Dealer\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George Bush,\"\" \"\"Virtual Reality Books,\"\" \"\"Johnny Carson,\"\" \"\"Ross Perot,\"\" \"\"Pepper Boy,\"\" \"\"Nobel Prize Awards,\"\" \"\"Work Excuses,\"\" \"\"Office Space\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Concession Speech,\"\" \"\"Good Morning Brooklyn,\"\" \"\"Nice and Naughty Guitarists,\"\" \"\"Confucius,\"\" \"\"The Casting Couch,\"\" \"\"The Munchkins,\"\" and \"\"Tribute to Michael O'Donoghue\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"It's a Wonderful Newt,\"\" \"\"Christopher Walken's Celebrity Psychic Friends Network,\"\" \"\"Phone Hang-Ups,\"\" \"\"Taxi Driver: The Musical,\"\" \"\"Stop That,\"\" \"\"The Movie Club\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Jesse Helms,\"\" \"\"Roseanne Goes to Therapy,\"\" \"\"USAir,\"\" \"\"Rescue 911,\"\" \"\"Civil War Memories,\"\" and \"\"Yogurt Store.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Joycelyn Elders,\"\" \"\"Japanese Game Show,\"\" \"\"Los Angeles Breast and Penis,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Memorial Auction,\"\" and \"\"Family Auto Trip.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Time Boxer,\"\" \"\"Looking Good,\"\" \"\"Matt Foley,\"\" \"\"Uncle Joe,\"\" \"\"The Incredible Hulk,\"\" \"\"Chris Elliot's Bedtime Story,\"\" \"\"Jackie Stallone's Psychic Circle\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Newt Gingrich,\"\" \"\"Connie Chung and Newt Gingrich's Mom,\"\" \"\"Martin Luther King Day,\"\" \"\"Mystery Dinner Theatre,\"\" \"\"Eterna-Rest,\"\" \"\"Film Beat,\"\" \"\"Entertainment Tonight\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"O.J. Simpson,\"\" \"\"Rock Poetry Class,\"\" \"\"Tales of Little Women,\"\" \"\"Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly,\"\" \"\"Robot Spy Onboard,\"\" \"\"Nervous Habits,\"\" \"\"Jersey Kids Meet the Foreigner,\"\" \"\"Perspectives,\"\" \"\"Claire Tries Internet Sex,\"\" \"\"Movie News\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"C-SPAN: Colin Ferguson,\"\" \"\"Ricki Lake,\"\" \"\"Book Buzz,\"\" \"\"Baywatch,\"\" \"\"Poster Worker Evaluation,\"\" \"\"Hi Bob,\"\" and \"\"Sports Beat.\"\"\n\nDes'ree performed \"\"You Gotta Be\"\" and \"\"Feels So High.\"\""
"Sketches include: \"\"O.J. Simpson Tour,\"\" \"\"The 1995 ESPY Awards,\"\" \"\"Rappers With Simple Lyrics,\"\" \"\"Perspectives,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey,\"\" and \"\"Sick Boy\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Black History Month,\"\" \"\"Mandy the Whale,\"\" \"\"Tales of Fraud and Malfeasance in Railroad Hiring Practices,\"\" \"\"Taxicab Confessions,\"\" and \"\"Zagat's\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Newt Gingrich's Sister,\"\" \"\"Where's Superman?,\"\" \"\"Mad About You Aliens,\"\" \"\"Sparklebrite Toothpaste,\"\" and \"\"One Brother Cafe.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Dan Aykroyd!\n\nSketches include \"\"This Week With David Brinkley,\"\" \"\"Superfans Return,\"\" \"\"The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder,\"\" \"\"Dog Park,\"\" \"\"Howard Stern,\"\" \"\"Self-Deluded Losers,\"\" \"\"Unsolved Mysteries,\"\" \"\"Coal Miners,\"\" and \"\"Penis-Measuring Device.\"\""
"Sketches include: \"\"Judge Ito,\"\" \"\"Men on Film,\"\" \"\"Spit Valves,\"\" \"\"Black Names,\"\" \"\"Christopher Walken for Skittles\"\", and \"\"Court TV: The O.J. Trial.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Matt Foley,\"\" \"\"Good Morning Brooklyn,\"\" \"\"Gapardy,\"\" \"\"Melanie Babysits,\"\" \"\"Charles Manson,\"\" \"\"Truth vs. Jokes,\"\" \"\"Replacement Baseball,\"\" \"\"His Muse Friday,\"\" \"\"Obnoxious Co-worker\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Tony Vallencourt,\"\" \"\"Fast,\"\" \"\"America's Funniest Hate Videos,\"\" \"\"Fashion Designer,\"\" \"\"Where In the World is San Diego, California?\"\", \"\"Boyz II Men,\"\" \"\"Karl's,\"\" \"\"Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,\"\" \"\"Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley,\"\" \"\"Pacemaker\"\""
"Live from New York, for the last time, it's\u00e2\u20ac\u00a6Michael McKean!\n\nSketches include \"\"Beastman of Studio 8H,\"\" You Think You're Better Than Me?, Zagat's, \"\"New England General Store,\"\" Ricki Lake, \"\"Rock and Roll Realtor,\"\" and \"\"Polar Bears.\"\""
Season 21 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include: \"\"OJ Today,\"\" \"\"Leg Up,\"\" \"\"The Taylors,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Long Phone Call,\"\" \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Biography\"\"."
"Sketches include: \"\"NFL on NBC,\"\" \"\"The Mark Fuhrman Show,\"\" \"\"Althea,\"\" \"\"Lobotol,\"\" \"\"The Blame Game,\"\" \"\"Jim Breuer and Braveheart,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" and \"\"Fuzzy Memories\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Darius Rucker,\"\" \"\"Kids vs. Grownups,\"\" \"\"Rita Delvecchio,\"\" \"\"Fuzzy Memories,\"\" \"\"The Elevator,\"\" \"\"Secrets,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Slim Shannon,\"\" and \"\"Triumph Performers\"\"."
"Sketches include: \"\"Halloween in New Hampshire,\"\" \"\"Grayson-Moorhead,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Cooking With Keith,\"\" \"\"Marshall Power Tools,\"\" \"\"Spade in America at the 1995 World Series,\"\" Fuzzy Memories, and \"\"Firing a Prison Guard.\"\""
"Sketches include: \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Old Glory Insurance,\"\" \"\"Clara Turley's Bible Challenge,\"\" \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Bug Off,\"\" \"\"Directors on Directing,\"\" and \"\"All Aboard\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Air Force One,\"\" \"\"Psychic Reading,\"\" \"\"Midgets,\"\" and \"\"Spade in America.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Inside Politics,\"\" \"\"Grimaldi's,\"\" \"\"The Joe Pesci Show,\"\" \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"G-Dog Does the Nasty,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Turning Point,\"\" and \"\"Hulk Hogan Talk Show\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Rocky Roads,\"\" \"\"The Today Show,\"\" \"\"Three Wise Men,\"\" \"\"Wake Up and Smile,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Black People,\"\" and \"\"Perspectives\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Bosnian Goodwill Tour,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"John-John Mackie,\"\" \"\"Giant Bird,\"\" \"\"Leg Up,\"\" \"\"Lucien and Fagin,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" and \"\"Wedding Vows\"\"."
"Live from New York, it's...Rudolph Giuliani\n\nSketches include: \"\"Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki Apologize For SNL's Low Quality,\"\" \"\"Rita Delvecchio,\"\" \"\"Spade In America,\"\" \"\"The Continental,\"\" \"\"Fuzzy Memories,\"\" \"\"T-Bone The Executioner,\"\" \"\"Connie Stinston\"\", and \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher's Dancing Fantasy\"\".\n\nJoan Osborne performs: \"\"One of Us\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"The Joe Pesci Show,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Navy Guys,\"\" \"\"Talking About Bill Brasky,\"\" and \"\"Accidentally Shot by Hunters.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Inside Politics,\"\" \"\"Spaghetti Sauce,\"\" \"\"The Kevin Franklin Show,\"\" \"\"Time Life's Valentine's Day Arguments,\"\" \"\"Althea,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Hi-C and Turkey,\"\" \"\"Martha Stewart Living,\"\" and \"\"Fuzzy Memories\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Presidential Candidates,\"\" \"\"The Life We Lead\/Channel 7 Action News,\"\" \"\"Ranger Ron and his Tree Slice,\"\" \"\"St. Gabriel's Annual Bake Sale,\"\" \"\"A Criminal and his Grandmother,\"\" and \"\"Drunk Surgeon.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Presidential Candidates,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Winston Graff,\"\" \"\"Stan Hooper,\"\" \"\"Dinner at Oliver's,\"\" and \"\"Australian Phone Sex.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Suel Forrester,\"\" \"\"The Real World,\"\" \"\"Steve Forbes,\"\" and \"\"The Joe Pesci Show.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Leg Up,\"\" \"\"Acting Class,\"\" \"\"Fuzzy Memories,\"\" \"\"Bug-Off,\"\" \"\"Unfrozen Cave Man Lawyer,\"\" \"\"Petchow Rat Poison,\"\" \"\"Hollywood Minute With David Spade\"\"."
"Sketches include \"\"Class Reunion,\"\" \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"House Workers,\"\" \"\"Entering Penn State,\"\" \"\"Seattle Today,\"\" \"\"Greyson-Moore,\"\" \"\"Gibberish Sergeant,\"\" \"\"Fuzzy Memories,\"\" \"\"Steve Forbes and the Flies\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Kazinsky and his Lawyers,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"The Princess and the Homeboy,\"\" \"\"Romantic Music,\"\" and \"\"St. Gabriel's Women's Charity for the Needy.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bob Dole Press Conference,\"\" \"\"AM Ale,\"\" \"\"The Courtney Love Show,\"\" \"\"Get Off The Shed!,\"\" \"\"20 Years and One Week,\"\" \"\"Terminally Ill Amateur Singer,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"Rolf,\"\" \"\"Goat Boy,\"\" \"\"Personality Alteration,\"\" \"\"Lansing Phone Sex,\"\" \"\"Fuzzy Memories\"\"."
"Sketches include: \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Roxbury Guys,\"\" \"\"Overprotective Lifeguard,\"\" \"\"I'll See You In Hell,\"\" \"\"Spade in America,\"\" \"\"The Joe Pesci Show,\"\" and \"\"Jimmy Tangen's Fat Busters\"\"."
"No description"
Season 22 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Roxbury Guys,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Goat Boy,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers,\"\" and \"\"Classic Sing-along with the Drunken Asses.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bob Dole,\"\" \"\"Suel Forrester,\"\" Single and Loving It,\"\" \"\"The Randolph Hotel,\"\" \"\"Women's Poetry Night,\"\" and \"\"Gene the Ex-Convict.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Alien Presidential Debate,\"\" \"\"AT&T Clerks,\"\" \"\"The Rules Show,\"\" \"\"John W. Hayward,\"\" and \"\"Women's Kickboxing.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Russell and Tate: Attorneys at Law,\"\" \"\"Larry King Live,\"\" \"\"Tom Brokaw,\"\" \"\"Johnny Carson and Phil Donahue,\"\" \"\"Church Chat,\"\" and \"\"Goat Boy.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bob Dole and George Bush,\"\" \"\"Charles Grodin,\"\" \"\"The Dark Side with Nat X,\"\" and \"\"The Culps.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bob Dole,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheeleaders,\"\" \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Don King's Press Conference,\"\" \"\"Mr. Music,\"\" \"\"Musical Cobras and Panthers,\"\" \"\"The Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Streets of L.A.,\"\" and \"\"Shopping at Home Network.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The O.J. Trial,\"\" \"\"Thanksgiving Song Auditions,\"\" \"\"Acting Class,\"\" \"\"World War II,\"\" and \"\"The Joe Pesci Show.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Tim Meadows\n\nSketches include \"\"O.J. Simpson,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Ed Grimley Goes To Heaven,\"\" \"\"Roxbury Guys,\"\" \"\"Barbara Walters Interviews Jackie Rogers, Jr.,\"\" \"\"The Gantner Family Workout,\"\" \"\"The Tinseltown Tattler,\"\" \"\"Martha Stewart's Topless Christmas,\"\" and \"\"Happy Holiday Tales.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton and Bob Dole,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Goat Boy,\"\" \"\"Rita Delvecchio,\"\" and \"\"The Local News with Joe Blow.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"New Television Rating System,\"\" \"\"The Late Show with David Letterman,\"\" \"\"Marijuana Doctor,\"\" \"\"Star Wars 20th Anniversary,\"\" \"\"Janet Reno's Dance Party,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers,\"\" \"\"The Joe Pesci Show,\"\" \"\"Pet Shop,\"\" and \"\"The Atteburys.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton Police Line-Up,\"\" \"\"Maya Angelou Commercials,\"\" \"\"Waiting to Exhale Viewers,\"\" \"\"Both Sides with Jesse Jackson,\"\" \"\"Wong & Owens,\"\" and \"\"Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"O.J Simpson,\"\" \"\"Jackpot,\"\" \"\"The Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Rolf,\"\" and \"\"Adventures of the White Trash Disaster Trailer.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"O.J Simpson,\"\" \"\"Goat Boy,\"\" \"\"Chopper Four.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Late Show with David Letterman,\"\" \"\"Roxbury Guys,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"The Quiet Storm,\"\" \"\"The Gossip Show,\"\" \"\"Phone Sex Operators,\"\" \"\"Yard Sale,\"\" \"\"Wong and Owens,\"\" and \"\"Bill Brasky.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Evita,\"\" \"\"The Nude Crusade,\"\" \"\"Rolf,\"\" \"\"The Atteburys,\"\" \"\"Kyle DeMarco,\"\" and \"\"Race and Racism.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Coffee Talk with Linda Richman,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Prime Minister's Questions,\"\" \"\"Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly,\"\" and \"\"Barbara Walters Oscar Special.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Perspectives,\"\" \"\"The Joe Pesci Show,\"\" \"\"Goth Talk,\"\" \"\"Food, Sex, or Cars?\"\" and \"\"La Politica Non Correcto con Ramon Diaz Rojo.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Janet Reno,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"A&E Biography: Tiger Woods,\"\" \"\"Goat Boy,\"\" and \"\"Roxbury Guys.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Oprah,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Suel Forrester,\"\" \"\"Eddie Murphy,\"\" \"\"The Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Collette Reardon,\"\" and \"\"Bill Brasky.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Space, the Infinite Frontier,\"\" \"\"Kennedy Kapers,\"\" \"\"Larry King,\"\" \"\"Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp.\"\""
Season 23 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Oprah's Book Club,\"\" \"\"Rita Delvechio,\"\" \"\"Car Accident with Sylvester Stallone,\"\" \"\"Roxbury Guys,\"\" \"\"Janet Reno,\"\" \"\"Computer Store,\"\" \"\"Planet Hollywood,\"\" and \"\"Lou's Lovely Daughters.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Sarcasm 101,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Space the Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray,\"\" \"\"Goat Boy,\"\" \"\"Friends,\"\" and \"\"Good Morning with Liza.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Janet Reno,\"\" \"\"Xena: Warrior Princess,\"\" \"\"Issues,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Crazy Lady Gets Prescription Filled,\"\" and \"\"Mango.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Farley Gets Permission to Host,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker,\"\" \"\"Goth Talk,\"\" \"\"The Sally Show,\"\" \"\"Monday Night Football Song,\"\" \"\"Superfans,\"\" and \"\"El Ni\u00c3\u00b1o.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rival Billionaires,\"\" \"\"Fred the Baker,\"\" \"\"Larry King's Wedding,\"\" \"\"Win a Year with Jewel,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"The Late Show with David Letterman,\"\" and \"\"The Robin Byrd Show,\"\" and \"\"Save Our Nanny.\"\"\n\nJane's Addiction performs \"\"Jane Says.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill and Hillary Clinton,\"\" \"\"Barry Scheck's Apartment,\"\" \"\"The View,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Peter Pan,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers,\"\" \"\"CEO Dreamboats Magazine,\"\" and \"\"The Louvre.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rudy Giuliani and Colin Quinn,\"\" \"\"Nightline with Saddam Hussein,\"\" \"\"Rita Delvechio,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"The Joe Pesci Show,\"\" \"\"Friggin' Giuliani,\"\" \"\"Janet Reno's Dance Party,\"\" \"\"Colin Quinn Explains the New York Times,\"\" and \"\"Perspectives.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Well Babies Tragedy,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"The Quiet Storm,\"\" \"\"Sister Wendy Beckett's Art Odyssey,\"\" \"\"The History of Vaudeville,\"\" \"\"Vance and Miss Milo,\"\" and \"\"Santa Claus the Ex-Convict.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Baseball Wish,\"\" \"\"Roxbury Guys,\"\" \"\"Joan Rivers,\"\" \"\"Burt Renolds Christmas,\"\" \"\"ChristmaSoft with Bill Gates,\"\" and \"\"Hanson in an Elevator.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: The Clinton Movie, Lemon Glow, Publisher's Clearing House Go To The Ghetto, Quentin Tarantino's \"\"Pulp Fiction\"\" Auditions, Jazzterpieces, Judge Judy, TV Funhouse: George Clooney's \"\"Speed Racer\"\", Black People on the Titanic, Mango and Monroe, The Weston Collection, The Learning Annex, and The Playboy Channel\n\nBen Folds Five performs: \"\"Brick\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Ted Kazinsky,\"\" \"\"The View,\"\" \"\"John Gray's Inspirational Tapes,\"\" \"\"Dysfunctional Family Argues Over Dinner,\"\" \"\"CBS World of Sports,\"\" \"\"Goth Talk,\"\" \"\"The Robin Byrd Show,\"\" and \"\"The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Duper Dreamy Love Show.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"The Ten Commandments with Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"CBS Olympics,\"\" \"\"Emeril Live,\"\" \"\"Judge Judy,\"\" \"\"Martha Stewart,\"\" \"\"Sabado Chistoso,\"\" \"\"When Cobras Attack,\"\" and \"\"Storytellers with Neil Diamond.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Press Conference with Catherine II,\"\" \"\"Martha Stewart Living,\"\" \"\"CBS Olympics,\"\" \"\"Riding My Donkey: Political Talk Show,\"\" \"\"Fran,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" and \"\"Lou's Lovely Daughters.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Larry King Live,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"The Celine Dion Show,\"\" \"\"Party of Five,\"\" \"\"Re-Enactment Awards,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Issues,\"\" and \"\"College Singers.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Titanic,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Barbara Walters,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: Conspiracy Theory Rock\"\", \"\"Pretty Living,\"\" \"\"Terrence Maddox in Art Class,\"\" \"\"Liza,\"\" and \"\"Shirtless Bible Salesman.\"\"\n\nThe NBC and syndicated reruns of this episode do not have the TV Funhouse: Conspiracy Theory Rock cartoon."
"Sketches include \"\"Viewers Choose Clinton Coverage,\"\" \"\"Alice in Wonderland,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"Goth Talk,\"\" \"\"Stuff We Made,\"\" \"\"Judge Judy,\"\" \"\"Job Interviews,\"\" and \"\"I Took a Gay Guy to the Prom.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Martha Stewart,\"\" \"\"Name That Dog!,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Restaurant,\"\" \"\"House of Dogs,\"\" \"\"Nightline,\"\" \"\"Pirate Ship,\"\" and \"\"The Robin Byrd Show.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"The View,\"\" \"\"The Zimmermans,\"\" \"\"Pretty Living,\"\" \"\"The Celine Dion Show,\"\" \"\"Prime Minister's Questions,\"\" \"\"Limousine Rides,\"\" and \"\"Comic Minds.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Janet Reno,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Oprah Meets Goat Boy,\"\" and \"\"To the Moon and Back.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Janet Reno,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Oprah Meets Goat Boy,\"\" and \"\"To the Moon and Back.\"\""
Season 24 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, it's...Tim Meadows\n\nSketches include \"\"Oprah 2002: Clinton Scandal Reunion,\"\" \"\"MasterCard\"\", \"\"Oops! I Crapped My Pants\"\", \"\"SNL: The Best of the First 20 Minutes\"\", \"\"The View,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: Clinton Scandal Outtakes\"\", \"\"Gap I: Bill Clinton\"\", \"\"Gap II: Hillary Clinton\"\", \"\"Gap III: Kenneth Starr\"\", \"\"The New Hollywood Squares,\"\" \"\"Roxbury Guys Meets The Fenstruk Brothers,\"\" \"\"Bad Witch's Brew,\"\" \"\"Maakies: The Suicidal Crow\"\", \"\"A Message From The Spice Girls\"\", and \"\"Jingleheimer Junction.\"\"\n\nSmashing Pumpkins perform: \"\"Perfect\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Bedtime At The White House,\"\" \"\"KCF Shredders\"\", \"\"Maakies: The Mermaid Rat\"\", \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Big Bernard and His Father,\"\" \"\"Thinking About Burriots,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers In London,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"Hello Dolly,\"\" \"\"The Best of Horatio Sanz\/The Best of Dan Aykroyd\"\", \"\"Baywatch Director\"\", \"\"Terry Fergusen Campaign Commercial\"\" and \"\"ESPN2 Lumberjack Coverage.\"\"\n\nSheryl Crow performs: My Favorite Mistake"
"Sketches include \"\"Republicans Plan for the Future,\"\" \"\"Judge Judy,\"\" \"\"History of Presidential Scandals,\"\" \"\"The White House,\"\" \"\"Stevie Nicks,\"\" \"\"Antonia Banderas,\"\" \"\"A&E Biography: Sean \"\"Puffy\"\" Combs,\"\" \"\"Terrance Maddox,\"\" \"\"Goth Talk,\"\" and \"\"The Culps.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Ben Stiller (falling off the roof of 30 Rock)\n\nSketches include: Lorne Michaels Fights Ben Stiller, Celebrity Jeopardy, Pretty Living, TV Funhouse: Hete-Roy, The Zimmermans' Halloween Party, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, Still Living With His Parents, Steve Wynn's Bellagio Hotel and Casino, and Cointreau\/Mason\n\nAlanis Morrissette performs: Thank U and Baba"
"Sketches include \"\"David Spade In Therapy,\"\" \"\"The Mercury Mistress\"\", \"\"Accruing Equity and Making Hot Sweet Love\"\", \"\"Monica Lewinsky's Interview Auditions,\"\" \"\"The Sergeant,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Happy Birthday Grandma,\"\" \"\"Felicity,\"\" \"\"Talk Radio with Dr. Laura Schlesinger,\"\" and \"\"Bachelor Party Rules\"\".\n\nEagle Eye Cherry performs: \"\"Save Tonight\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich,\"\" \"\"VH1 Spirituality Awards,\"\" \"\"Suel,\"\" \"\"Space the Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray,\"\" \"\"Learning with Jennifer Tilly,\"\" \"\"New York is Great,\"\" and \"\"Tarmac Talk.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Celine Dion,\"\" \"\"Antonio Banderas,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Let's Make it Happen,\"\" and \"\"Saddam Hussein.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"House Judiciaries Oral Sexperts,\"\" \"\"Dog Show,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers,\"\" \"\"What Marriage is Like to Guys,\"\" \"\"John Lennon and Jerry Garcia Memorials,\"\" \"\"Exxon and Mobil Mergers,\"\" \"\"Norman Bates and His Mother,\"\" \"\"Pimp Chat,\"\" and \"\"Delco Cat Toys.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"A Message From The President,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"Six-Year-Old Cassidy,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Bill Clinton's Impeachment Hearings,\"\" \"\"10-10-1776-5-28-1830-242-3-316-68-22\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The Harlem Globetrotters\"\", and \"\"Talkin' About Bill Brasky.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Gingrich and Livingston,\"\" \"\"The View,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Titanic Lost Ending,\"\" \"\"Fat Albert,\"\" \"\"NewsForce,\"\" \"\"Postal Services,\"\" \"\"Fantastic Voyage,\"\" and \"\"Extreme Hunting.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Clinton and Flynt,\"\" \"\"Spelling Bee Finals,\"\" \"\"7 Degrees Celsius,\"\" \"\"Dog Show,\"\" \"\"Harry Connick Jr.,\"\" \"\"The War Abroad and at Home,\"\" \"\"Frankenstein,\"\" and \"\"Maria and Anthony.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's Gloating Time (by Darrell Hammond)\n\nSketches include \"\"A Message From Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"E!'s Impeachment Coverage,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher Joins The Black Angels,\"\" \"\"Mindy and Skye At A Hippie Bar,\"\" \"\"Healey Family Voices,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: The X-Presidents\"\", \"\"Behind The Music: Joan Jett,\"\" \"\"Behind The Music: John Oates\"\", \"\"Judge Rehnquist vs. the Partisan Issues\"\", \"\"A&E Biography\"\", \"\"Staten Island Nurses\"\", \"\"Behind The Music: Colin Hay\"\", and \"\"NBC Nightly News: Hardcore Rock.\"\"\n\nBarenaked Ladies perform \"\"It's All Been Done\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Linda Tripp Interview,\"\" \"\"Judge Judy,\"\" \"\"Bioflex\"\", \"\"Turn On The Ozzie,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: Jewel's Poetry\"\", \"\"The Zimmermans,\"\" \"\"You're A Champion, Charlie Brown,\"\" \"\"The Food Network: Two Fat Ladies,\"\" and \"\"Male Prostitute Meets Carrie, The Old Navy Lady.\"\"\n\nBusta Rhymes (with special guest, The Roots) performs: \"\"Gimmie Some More\"\" and \"\"Tear The Roof Off\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...The Ladies' Man\n\nSketches include \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"The Yahtzee Party,\"\" \"\"Swill\"\" (rerun from season three), \"\"Male Knicks' City Dancers,\"\" \"\"The Quotable Caddyshack,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"His Parents Were Eaten By Bears,\"\" \"\"The Third Eye Bookstore,\"\" and \"\"Steve Baxter, Hollywood Gynecologist.\"\"\n\nLucinda Williams performs: \"\"Can't Let Go\"\" and \"\"Too Cool To Be Forgotten\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Barbara Walters,\"\" \"\"ESPN SportsCenter,\"\" \"\"Robert Benigni,\"\" \"\"Pimp Chat,\"\" \"\"Suel Forrester,\"\" \"\"Crying Office Guys,\"\" and \"\"Quit Judging My Dreams.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"E! Oscar Pre-Show,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Banana Republic,\"\" \"\"Antonio Banderas,\"\" \"\"Dog Show,\"\" and \"\"Terence Maddox.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Arthur Dugan\"\" \"\"Shaun Mondavi Vineyards,\"\" \"\"Bobby Wraps it Up,\"\" \"\"Hello Dolly,\"\" \"\"Santa Clause,\"\" \"\"Happy Smile Patrol,\"\" and \"\"The Roadside Brothel.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"NBC Miniseries,\"\" \"\"Pretty Living,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" and \"\"Mango.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Will Ferrell (in a bald cap) and Ana Gasteyer\n\nSketches include \"\"The Culps At A Graduation Ceremony,\"\" \"\"The Tiger Beat Ultra Super Dreamy Love Show,\"\" \"\"The Zimmermans' Summer Cabin,\"\" \"\"Get On The Bag!,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: The Ginsburg Gang\"\", \"\"MTV's Shame Attack,\"\" \"\"Channel 5's Sunday Matinee: Dusty's Love,\"\" \"\"Nickelodeon Press Conference,\"\" \"\"Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine\"\", and \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet.\"\"\n\nBackstreet Boys perform: \"\"I Want It That Way\"\" and \"\"All I Have To Give\"\""
Season 25 - Saturday Night Live
"Sketches include \"\"Ross Perot,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Action 8 News Watch,\"\" \"\"Oz,\"\" and \"\"Alive or Dead?\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Al Gore and George W. Bush,\"\" \"\"The Zimmermans,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Hans and Franz,\"\" \"\"VH1 Net Aid,\"\" \"\"Dog Show, and \"\"Blair Witch Parody.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Rudy Giuliani,\"\" \"\"Martha Stewart Living,\"\" \"\"Yankees History,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"NBC Crosstalk,\"\" \"\"Larry King,\"\" \"\"Michael Jaxon,\"\" and \"\"Inside the Actor's Studio.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Practice,\"\" \"\"The Jim Gray Show,\"\" \"\"Early Show,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Colette Reardon,\"\" \"\"State Lotto Drawing,\"\" and \"\"Disbelieving Mom.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Gun Convention,\"\" \"\"James Bond,\"\" \"\"Hickory Farms Audio Visual Project,\"\" \"\"Tracy Morgan and Garth Brooks,\"\" \"\"Warner Lambert\/America Home Products Merger,\"\" \"\"Express Flowers,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Devil Can't Wrte No Love Songs,\"\" \"\"Simma Da Na,\"\" and \"\"WXLU News.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Who Wants to be the President?,\"\" \"\"Pretty Living,\"\" \"\"Nick Burns,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers,\"\" \"\"Pok\u00c3\u00a9mon Parents,\"\" and \"\"Roberta.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Spartan Cheerleaders,\"\" \"\"So This is Channukah,\"\" \"\"Who Wants to Eat?,\"\" \"\"Taxi Cab Confessions,\"\" \"\"Goth Talk,\"\" \"\"Sally Jesse Raphael,\"\" and \"\"Tribute to Madeline Kahn.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Tom Brokaw and Arnold Schwarzenegger,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Boston Teens,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Rockette's Auditions,\"\" and \"\"Not My Baby!\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: Hillary's Departure, Hamburger Helper Anti-Bacterial, Puff Daddy and J.Lo in Therapy, The Prisoners, A Message From John Goodman, Nick Burns, Backstage SNL: Tracy Morgan and Jamie Foxx, Showtime At The Apollo, Stereotypically Jeffrey, and A Martin Luther King, Jr. Moment\n\nBlink-182 performs: All The Small Things and What's My Age Again?"
"Live from New York, it's...a singing Chris Kattan\n\nSketches include: NBC Special Report: Elian Gonzales, Colonel Belmont's Old-Fashioned Horse Glue, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Boy Band Blowout 2000, Monica Lewinsky for Jenny Craig, Ugly Models, The Bad Doctor, The Sopranos, Charlie Rose, The Giffords, and Flacko And Teddy's World of Martin Luther King Day Trees\n\nMacy Gray performs: I Try and Why Didn't You Call Me"
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell!\n\nSketches include: \"\"Breakfast in New Hampshire,\"\" \"\"Uncle Jemima's Down Home Mash Liquor,\"\" \"\"VH-1's Fried Chicken Fields Forever,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Dog Show,\"\" \"\"The Heat Is On\"\" (film), \"\"Siegfried and Roy,\"\" and \"\"Hello Dolly!.\"\"\n\nJennifer Lopez performed \"\"Waiting For Tonight\"\" and \"\"Feelin' So Good.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill and Hillary Clinton,\"\" \"\"Regurgitating Family,\"\" \"\"E! News Daily,\"\" \"\"Simma Da Na,\"\" \"\"Crocodile Hunter,\"\" \"\"Erectile Dysfunction\/Tootsie Roll Add,\"\" \"\"Jessica Simpson,\"\" and \"\"Bloder Brothers.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Peanuts,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Party,\"\" \"\"Frett's Film Forum,\"\" \"\"Fanatic,\"\" \"\"The Zimmermans,\"\" \"\"Cop Training,\"\" and \"\"Who Wants to Be Groped by an $11,000-aire?\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Tom Brokaw, Bernard Shaw, and Ted Koppel,\"\" \"\"Replacing Kathie Lee Gifford,\"\" \"\"Wedding Singers,\"\" \"\"7 Degrees Celcius,\"\" \"\"Frat Boys,\"\" \"\"Book Discussion,\"\" \"\"Colette Reardon,\"\" and \"\"Threesome.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Vince McMahon\n\nSketches include \"\"Backstage SNL: Vince McMahon Warns the Wrestlers,\"\" \"\"The Ladies' Man,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers' Father,\"\" \"\"Morning Latte,\"\" \"\"Nicotrel\/WWF Wrestlers Beat Up Chris Parnell,\"\" \"\"The Goombahs,\"\" \"\"Today's Lady\"\", and \"\"Colonel Belmont's Horse Glue\"\"\n\nAC\/DC performs \"\"Stiff Upper Lip\"\" and \"\"You Shook Me (All Night Long).\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Dana Carvey (as George Bush, Sr.)\n\nSketches include \"\"George Bush and Son,\"\" \"\"Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult,\"\" \"\"Elian Gonzalez Musical,\"\" \"\"The Continental,\"\" \"\"Thanks, Viagra,\"\" \"\"Jenny Jones,\"\" \"\"The Census Taker,\"\" and \"\"Miss Greenwood Hills Beauty Pageant.\"\"\n\nChristina Aguilera performs: \"\"I Turn To You\"\", \"\"At Last\"\", and \"\"What A Girl Wants\"\"."
"Live From New York, it's...Tobey Maguire\n\nSketches include \"\"Bedtime At SNL,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Nadeen At Burger Castle,\"\" \"\"Inside the Actor's Studio,\"\" \"\"The Atteburys' Tennis Lesson,\"\" \"\"Stavenhagen's Pawn Shop,\"\" \"\"Raspberry Soda and Porn Magazines\"\", \"\"The Flexible Yoga Student\"\", and \"\"West Link\"\"\n\nSisqo performs: \"\"The Thong Song\"\"\n\nNBC and syndicated reruns replace Sisqo's performance with a dress rehearsal because in the live show version, Sisqo's microphone went dead."
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Who Want to Be a Millionaire?\/Time Warner Attacks Disney,\"\" \"\"Platinum Mach 14,\"\" \"\"Wanna Be a VJ-3,\"\" \"\"Adele The Sleazy Office Flirt,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: The Life of an SNL Catchphrase,\"\" \"\"Christopher Lowell Show,\"\" \"\"Rock 'N Roll Heaven,\"\" and \"\"Bloder Brothers Get Arrested.\"\"\n\nNeil Young performs: \"\"Razor Love\"\" and \"\"Silver and Gold\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Ana Gasteyer\n\nSketches include: \"\"A Message From Giuliani\"\", \"\"Gap Fat\"\", \"\"Morning Latte\"\", \"\"Boston Teens' Field Trip\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The Ambiguously Gay Duo\"\", \"\"Clinton Scandal Commemorative Plates\"\", \"\"Homeless Woodrow Meets Britney Spears\"\", \"\"The DeMarco Brothers\"\", \"\"DeAndra Wells' Comeback Tour\"\", and \"\"Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor\"\"\n\nThe host\/musical guest sings: \"\"Oops...I Did It Again\"\" and \"\"Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Florence Henderson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gina Gershon, and Tim Meadows\n\nSketches include: \"\"The Ladies' Man Dating Game\"\", \"\"Nick Burns\"\", \"\"The Culps\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: Fun With Some Real Audio--Madonna's Video Shoot\"\", \"\"The Zimmermans At The Golf Course\"\", \"\"Digging To The Center of the Earth\"\", \"\"Calgon\"\", and \"\"Legends In Concert\"\"\n\nKid Rock performs: American Bad-Ass and Only God Knows Why\n\nThe NBC rerun replaces the \"\"Zimmermans At The Golf Course\"\" sketch with an SNL mini-film by Adam McKay called \"\"The Procedure\"\" starring Willem Dafoe and Andy Richter."
Season 26 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include \"\"The First Presidential Debate,\"\" \"\"Corn Chip Nails\"\", \"\"Backstage SNL: Rob Lowe Meets Ralph Nader\"\", \"\"Scooby Doo and Shaggy on Court TV\"\", \"\"Monday Night Football\"\", \"\"Blind Date At The Airport\"\", \"\"Dream Team 2000\"\", \"\"Chris Kattan Olympic Profile,\"\" and \"\"Dateline\"\".\n\nEminem performed \"\"Stan\"\" (with Dido) and \"\"The Real Slim Shady.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell (again!)\n\nSketches include \"\"The Second Presidential Debate\"\", \"\"College Girl's Wild Spring Break\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The X-Presidents\"\", \"\"Inside The Actor's Studio: Drew Barrymore\"\", \"\"The Boston Teens Meet Nomar\"\", \"\"Meet The Press\"\", \"\"Japanese Laverne and Shirley (Rabun to Shuri)\"\", and \"\"Vote Sober 2000\"\"\n\nRadiohead performs: \"\"The National Anthem\"\" and \"\"Idioteque\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Dana Carvey\n\nSketches include: \"\"The Third Presidental Debate\"\", \"\"Magic Mouth\"\", \"\"Delicious Dish\"\", \"\"Church Chat\"\", \"\"Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Go Hunting\"\", \"\"VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards\"\", and \"\"Ching Chang's Chicken Play\"\"\n\nThe Wallflowers perform: \"\"Sleepwalker\"\" and \"\"Hand Me Down\"\" (a third performance is done by guest Baha Men)"
"Sketches included \"\"Short Presidental Election Skits\"\"\n\nWill Ferrell played George W. Bush Will Ferrell played Janet Reno Darrell Hammond played Dick Cheney Darrell Hammond played Al Gore Darrell Hammond played President Clinton Rachel Dratch played Paula Jones"
"Live From New York, it's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include: \"\"A Glimpse of our Possible Future: George W. Bush\"\", \"\"TRL\"\", \"\"A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Al Gore and Bill Clinton\"\", \"\"Goth Talk: The Blair Witch Tour\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The All-New Adventures of Mr. T\"\", \"\"Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe On 'The Seven Year Itch'\"\", \"\"Sex Therapy With Mr. Peepers\"\", \"\"A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Ralph Nader\"\", \"\"The DeMarco Brothers Audition For Paul Simon\"\", \"\"Robert Goulet's Rap Album\"\", and \"\"The Perverted Spanish Singers\"\"\n\nPaul Simon performs: \"\"Hurricane Eye\"\" and \"\"Old\"\"\n\nNBC and syndicated reruns use a dress rehearsal version of \"\"A Glimpse of our Possible Future: Ralph Nader\"\" (see notes to find differences between dress rehearsal version and live show version)"
"Sketches include \"\"Decision 2000,\"\" \"\"Bald Eagles,\"\" \"\"Rap Street,\"\" \"\"Lorne and Tom in a Tub,\"\" \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"Dog Show,\"\" \"\"Oprah,\"\" \"\"Story Tellers,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: Sex and the Country\"\", \"\"Rock Around the Clock,\"\" and \"\"Tom and Drew's Wedding.\"\"\n\nThe NBC rerun replaces the \"\"Sex and the Country\"\" TV Funhouse with the one from the Charlize Theron episode where Mr. T lands a job doing a tampon commercial."
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: Gore's Lawsuit, Wade Blasingame: Dog Lawyer, Behind The Music, Palm Beach, Veronica and Co., Seasons Greetings From SNL, Doing Voices, The Tyson Bros., and Corn Chip Nails (from the Rob Lowe\/Eminem and Dido episode)\n\nU2 performs: \"\"Beautiful Day\"\" and \"\"Elevation\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George W. Bush and Al Gore at Chi-Chi's,\"\" \"\"Gemini's Twin,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Pretty Living,\"\" \"\"Jarret's Room,\"\" \"\"Christmas Ornaments,\"\" and \"\"Robert Goulet Rap.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Dick Cheney,\"\" \"\"Iron Chef,\"\" \"\"Eric Dickerson's NFL Pre-Game Special,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Patsy March,\"\" \"\"Giving Birth to a Grown Man,\"\" \"\"T.G.I. Friday's Obnoxious Waiter,\"\" and \"\"Charlie and Fleisy.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Bill Clinton,\"\" \"\"Airport Metal Detector,\"\" \"\"Janet Reno's Dance Party, \"\"Rap Street,\"\" \"\"Veronica & Co.,\"\" and \"\"The DeMarco Brothers.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez,\"\" \"\"Mango,\"\" \"\"Gemini's Twin,\"\" \"\"Fly Girls,\"\" \"\"Good Morning Bronx,\"\" \"\"Jeanie Darcy,\"\" and \"\"Lana Thornberry.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George W. Bush,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"Jeffrey's,\"\" \"\"Hello Dolly,\"\" \"\"Fashion Week,\"\" \"\"Action News,\"\" \"\"Mary Katherine Gallagher,\"\" \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet,\"\" and \"\"Talkin' 'Bout 'Ginas.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Clinton Family,\"\" \"\"Mr. Peepers,\"\" \"\"Drew Barrymore and Tom Green,\"\" \"\"Lovers,\"\" \"\"Jarret's Room,\"\" \"\"Tough as Nails,\"\" and \"\"Cruise Ship Lovers.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include: Bush's Good Health, Subshack, The Boston Teens At The Liquor Store, Moleculo: The Molecular Man, Napster Testimony, Taint-less Ted, Find The Black People At The Knicks Game, VH-1 Diva-Thon, Democratic National Committee, and Sports Century: The White Boxer\n\nDon Henley performs: \"\"Everything is Different Now\"\" and \"\"Heart of the Matter\"\" (the second performance was cut on the NBC rerun and replaced with a DeMarco Bros. sketch where Chris Parnell, Chris Kattan, and Conan O'Brien audition for Don Henley)"
"Sketches include \"\"Martha Stewart Living,\"\" \"\"Wake Up Wakefield,\"\" \"\"Post Office Security,\"\" \"\"Suel Forrester,\"\" \"\"Foreign Cleaning Ladies,\"\" \"\"Amateur Night,\"\" and \"\"Der Lachlen Berrherscht.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George W. Bush,\"\" \"\"Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Military Soldier,\"\" \"\"Inside the Actor's Studio,\"\" \"\"Robert Goulet,\"\" \"\"Democrats.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Jerry Maguire 2,\"\" \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"A Wedding Story,\"\" \"\"Blind Date,\"\" and \"\"Crazy Doctor.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"George W. Bush,\"\" \"\"Gemini's Twin,\"\" \"\"The Weakest Link,\"\" \"\"Jeffrey's,\"\" \"\"Psycho Boss,\"\" \"\"The West Wing,\"\" \"\"The Soldiers of World War II,\"\" and \"\"Paradise Lounge.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"A Message From Mayor Giuliani,\"\" \"\"Leon Loves Mango,\"\" \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"The Continental,\"\" \"\"Porch Lovers,\"\" \"\"Dirty Centaur Job Interview,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: The Anatominals\/Lorne Michaels and The Devil\"\", \"\"Memorial Day Song\"\", and \"\"Badger Up The Boss's Butt\"\"\n\nWeezer performs: \"\"Hash Pipe\"\" and \"\"Island on the Sun\"\""
Season 27 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York, It's...Mayor Rudolph Giuliani\n\nSketches include: \"\"9\/11 Tribute\"\", \"\"Wake Up, Wakefield!,\"\" \"\"Preparation-H,\"\" \"\"The Little Mermaid,\"\" \"\"The Culps,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Farting Baby,\"\" and \"\"Donatella Versace's Kids' Songs.\"\"\n\nAlicia Keys performed \"\"Fallin'\"\" and \"\"A Woman's Worth.\"\" Paul Simon performed \"\"The Boxer.\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include: Bush Warns bin Laden, Law and Order: Parking Violations Movement, Snotty Department Store Guys, Emmy Awards Pre-Show, Jarrett's Room, The Patriotic Co-Worker, The \"\"How Do You Say? Ah, Yes\"\" Show, The Approval Center, and The Porn Star Blind Date\n\nSum 41 performs: \"\"Fat Lip\"\" and \"\"In Too Deep\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"A Message from Dick Cheney,\"\" \"\"Crossing Over with John Edwards,\"\" \"\"Jacuzzi Lovers,\"\" \"\"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Collector's Edition DVD\"\", \"\"First Liberty Savings Bank,\"\" \"\"Action Talk Show\"\", \"\"Post-9\/11-Edited King Kong Movie,\"\" and \"\"Whole Latte Love, The Lesbian Bar.\"\"\n\nMacy Gray performs: \"\"Sexual Revolution\"\" and \"\"Sweet Baby\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: \"\"MSNBC: Ashcroft's Press Conference,\"\" \"\"Hudson Valley Community Circuit,\"\" \"\"Herbal Essences For Men,\"\" \"\"E.P.T Pregnancy Kit\"\", \"\"Liberty Medical Supplies,\"\" \"\"She's The Girl with No Gaydar,\"\" \"\"CBS News Anthrax Update,\"\" \"\"HBO America Undercover,\"\" \"\"Bad Conceptual Theater with Leonard Pinth-Garnell,\"\" and \"\"Amateur Sleuths.\"\"\n\nJa Rule performs: \"\"Always On Time\"\" (with Ashanti) and \"\"Livin' It Up\"\" (by himself)"
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell (speaking Arabic)\n\nSketches include \"\"George W. Bush's Arab Myths,\"\" \"\"Boston Teens' School Dance,\"\" \"\"Gemini's Twin Weekend,\"\" \"\"The Atteburys,\"\" \"\"Dysfunctional Family Dinner,\"\" \"\"Mango and Gwyneth,\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: Michael Jackson\"\", \"\"My Big Thick Novel\"\", and \"\"Fiesta Politica.\"\"\n\nThe Michael Jackson TV Funhouse is replaced on the NBC rerun with a TV Funhouse: Fun With Real Audio about Pat Robertson. Also: Ryan Adams's second performance and a sketch featuring Dean Edwards and Tracy Morgan were cut after dress rehearsal."
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Press Briefing,\"\" \"\"The Gay Pilgrim,\"\" \"\"Nick Burns and His Father,\"\" \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet,\"\" \"\"Inside The Actor's Studio: Billy Bob Thorton\"\", \"\"SNL War Party\"\", \"\"A Farmer and His Fenced-In Area\"\", \"\"E.P.T Pregnancy Test\"\" (repeat from the John Goodman\/Ja Rule feat. Ashanti episode), \"\"My Big Thick Novel\"\", and \"\"Martha Stewart's Patriotic Thanksgiving.\"\"\n\nCreed performs: \"\"My Sacrifice\"\" and \"\"Bullets\"\"\n\nA \"\"Hello Dolly\"\" sketch was scheduled to air, but got cut due to time constraints"
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include: George W. Bush's 'You Might Be A Terrorist...', Preparation H (repeat from the Reese Witherspoon\/Alicia Keys episode), Muchas Iglesias, The Baseball Wives, Store Clerk's Masseuse Fantasy, Dissing Your Dog, Derek Jeter's Taco Hole, Dealing With Mom and Dad, Osama's Pep Talk, Male Perms, SNL Holiday Song, and My Big Thick Novel\n\nShakira performs: \"\"Wherever, Whenever\"\" Bubba Sparxxx performs: \"\"Ugly\"\" and \"\"Lovely\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Gore's White House Call,\"\" \"\"Jarret's Room,\"\" \"\"The Robert Goulet All-Holiday Special,\"\" \"\"Sears Family Photographers,\"\" \"\"Hello Dolly,\"\" \"\"Backstage SNL: Mick Jagger's Reflection,\"\" \"\"Superman and His Parents,\"\" \"\"Donatella Versace,\"\" and \"\"Hugh Jackman's 'The Christmas Kangaroo'.\"\"\n\nMick Jagger performs: \"\"God Gave Me Everything\"\" and \"\"Visions of Paradise\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"CBS News Special Report: Osama bin Laden Video,\"\" \"\"The Culps At The Oakhurst Mall,\"\" \"\"Kitty Singleton: Federal Agent,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: The Narrator Who Ruined Christmas\"\", \"\"Ellen Loves Mango\"\", \"\"Short Family Vacation\"\", \"\"My Big Thick Novel\"\", \"\"Dad's New Girlfriend\"\", and \"\"Dick Cheney's Snow Globe\/SNL Christmas Song\"\"\n\nNo Doubt performs: \"\"Hey Baby\"\" and \"\"Hella Good\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Buddy The Dog's Funeral,\"\" \"\"Wake Up, Wakefield!,\"\" \"\"Hello Stepson, Now Let's Go To Bed: I Went To Bed With My Stepson: The Lara Bengal Covington Story\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The X-Presidents Meet The Ambiguously Gay Duo\"\", \"\"The Shout Out Show,\"\" \"\"HBO First Look: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones,\"\" \"\"Airplane Entertainment,\"\" and \"\"Playboy Channel: Arabic Awareness Month.\"\"\n\nPink performs: Get This Party Started and Don't Let Me Get Me\n\nThe Playboy Channel: Arabic Awareness Month sketch was in the dress rehearsal of the Ellen DeGeneres\/No Doubt episode."
"Live From New York, It's...Jimmy Fallon\n\nSketches include: White House Cops: The Pretzel Incident, Flenderson's, Russell Putnam: Investigative Reporter, Tales of Valor: The Virgin Sacrifice, Mountaintop Lovers, Friends, Now That's What Actors Call Singing, Bass-Off, HBO's America Undercover, Music International, and My Big Thick Novel\n\nThe Strokes perform: \"\"Last Nite\"\" and \"\"Hard To Explain\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Seth Meyers\n\nSketches include \"\"Morman Winter Olympics,\"\" \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet,\"\" \"\"Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse,\"\" \"\"Jarrett's Room,\"\" \"\"A Message From Martha Stewart,\"\" \"\"Astronaut Jones,\"\" \"\"HBO First Look: Gemini's Twin,\"\" \"\"Channel 9 Action News,\"\" and \"\"The Leather Man.\"\"\n\nThe host\/musical guest performs: \"\"Boys\"\" and \"\"I'm Not A Girl\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include \"\"George W. Bush's Axis of Evil,\"\" \"\"Boston Teens' Ski Trip,\"\" \"\"The O'Reilly Factor,\"\" \"\"DisMissed,\"\" \"\"The Adventures of Dinner-Rolling Jonny Moseley,\"\" \"\"Super Buzzers,\"\" \"\"Typhoid Mary Rehearsal,\"\" and \"\"Extreme Wedding.\"\"\n\nOutKast performs: \"\"The Whole World\"\" and \"\"I'm Sorry, Ms. Jackson\"\"\n\nA TV Funhouse cartoon was cut from dress rehearsal, despite that Seth Meyers (substituting for Don Pardo) announces a cartoon for this episode"
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: Cheney's Concerns, The Cheese Game, MTV's Total Request Live, The Bloder Brothers, TV Funhouse: MTV Forum (Fun With Real Audio), Talkin' To The Stars, News Media, Jazzvisions, We Were Soldiers Who Knew What Women Want, and My Big Thick Novel\n\nIndia.Arie performs: \"\"Video\"\" and \"\"Ready For Love\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Tom Ridge Terrorism Address,\"\" \"\"Kotex Classic,\"\" \"\"Donatella Versace's Oscar Party,\"\" \"\"NPR Delicious Dish,\"\" \"\"Great Moments In Oscar History II\"\" (cartoon), \"\"Hot Air Balloon Mystery Theater,\"\" \"\"The Ferey Muthar Talk Show,\"\" \"\"A&E's The Life and Times of Charles Dickens,\"\" and \"\"Kevin and Richie's Comic Book Zone.\"\"\n\nKylie Minogue performed \"\"Can't Get You Out of My Head\"\" (with Ian McKellen singing off to the side of the stage) and \"\"In Your Eyes.\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell & Ana Gasteyer!\n\nSketches include \"\"The Culps In Lamaze Class,\"\" \"\"17th Annual Auto Show Spokeman Awards,\"\" \"\"MTV Spring Break 2002,\"\" \"\"SNL 530,\"\" \"\"Astronaut Jones,\"\" \"\"Celine Dion on CBS,\"\" \"\"Gorgeous Living,\"\" \"\"The First Female Peepers,\"\" \"\"MTV 4\"\", and \"\"My Big, Thick Novel.\"\"\n\nJimmy Eat World performed \"\"The Middle\"\" and \"\"Sweetness.\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include: Bush's Guccione Peace Plan, Brian Fellow's Safari Planet, The Scorpion King's Son, Arthur Anderson, Hardball, Backstage SNL: Drunk Girl And Her Sister, The Subway Couple, She's The Girl With No Gaydar, All Aboard The Freedom Train: The Duets of Neil Diamond and Bigfoot, HBO's America Undercover, and A Message From Saturday Night Live\n\nAndrew W.K. performs: \"\"Party Hard\"\" and \"\"I Get Wet\"\"\n\nThe NBC rerun of this episode has a short tribute to director Dave Wilson who died of an aortic aneurysm in 2001."
"Live From New York, It's...The Parrot From \"\"Barretta\"\"\n\nSketckes include \"\"FOX News: Robert Blake Murder,\"\" \"\"Kotex Classic\"\" (rerun from the Ian McKellen\/Kylie Minogue episode), \"\"Gay Voice Mail,\"\" \"\"When White Men Date Old Black Women,\"\" \"\"Ozzy Osbourne's Problems,\"\" \"\"Let's All Hate France\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The Anatominals\"\", \"\"The Cardinals\"\", \"\"Lovers' Birthday Party,\"\" and \"\"The Tony Bennett Show.\"\"\n\nP.O.D performs: \"\"Alive\"\" and \"\"Youth of the Nation\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include \"\"George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Dick Cheney,\"\" \"\"Clear Results Home Pregnancy Test,\"\" \"\"Last Call With Carson Daly,\"\" \"\"TV Funhouse: Bambi 2002,\"\" \"\"Demilon,\"\" \"\"Annoying Background Soap Actors,\"\" \"\"Jarret's Room,\"\" \"\"Court TV: Kournikova vs. Penthouse,\"\" \"\"Wake Up Wakefield,\"\" \"\"DeMarco Family Dancers,\"\" \"\"My Big Thick Novel\"\"."
"Live From New York, It's...Maya Rudolph and (for the final time) Will Ferrell\n\nSketches include \"\"Jimmy Carter In Cuba,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy: Music Edition,\"\" \"\"Dueling Wedding Singers,\"\" \"\"Botox\"\", \"\"Bear Researchers,\"\" \"\"Girl Next Door: The Search For a Playboy Playmate,\"\" \"\"Jacuzzi Lovers II,\"\" \"\"Mango, Winona, and Moby Go Shoplifting,\"\" and \"\"Farewell To Will Ferrell.\"\"\n\nMoby performs: \"\"We Are All Made Of Stars\"\" and \"\"South Side\"\""
Season 28 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: \"\"A Message From Bush and Cheney,\"\" \"\"Swiffer Sleepers,\"\" \"\"Safety Police,\"\" \"\"Trans Am Airlines,\"\" \"\"Singing Dentist,\"\" \"\"Corona,\"\" \"\"Making the Video: Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty',\"\" \"\"Arli$$ DVD\/Backstage,\"\" \"\"A Man and His Woman,\"\" \"\"Merv the Perv at a Sexual Harrassment Seminar,\"\" \"\"Saddam Look-Alikes,\"\" and \"\"Blame Saddam.\"\"\n\nFaith Hill performed \"\"Cry\"\" and \"\"Free.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Iraqi State Television,\"\" \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"The Gillian Woodward Story,\"\" \"\"Meet the Press,\"\" and \"\"McCain Sings Striesand.\"\"\n\nThe White Stripes performed \"\"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground\"\" and \"\"We Are Going To Be Friends.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond's voice\n\nSketches Include: Giuliani's Sponsor Ads, The Bachelor, Crazy Board Game Player, Talarico For Congress, Frankel For Congress, American Morning, Fairness In Negative Campaign Ads, The Bullhorn, Verizon, Joey Mack's Z105, John Hancock's Life Insurance, Reggie's Stories, and Jackass: The Musical\n\nJay-Z performs (with Beyonce Knowles from Destiny's Child): Guns 'n Roses and '03 Bonnie and Clyde"
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: A Message from the President of the United States, Swiffer Sweepers (rerun from the Sarah Michelle Gellar episode of this season), Bloder Brothers, CBS News: School Elections, The Sadistic Bikini Waxer, Ferey Muhtar Talk Show, Missy Elliot's Weight Loss Tape, Falconer, Pier 1 Imports, Goodwin Attorney, and Vasquez"
"Live From New York, it's...Adam Sandler\n\nSketches include: \"\"The Hanukkah Song III\"\", \"\"Welcome Back, Potter\"\", \"\"The Leather Man\"\", \"\"Donahue\"\", \"\"Jarrett's Room\"\", \"\"C-SPAN: Burrell's Statement\"\", \"\"Tennis Talk\"\", \"\"Astronaut Jones\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: The Religtables\"\", \"\"My Big Thick Novel\"\", and \"\"The Girl With No Gaydar\"\"\n\nNelly performs: \"\"Dilemma\"\" and \"\"Hot In Herr\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Robert DeNiro\n\nSketches include, \"\"C-SPAN: Terrorist Warnings\"\", \"\"McDonalds Big N' Tasty\"\", \"\"Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemmings\"\", \"\"Peter Pan Rehearsals\"\", \"\"A Department Store Santa and His Wife\"\", \"\"U.N. Weapons Inspectors\"\", \"\"Judge Horace\"\", \"\"A Very Special Versace Hanukkah\"\", \"\"Violent Car Salesman\"\", \"\"Father Story Time\"\", and \"\"Radioactive Bear\"\"\n\nNorah Jones performs: \"\"Don't Know Why\"\" and \"\"Come Away With Me\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Tipper Gore\n\nSketches include: Backstage SNL: The Kissing Gores, Al Gore's 'Bachelor', Hardball, Fiesta Politica, Gore Goes Inside 'The West Wing', Jarrett's Room, Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley, Willy Wonka's Accountant, TV Funhouse: A Charlie Brown Christmas 2002, Christmas Eve at the Bar, and The SNL Christmas Song\n\nPhish performs: \"\"46 Days\"\" and \"\"Chalk Dust Torture\"\"\n\nThe Trans Am Airline commercial from the Sarah Michelle Gellar\/Faith Hill episode appears on the E! rerun of this episode."
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: \"\"CNN: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'\"\", \"\"Live With Regis & Kelly\"\", \"\"Fun Friends Club\"\", \"\"The Falconer\"\", \"\"Global Century Investments\"\", \"\"Hannibal's Brain Restaurant\"\", \"\"The Hangman\"\", \"\"Top O' The Morning\"\", and \"\"The Rialto Grande Casino\"\"\n\nThe Donnas perform: \"\"Take It Off\"\" and \"\"Who Invited You?\"\"\n\nThe E! rerun of this episode adds the TV Funhouse from the Salma Hayek\/Christina Aguilera episode where Lorenzo Lamas does an \"\"Are You Hot?\"\" show for classic cartoon characters."
"Live From New York, It's... Chris Parnell & Maya Rudolph\n\nSketches include,\"\"United Nations Debate Lunch\"\", \"\"Idiot Blind Date\"\", \"\"Nutri-Quick\"\", \"\"Jarret's Room\"\", \"\"Protest\"\", \"\"Club Traxx\"\", \"\"Violent Office Stories\"\", \"\"Second Time Around\"\", \"\"McConaughey's Red Hot Texas Chili\"\""
"Live from New's Christopher Walken\n\nSketches include: Hardball, Pranksters, The Continental, The Bad Raft Captain, History Channel: African American Archives, Welcome Home Colonel Angus, Cabin Lovers, and The Rialto Grande.\n\nFoo Fighters perform: \"\"All My Life\"\" (by themselves) and \"\"Times Like These (One-Way Motorway)\"\" (with Jim Carrey playing his leg like a guitar)."
"Sketches include; 60 Minutes, BET's 106 and Park Top 10 Live, Live with Regis and Kelly, FOX's Who Farted?, VH1's Where Are They Now: The Cherylettes, FOX's I'm a Celebrity: Who Farted?, Give Up The Ham, TV Funhouse: The X-Presidents, A&E's Profiles in Jazz, Don's Apothecary, and Horation Sanz's Mr. Rogers Tribute.\n\nMs. Dynamite sings: \"\"Dy-Na-Mi-Tee!\"\"\n\nThe NBC rerun of this episode removes the first \"\"FOX's Who Farted?\"\" sketch and fills up the missing time with a dress rehearsal version of Weekend Update."
"Live from New York, it's...Chris Parnell (as George W. Bush)!\n\nSketches include: \"\"Bush Press Conference,\"\" \"\"Top O' The Morning,\"\" \"\"TV Are You Hot?\"\" (cartoon), \"\"Versace Oscar Special,'\"\"Husband In A Box,\"\" \"\"Vote for Frida,\"\" \"\"Seduction Class,\"\" \"\"Vote Frida to Fight Terrorism,\"\" \"\"Channel 5 Late Night Movie: King Kong, theDirector's Cut,\"\" and \"\"Vote Frida.\"\"\n\nChristina Aguilera performed \"\"Beautiful\"\" and \"\"Fighter.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: \"\"The Situation in Iraq\"\", \"\"Boston Teens At Fenway Park\"\", \"\"Brain Busters\"\", \"\"Hot Sauce Carrying Purse\"\", \"\"Black People Watching 'The Pianist'\"\", \"\"The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Present: The Four Stooges\"\", \"\"No Smoking\"\", \"\"Second Time Around\"\", \"\"Swiffer Sleepers\"\" (from the Sarah Michelle Gellar\/Faith Hill episode), \"\"Saddam's Briefing\"\", and \"\"Don Banks', Kings Of The \"\"Comedy\"\" Suits\"\"\n\nGood Charlotte performs: \"\"Anthem\"\" and \"\"Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous\"\""
"Sketches include,\"\" Message From Saddam\"\", \"\"What's The Rush?\"\", \"\"Wake Up Wakefield!\"\", \"\"The Rialto Grande\"\", \"\"CNN\"\", \"\"Phone Booth\"\", \"\"Access Hollywood\"\", \"\"Club Traxx\"\", \"\"Uday Hussein For President\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: \"\"Bush Addresses The Nation on the USS Abraham Lincoln\"\", \"\"Count Chocula Silver\"\", \"\"Jarret's Room: 'Reloaded'\"\", \"\"Madonna: An American Life\"\", \"\"Plagiarism Class\"\", \"\"The Falconer vs. The Muskrateer\/Backstage SNL: No 'Punking'\"\", \"\"Politics Today\"\", \"\"50's Ent.\"\", and \"\"Global Century Investments\"\"\n\n50 Cent performs: In Da Club (with G-Unit) and 21 Questions (with G-Unit and Nate Dogg)\n\nThe \"\"Mom Jeans\"\" fake commercial from the episode after this (Adrien Brody\/Sean Paul and Wayne Wonder) is added in the E! rerun of this episode"
"Live From New York, It's...Maya Rudolph\n\nSketches include,\"\"American Idol\"\", \"\"Mom Jeans\"\", \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet\"\", \"\"The Self-Obsessed Man\"\", \"\"Live With Regis & Kelly\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: Saddam & Osama\"\", \"\"Lensmasters\"\", \"\"Ballroom Dance For Beginers\"\", and \"\"Velvet Productions\"\".\n\nSean Paul performs: \"\"Get Busy\"\" (after an unplanned introduction by Adrien Brody)\n\nWayne Wonder performs: \"\"No Letting Go\"\""
"Live from New York, it's Darrell Hammond (and back on SNL after 24 years, it's Dan Aykroyd!)\n\nSketches include: Hardball, Top O'The Morning, The Rialto Grande, TV Funhouse: Cokee, The Most Expensive Dog in the World, The Falconer, Donatella Versace's Backyard Barbecue, The Dog Restaurant (La Cuisina Canina), Astronaut Jones, and Dr. Deacon's Haunch Crack Powder\n\nBeyonce performs \"\"Crazy In Love\"\" (with Jay-Z) and \"\"Dangerously In Love\"\" (by herself)"
"Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: \"\"Bush Addresses The Nation on the USS Abraham Lincoln\"\", \"\"Count Chocula Silver\"\", \"\"Jarret's Room: 'Reloaded'\"\", \"\"Madonna: An American Life\"\", \"\"Plagiarism Class\"\", \"\"The Falconer vs. The Muskrateer\/Backstage SNL: No 'Punking'\"\", \"\"Politics Today\"\", \"\"50's Ent.\"\", and \"\"Global Century Investments\"\"\n\n50 Cent performs: In Da Club (with G-Unit) and 21 Questions (with G-Unit and Nate Dogg)\n\nThe \"\"Mom Jeans\"\" fake commercial from the episode after this (Adrien Brody\/Sean Paul and Wayne Wonder) is added in the E! rerun of this episode"
"Live From New York, It's...Maya Rudolph\n\nSketches include,\"\"American Idol\"\", \"\"Mom Jeans\"\", \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet\"\", \"\"The Self-Obsessed Man\"\", \"\"Live With Regis & Kelly\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: Saddam & Osama\"\", \"\"Lensmasters\"\", \"\"Ballroom Dance For Beginers\"\", and \"\"Velvet Productions\"\".\n\nSean Paul performs: \"\"Get Busy\"\" (after an unplanned introduction by Adrien Brody)\n\nWayne Wonder performs: \"\"No Letting Go\"\""
"Live from New York, it's Darrell Hammond (and back on SNL after 24 years, it's Dan Aykroyd!)\n\nSketches include: Hardball, Top O'The Morning, The Rialto Grande, TV Funhouse: Cokee, The Most Expensive Dog in the World, The Falconer, Donatella Versace's Backyard Barbecue, The Dog Restaurant (La Cuisina Canina), Astronaut Jones, and Dr. Deacon's Haunch Crack Powder\n\nBeyonce performs \"\"Crazy In Love\"\" (with Jay-Z) and \"\"Dangerously In Love\"\" (by herself)"
Season 29 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York, It's... Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include, \"\"Californians For Schwarzennager\"\", \"\"Huggies Thong\"\", \"\"Queer Eye For The Straight Gal\"\", \"\"The Wade Robson Project\"\", \"\"Cooking School\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse- Yankee Super-Heroes\"\", \"\"Father & Son\"\", \"\"The Wine Critic\"\", \"\"Telemarketers\"\""
"Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include, \"\"Hardball\"\", \"\"Punk'd: Barely Legal\"\", \"\"Schwarzenegger Press Conference\"\", \"\"A Message From Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson\"\", \"\"Omletteville vs., Benny's\"\", \"\"DirecTV\"\", \"\"Boston Teens\"\", \"\"The Sharon Osbourne Show\"\", \"\"Justin and Kermit The Frog\"\", \"\"Carl Weathers For Governor\"\", \"\"Amy Loves Justin\"\", and \"\"The Barry Gibb Talk Show.\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include, \"\"Message From The President\"\", \"\"Tressant Supreme\"\", \"\"Live With Regis & Kelly\"\", \"\"Access Hollywood\"\", \"\"Center For Cow Fart Study\"\", \"\"Leilani Burke: Pet Psychic\"\", \"\"Spy Glass\"\", \"\"Greenbriar County Animal Shelter\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Rachel Dratch\n\nSketches include, \"\"Martha Stewart Interview\"\", \"\"Cryogenix\"\", \"\"The Morning Mix\"\", \"\"Battle Of The Sexes 2\"\", \"\"Mary Poppins 2004\/Chris Parnell and John McEnroe Commentary\"\", \"\"Anderson Mellner Communications Celebration\"\", \"\"Tennis Talk\"\", \"\"Merv The Perv\"\", \"\"Jock Talk\"\", and \"\"Action News 13\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Rachel Dratch\n\nSketches include, \"\"Martha Stewart Interview\"\", \"\"Cryogenix\"\", \"\"The Morning Mix\"\", \"\"Battle Of The Sexes 2\"\", \"\"Mary Poppins 2004\/Chris Parnell and John McEnroe Commentary\"\", \"\"Anderson Mellner Communications Celebration\"\", \"\"Tennis Talk\"\", \"\"Merv The Perv\"\", \"\"Jock Talk\"\", and \"\"Action News 13\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Equal Time Programming on NBC,\"\" \"\"Michael Jackson On A Roller Coaster,\"\" \"\"Brian Fellow's Safari Planet,\"\" \"\"The Three Wise Men Get Racial-Profiled\"\", \"\"Al Sharpton's Casa de Sushi,\"\" \"\"The Latoya Jackson Show,\"\" and \"\"Cash On Earth.\"\"\n\nPink performs \"\"Trouble\"\" and \"\"God is a DJ.\"\""
"Sketeches include; Hardball, Choir Boys, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Fun With Real Audio, Wake-Up Wakefield, Versace Egg Nog, Gore Endorses Dean, The Rialto Grande Casino"
"Sketeches include; Hardball, Choir Boys, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Fun With Real Audio, Wake-Up Wakefield, Versace Egg Nog, Gore Endorses Dean, The Rialto Grande Casino"
"Live from New York, it's... Jeff Richards\n\nSketches were: \"\"Howard Dean HQ,\"\" \"\"Tylenol Extreme,\"\" \"\"Joey Mack,\"\" \"\"El Cantador Restaurant,\"\" \"\"American Idol,\"\" \"\"MTV Future,\"\" \"\"American Beef Council,\"\" \"\"The Sharon Osbourne Show,\"\" \"\"Panty Shopping,\"\" \"\"Bubba Sparxxx Ad Jingles,\"\" and \"\"Tuna of the Dirt.\"\" G-Unit performed \"\"Stunt 101.\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include,\"\"Nightline\"\", \"\"Celebrity Poker Showdown\"\", \"\"Huggies Thong\"\", \"\"The Baby Boyfriend\"\", \"\"Sharon Stone Presents An Award\"\", \"\"Oprah's Favorite Things\"\", \"\"Black Lovin' Cab Driver\"\", \"\"The Wizard Of Oz\"\", \"\"Zings vs. Slams\"\", \"\"Celebrity Relatives\"\""
"Sketches are: \"\"Gore Calls Kerry,\"\" \"\"A Very Special Valentine's Versace,\"\" \"\"Jarret's Room,\"\" \"\"Access Hollywood,\"\" \"\"Octane,\"\" \"\"Mike's Bar, circa 1968,\"\" \"\"Larry King Live,\"\" \"\"Spy Glass,\"\" \"\"The World of Scott Wainio\"\" (film), \"\"The White Stripes,\"\" and \"\"The Prince Show.\"\" Kelis performed \"\"Milkshake\"\" and \"\"Trick Me.\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"Sex & The City Final Episode\"\", \"\"Do You Know Who My Father Is?\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: Pat O'Brien\"\", \"\"The History Channel: Celebration of Women Week\"\", \"\"Backstage At A Christina Aguilera Concert\"\", \"\"Besos Y Lagrimas\"\", and \"\"Don's Apothecary\"\"\n\nMaroon 5 performs: \"\"This Love\"\" and \"\"Harder to Breathe\"\""
"Sketches include; Nightline, Bad Southern Accent, Show Biz Grande Explosion, TV Funhouse: FCC-Approved Cartoons, Tim Calhoun In Court, The Horny Bellhop, Meet the Press, The Sopranos, and Hollywood vs. History: Jesus Christ."
"Live from New York, it's...Ben Affleck, Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers\n\nSketches Include: Donnie Bartalotti's Gay Wedding, Joey Mack on Z105, Gigli Filming, TV Funhouse: The Making of the Passion of the Dumpty\/George W. Bush Campaign Commercials, Appalachian Emergency Room, Bangkok Ad 1: The Dead Hooker, Top O'The Morning, Bangkok Ad 2: Russian Roulette \"\"Payment\"\", Donnie G. and Sidecar, Bangkok Ad 3: Kelly Ripa, Ben Affleck, and a Dead Man, and The Full Moon Killer\n\nN.E.R.D performs: Maybe and She Wants To Move"
"Live from New York, it's...Carolyn Kepcher of \"\"The Apprentice\"\"\n\nSketches include \"\"The SNL Apprentice,\"\" \"\"Fear Factor Junior,\"\" \"\"Live with Regis and Kelly,\"\" \"\"The VIP Seats,\"\" \"\"Donald Trump's House of Wings,\"\" \"\"Weekend Trump-Date,\"\" \"\"Prince and the Pauper '04,\"\" \"\"Fathers and Sons,\"\" \"\"9\/11 Hearings,\"\" and \"\"Donald's Band Rehearsal.\"\"\n\nToots and the Maytals perform \"\"Love Gonna Walk Out on Me\"\" (with Ben Harper and Jack Johnson) and \"\"Funky Kingston\"\" (with Bootsy Collins and The Roots)."
"Live From New York... It's Janet Jackson (and her digitally pixelated breast)\n\nSketches includes: Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, Brian Fellow's Safari Planet, Starkisha in the Ticket Line, SNL Easter Song, The Prince Show, Cork Soakers, Good Times, and Boom Boomer\n\nThe host\/musical guest performs: Strawberry Bounce and All Nite (Don't Stop)"
"Live From New York, it's...Will Forte!\n\nSketches include: \"\"Bush's Preparation,\"\" \"\"Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover,\"\" \"\"Jaret's Room,\"\" \"\"Harry Potter,\"\" \"\"Billy Joel's Car Ride,\"\" \"\"Debbie Downer,\"\" \"\"Club Traxx,\"\" \"\"Kaitlin's Sleepover,\"\" and \"\"The Adult Movie Awards.\"\"\n\nUsher performed \"\"Yeah\"\" (with Ludacris) and \"\"Burn\"\" (by himself)."
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: \"\"White House Friends\"\", \"\"Mom Jeans\"\" (rerun from the Adrien Brody\/Sean Paul and Wayne Wonder episode from season 28), \"\"\u00a1Show Biz Grande Explosion!\"\", \"\"The Handicapped Rapper\"\", \"\"Scheinwald Studios: MC Night Terrors Pitches 'Booty Hotel'\"\", \"\"ABC Fall Line-Up\"\", \"\"Snoop Dogg Misses 'Friends'\"\", \"\"Appalachian Emergency Room\"\", \"\"TV Funhouse: Pothead Theatre\"\", \"\"Duster's Digest\"\", and \"\"Mother's Day Message From Snoop Dogg\"\"\n\nAvril Lavigne performs: \"\"Don't Tell Me\"\" and \"\"(So Much For) My Happy Ending\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Hardball\"\", \"\"Paparazzi\"\", \"\"Mary Kate\/Ashley Olsen Perfume\"\", \"\"Joey Mack on Z105\"\", \"\"The Swan\"\", \"\"Pat and Patti's Backpack Shack\"\", \"\"Access Hollywood: New York Minute\"\", \"\"Bloder Brothers, circa 1979\"\", \"\"The Chapman's Indoor Family Barbecue\"\", \"\"The Adventures of Harold\"\" (SNL mini-film), and \"\"'Grease' Parody\/Farewell To Jimmy Fallon\"\".\n\nJ-Kwon performs: \"\"Tipsy\"\" (a second performance was cut because the show was running too long and room had to be made for Jimmy Fallon's good-bye sketch)"
Season 30 - Saturday Night Live
"Live From New York (and opening the 30th season of SNL), it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include \"\"First Presidential Debate 2004,\"\" \"\"Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice,\"\" \"\"Debbie Downer,\"\" \"\"Swift Veterans for Truth,\"\" \"\"Kerry Campaign Stop,\"\" \"\"The Escalator,\"\" \"\"Obnoxious Wedding DJ,\"\" and \"\"Kitty Kelley's 'The Family.'\"\"\n\nNelly performs: \"\"My Place\"\" and \"\"Na-Nana-Na\"\"\n\nThe Dr. Porkenheimer fake commercial is not shown in the 11\/27\/04 NBC rerun."
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include \"\"Hardball\"\", \"\"Sky Captain Filming\"\", \"\"Dyson Toilets\"\", \"\"The Ninth Presidential Debate\"\", \"\"Paris Hilton Apologizes\"\", \"\"President Bush and Tony Blair\"\", \"\"Apprentice Halloween Episode Commercial Taping\"\", \"\"Jane Eyre\"\", \"\"Bear City: The Fender Bender\"\", \"\"The Adventures of Peter O'Toole and Michael Caine\"\", and \"\"Bear City: Getting Fired\"\".\n\nAshlee Simpson sings \"\"Pieces of Me\"\" (refer to Notes to see what happened to her on her second performance)."
"Live From New York, it's...Jim Downey translating for Seth Meyers\n\nSketches include: NBC Special Report, Rap Night, Mrs. Dr. Frankenstein, TV Funhouse: John McCain's Speech, Clinton and Kerry, Kaitlin at the Mall, Goodwin Wig and Toy, and Election Map Colors\n\nEminem performs: \"\"Mosh\"\" and \"\"Just Lose It\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Will Forte\n\nSketches include: Kerry at the Beach, Star Jones' Wedding Night, You Call This A House Do Ya?, Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice (repeat from the Ben Affleck\/Nelly episode with slight edit*). The Giant Parrot, Wake Up San Diego, Appalachian Emergency Room, and The Drug Sniffing Dog.\n\nModest Mouse performs: \"\"Float On\"\" and \"\"Ocean Breathes Salty\"\"\n\n*The Dr. Porkenheimer commercial repeats in this episode, but the ending where it shows Rob Riggle with an exaggerated erection (covered by the bedsheets) is replaced with a scene where Poehler and Riggle are hugging."
"Sketches include: \"\"C-SPAN Terrorist Alert,\"\" \"\"Woomba,\"\" \"\"Pranksters,\"\" \"\"A 'Blue' Christmas\"\" (cartoon), \"\"The Undercover Cop,\"\" \"\"Prince Christmas Special,\"\" \"\"Apprentice Christmas Promo,\"\" \"\"Bear City: The Carolers,\"\" \"\"Christmas With The Cat Lady,\"\" and Horatio sings with The Muppets.\n\nDestiny's Child performed \"\"Soldier\"\" and \"\"Cater 2 U.\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: CNN Press Conference, Trucker Talk, Beaver Ranch Brothel, Hardball, Black Paramedics, Noony and Nuni, and The Not So Great Adventures of the Down and Out Dollar"
"Live From New York, it's...Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include: \"\"The Bush Twins\"\", \"\"Condelezza Rice's Hearing\"\", \"\"Gaystrogen\"\" (from season 29), \"\"Paul Giamatti's Limo Driver\"\", \"\"Kaitlin's Karaoke Machine\"\", \"\"TVLand: The Lundsford Twins Feel Good Variety Hour\"\", \"\"Andy at Reinhold Investments\"\", \"\"Spy Glass\"\", and \"\"Giant Cat.\"\"\n\nLudacris and Sum 41 perform \"\"Get Back\"\"; Ludacris performs \"\"Number One Spot.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Rachel Dratch\n\nSketches include: American Idol, CheapKids.Net Ad 1, Versace Skiing, Starkisha and Portia at the Purse Shop, CheapKids.Net Ad 2, Exclusive Connections, Donald Trump's New Wife, Merv The Perv, CheapKids.Net Ad 3, Rafael Alonzo's I.T.F. Technical Computer Institute, Inside Barbie Dreamhouse, The Bar, and Bear City: Cigarette Shopping\n\nKeane performs: \"\"Somewhere Only We Know\"\" and \"\"Everybody's Changing\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Horatio Sanz\n\nSketches include \"\"Kim Jong Il,\"\" \"\",\"\" \"\"Monkeys Throwing Poop at Celebrities,\"\" \"\"Black History Month,\"\" \"\"The Best of TT and Mario,\"\" \"\"Subway Beggers,\"\" \"\"Gays in Space,\"\" \"\"Gibson Studios,\"\" \"\"Rap Night with Chubb Hotty,\"\" and \"\"Public Speech Class.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"\"Neverland Ranch,\"\" \"\"Grayson-Moorhead Investments,\"\" \"\"Sheila Choad's LA Face,\"\" \"\"Hot Plates,\"\" \"\"Debbie Downer at the Oscars,\"\" \"\"Seasons of Love,\"\" \"\"City Court with Aaron Neville,\"\" \"\"After the Grammys,\"\" and \"\"Project Runway.\"\"\n\n50 Cent (featuring Olivia) performed \"\"Candy Shop\"\" and later performed \"\"Disco Inferno.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Rachel Dratch\n\nSketches include: American Idol, CheapKids.Net Ad 1, Versace Skiing, Starkisha and Portia at the Purse Shop, CheapKids.Net Ad 2, Exclusive Connections, Donald Trump's New Wife, Merv The Perv, CheapKids.Net Ad 3, Rafael Alonzo's I.T.F. Technical Computer Institute, Inside Barbie Dreamhouse, The Bar, and Bear City: Cigarette Shopping\n\nKeane performs: \"\"Somewhere Only We Know\"\" and \"\"Everybody's Changing\"\""
"Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond\n\nSketches include: Hardball, (repeat from the Jason Bateman\/Kelly Clarkson episode), Oprah, The Push-Up Contest, Kevin Federline, Gays In Space, Guest Preacher, Action News 13, and Nebulzitol\n\nGwen Stefani (with Eve) performs \"\"Rich Girl\"\" and \"\"Holla Back Girl\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Papal Debate '05,\"\" \"\"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,\"\" \"\"Michael Jackson\"\" (cartoon), \"\"The Barry Gibb Talk Show,\"\" \"\"One-Star Hotel,\"\" \"\"Woo! The Musical,\"\" \"\"Sofa Warehouse,\"\" and \"\"Spy Glass.\"\"\n\nGreen Day performed \"\"Boulevard of Broken Dreams\"\" and \"\"Holiday.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: A Message From Tom DeLay, Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice (re-edited and using the alternate ending from the Liam Neeson\/Modest Mouse episode), The Bad Thrower, The Falconer, Tom Brady's Falafel House, Behind The Music: The Super Bowl Shuffle, Dr. Phil, and Backstage SNL: The Quarterbacks"
"Live From New York, it's...Paula Abdul\n\nSketches include: \"\"Primetime Live: The American Idol Scandal,\"\" \"\"Sally & Dan Harrison: The Couple That Should Be Divorced,\"\" \"\"Donald Trump's Domino's Ad,\"\" \"\"Versace Mother's Day,\"\" \"\"Channel 5 Late Night Movie,\"\" \"\"Mother's Day Brunch,\"\" \"\"Helping Hands Telethon,\"\" \"\"Merv the Perv,\"\" \"\"Action News,\"\" \"\"Bear City\"\" (film), and \"\"You Might Be A Gay Redneck If...\"\"\n\nSystem of a Down perform: \"\"B.Y.O.B\"\" and \"\"Aerials\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Darrell Hammond (yet again)\n\nSketches include \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"America's Next Top Model,\"\" \"\"Monster-In-Law Screening,\"\" \"\"The Prince Show,\"\" \"\"Little Italy,\"\" \"\"The Ride Home,\"\" and \"\"Bear City\"\" (film).\n\nColdplay performed \"\"Speed of Sound\"\" and \"\"Fix You.\"\""
"Live from New York, it's...Chris Parnell\n\nSketches include: A Message From Tom DeLay, Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice (re-edited and using the alternate ending from the Liam Neeson\/Modest Mouse episode), The Bad Thrower, The Falconer, Tom Brady's Falafel House, Behind The Music: The Super Bowl Shuffle, Dr. Phil, and Backstage SNL: The Quarterbacks"
"Live From New York, it's...Paula Abdul\n\nSketches include: \"\"Primetime Live: The American Idol Scandal,\"\" \"\"Sally & Dan Harrison: The Couple That Should Be Divorced,\"\" \"\"Donald Trump's Domino's Ad,\"\" \"\"Versace Mother's Day,\"\" \"\"Channel 5 Late Night Movie,\"\" \"\"Mother's Day Brunch,\"\" \"\"Helping Hands Telethon,\"\" \"\"Merv the Perv,\"\" \"\"Action News,\"\" \"\"Bear City\"\" (film), and \"\"You Might Be A Gay Redneck If...\"\"\n\nSystem of a Down perform: \"\"B.Y.O.B\"\" and \"\"Aerials\"\""
"Sketches include \"\"Will Backstage,\"\" \"\"Celebrity Jeopardy,\"\" \"\"Oracle Conclave,\"\" \"\"Going 2 C Movies,\"\" and \"\"Luxury Spy.\"\""
"Live From New York, It's... Darrell Hammond (yet again)\n\nSketches include \"\"Hardball,\"\" \"\"America's Next Top Model,\"\" \"\"Monster-In-Law Screening,\"\" \"\"The Prince Show,\"\" \"\"Little Italy,\"\" \"\"The Ride Home,\"\" and \"\"Bear City\"\" (film).\n\nColdplay performed \"\"Speed of Sound\"\" and \"\"Fix You.\"\""
Season 31 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, it's... Will Forte!\n\nSketches include \"Bush Addresses the Nation,\" \"MorganStanley,\" \"The JetBlue Crisis,\" \"Anderson Cooper 360,\" \"The Couple That Should Be Divorced,\" \"Girls Gone Wild Katrina,\" \"Kanye Backstage,\" \"The Lundford Twins Variety Hour,\" \"Fun With Real Audio\" (cartoon), and \"Debbie Downer.\"\n\nKanye West performed \"Gold Digger\" and \"Heard 'Em Say\" featuring Adam Levine."
"Sketches include \"George W. Bush and Harriet Miers,\" \"Taco Town,\" \"Caitlin's Science Fair,\" \"Werewolf Date,\" \"The Misadventures of Tom Delay and Bill Frist,\" \"Showbiz Grande Explosion!,\" \"Wilson Brothers Funeral Home,\" \"Hubbard Systems,\" \"Operator Date,\" and \"The Black Eyed Peas.\"\n\nAshlee Simpson performed \"Catch Me When I Fall\" and \"Boyfriend.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!\n\nSketches include \"Bush's Spontaneous Chat,\" \"Butt Cancer Treatment Center,\" \"Newsnight with Aaron Brown,\" \"Dancers Party,\" \"The Italians,\" \"Access Hollywood,\" \"Creighton Boys School,\" \"Glen and Gina's Wedding,\" \"MorganStanley,\" and \"The Scheinwalds.\"\n\nFranz Ferdinand performed \"Do You Want To\" and \"Take Me Out.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!\n\nSketches include \"The Libby Indictment,\" \"Celebrity Ironman,\" \"RAD 3000,\" \"Indigo Girls Harmonies,\" \"The O'Reilly Factor,\" \"Sheryl's Song,\" \"Days of Our Lives,\" \"Carol!,\" and \"Giddy Henchman.\"\n\nSheryl Crow performed \"Good is Good\" and \"Strong Enough.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Will Forte!\n\nSketches include \"Hardball,\" \"JJ Casuals,\" \"Good Morning Meth,\" \"The Falconer,\" \"Thomas & Dobbins,\" \"The Soaking Wet Killer,\" \"Refurbishments,\" \"Butt Pregnancy,\" \"Stachin',\" \"McNutly & Sons,\" and \"American Tasar.\"\n\nFoo Fighters performed \"DOA\" and \"Best of You.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Will Forte!\n\nSketches include \"Hardball,\" \"JJ Casuals,\" \"Good Morning Meth,\" \"The Falconer,\" \"Thomas & Dobbins,\" \"The Soaking Wet Killer,\" \"Refurbishments,\" \"Butt Pregnancy,\" \"Stachin',\" \"McNutly & Sons,\" and \"American Tasar.\"\n\nFoo Fighters performed \"DOA\" and \"Best of You.\""
"Live from New York, it's... the entire cast of SNL! (more or less) Sketches include \"The Tree Re-Lighting,\" \"West Bedford Drama Club,\" \"Taco Town,\" \"The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story,\" \"Wool Sweater,\" \"Lettuce\" (film), \"Target Greatland,\" \"24-Hour Coma,\" \"Fight Back with Victor Santos,\" and \"Morgan Stanley.\" James Blunt performed \"You're Beautiful\" and \"Goodbye My Lover.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Alec Baldwin! Sketches include \"Saddam's Cell,\" \"Tylenol BM,\" \"Face Transplant,\" \"The O'Reilly Factor,\" \"Celebrity Mugshot Poker\" (cartoon), \"Brokeback Goldmine,\" \"The Tony Bennett Show,\" \"Carol at Bowl-a-Rama,\" \"The Man Who Married a Hot Dog,\" \"Medicare,\" and \"Santa's Workshop.\" Shakira performed \"Don't Bother\" and \"La Tortura\" (acoustic mix) with Alejandro Sanz."
"Live from New York, it's... Will Forte! Sketches include \"A Holiday Message from the Vice President,\" \"Stuart Little Mouse Removal Kit,\" \"Sbarro,\" \"Appalachian Emergency Room,\" \"Christmastime for the Jews\" (cartoon), \"Channel 5 Photo Shoot,\" \"Lazy Sunday\" (film), \"A Very Downer Christmas,\" \"Space War 2148,\" \"Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree,\" and \"Spelling Bee.\" Neil Young performed \"It's a Dream\" and \"He Was The King.\""
"Live from New York, it's... the voice of Robert Smigel! Sketches include \"The 700 Gang\" (cartoon), \"Taco Town,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"Smorgabord,\" \"Darwin\" (cartoon), \"Mike and Toni's Chandelier Galaxy,\" \"Live Duluth,\" \"My Super Sweet 16,\" \"Once in a Lifetime Jewelers,\" \"The Kuril-Khamchatka Trench,\" and \"Mr. Willoughby.\" Death Cab for Cutie performed \"Soul Meets Body\" and \"Crooked Teeth.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Seth Meyers!\n\nSketches include \"Anderson Cooper 360,\" \"Nelson's Baby Toupees,\" \"Target Greatland,\" \"National Pirate Convention,\" \"Carol!,\" \"Young Chuck Norris\" (film), \"Cat Fancy,\" \"Gays in Space,\" \"Fairmount Suites Inn,\" \"NSA Wiretap,\" and \"Peter Sarsgaard's SARS-guards.\"\n\nThe Strokes performed \"Juicebox\" and \"You Only Live Once.\""
"Filmed in New York, it's... Steve Martin! Sketches include \"The Sabotage of Baldwin\" (film), \"Teddy Bear Holding a Heart,\" \"Oprah,\" \"Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford,\" \"Hamas Party,\" \"Close Talkers\" (film), \"Quick Zoom Theater,\" \"Super Bowl XL Rehearsals,\" \"Backstage: Steve, Alec and Lorne,\" \"The Prince Show,\" \"State of the Galaxy 2145,\" \"The Tangent\" (film), \"Surfer Club,\" and \"Naturally Crafting.\" Prince performed \"Fury (A Woman Scorned)\" and \"Beautiful Loved, and Blessed\" featuring Tamar."
"Sketches include \"Bush Responds to Criticism,\" \"Nelson's Baby Toupees,\" \"Jamba Juice,\" \"Larry King Live,\" \"The Couple That Should Be Divorced,\" \"Belated Black History Moment\" (cartoon), \"Art Dealers and the College Boyfriend,\" \"Sheldon's Bar Mitzvah,\" \"The Real Natalie\" (film), and \"RAD 3000.\"\n\nFall Out Boy performed \"Dance Dance\" and \"Sugar, We're Going Down.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!\n\nSketches include \"Bush Responds to Criticism,\" \"Nelson's Baby Toupees,\" \"Jamba Juice,\" \"Larry King Live,\" \"The Couple That Should Be Divorced,\" \"Belated Black History Moment\" (cartoon), \"Art Dealers and the College Boyfriend,\" \"Sheldon's Bar Mitzvah,\" \"The Real Natalie\" (film), and \"RAD 3000.\"\n\nFall Out Boy performed \"Dance Dance\" and \"Sugar, We're Going Down.\""
"Live from New York (for the 600th time), its... Seth Meyers!\n\nSketches include \"Anderson Cooper 360,\" \"Basic Instinct 2: Return of the Beaver,\" \"Deal or No Deal,\" \"Automated-Phone Lady,\" \"Besos y Lagrimas,\" \"13th Annual Women's Basketball Coaches Fashion Awards,\" \"Zorro's Body Double,\" \"Rascals' Karoake,\" \"Immigrants Backstage,\" and \"Wine Snobs.\"\n\nMary J. Blige performs \"Be Without You\" and \"Enough Crying."
"Live from New York, it's... Lindsay Lohan! Sketches include \"The Situation Room,\" \"Neutrogena Coin Slot,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"Journey to the Disney Vaults\" (cartoon), \"The O'Reilly Factor,\" \"Le Rendezvous,\" \"Laser Cats!\" (film), \"Debbie Downer,\" \"Officemates' Night Out,\" and \"Atlantic City Fever.\" Pearl Jam performed \"World Wide Suicide\" and \"Severed Hand.\""
"Live from New York, its... Will Forte!\n\nSketches include \"Bill Frist's Gas Plan,\" \"Wheel of Fortune,\" \"Kaitlin and the Iguana,\" \"Ariell & Ephraim\" (film), \"Ma!,\" \"Claremont Yoga Center,\" \"Colin's Place,\" and \"Country Club Tennis.\"\n\nRed Hot Chili Peppers performed \"Dani California\" and \"Give It Away.\""
"Live from New York, its... Al Gore! Sketches include \"Parallel Universe Address from President Gore\", \"Techpack,\" \"Horny Homeless Guy,\" \"The Morning Show,\" \"MySpace\", \"Charades,\" \"Unsolved Mysteries: The Sandy Patterson Story,\" and \"Peyote\" (film). Paul Simon performed \"How Can You Live In the Northeast?\" and \"Outrageous.\""
"Live from New York, its... Rachel Dratch! Sketches include \"Anderson Cooper 360,\" \"A-holes at a Crime Scene,\" \"Oprah's Legends Ball,\" \"Carol!,\" \"Fun with Real Audio\" (cartoon), \"Kevin and Andy Backstage,\" \"The Falconer,\" \"Andy Walking\" (film), \"Lord Phillip Sarc,\" and \"I Do Not Agree With Many of This Administration's Policies.\" Nelly Furtado performs \"Promiscuous\" (featuring Timbaland) and \"Maneater.\""
Season 32 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!\n\nSketches include \"Eckstrom for Comptroller,\" \"DHS Training,\" \"Hugo Chavez Political Roundup,\" \"Cubicle Fight\" (film), \"Al Pacino Checks His Bank Balance,\" \"Amy, Seth, and Brian Williams,\" \"Poland Spring Delivery Boys,\" \"Farrah Fawcett for Ocean Save,\" \"Let's Go,\" and \"Geico.\"\n\nThe Killers performed \"When You Were Young\" and \"Bones.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!Sketches include \"Rep. Dennis Hastert,\" \"Nancy Grace,\" \"New York City Stories I\" (film), \"Jon Bovi,\" \"WVIR News,\" \"New York City Stories II\" (film), \"Mrs. Hastings,\" \"NASCARettes,\" \"New York City Stories III\" (film), \"Big Wigs,\" \"His Kuado,\" \"Cider Chat,\" and \"A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1982.\"Corinne Bailey Rae performed \"Put Your Records On\" and \"Like a Star.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Will Forte!Sketches include \"Fox News Special Report,\" \"Colonial Williamsburg,\" \"Doug Frangelo,\" \"Korean Central Television,\" \"Two A-Holes at a Trainer,\" \"Mexican Restaurant,\" \"House of Carters,\" \"Harpoon Man\" (film), \"A McMillan Family Moment\" (three part), and \"Operation Bearshark.\"My Chemical Romance performed \"Welcome to the Black Parade\" and \"Cancer.\""
"Live from New York, \"Home of the Jew,\" it's... Borat!\n\nSketches include \"Kazakhstan Ministry of Information,\" \"Most Haunted,\" \"Republican Attack Ads\" (cartoon), \"2006 World Series,\" \"The Queen's Visit,\" \"Hardball,\" \"Hugh's Protest Song,\" \"Broken Leg,\" \"The Curse of Frankenstein,\" and \"Job Interview.\"\n\nBeck performed \"Nausea\" and \"Clap Hands.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Kristen Wiig!Sketches include \"Rep. Nancy Pelosi,\" \",\" \"Federline Divorce Proceedings,\" \"Saddam's Lawyers,\" \"Valtrex,\" \"Awkward Carpool,\" \"Kobayashi!\" (cartoon), \"The Platinum Lounge,\" \"The Tony Bennett Show,\" \"Rick Corman in Brazil,\" and \"A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1992.\"Christina Aguilera performed \"Ain't No Other Man,\" \"Hurt,\" and \"Steppin' Out With My Baby\" (with Tony Bennett)."
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!Sketches include \"The Second Vietnam War,\" \"Young Douglas: Hypin' the Classics,\" \"The Bitchslap Method,\" \"The O'Reilly Factor,\" \"Booty Bidness Workwear,\" \"Superhits Studios,\" \"Pool Watch,\" \"Hair Transplant,\" \"Olivia Cruise Lines,\" and \"Old Friends in a Diner.\"Ludacris performed \"Money Maker\" and \"Runaway Love\" (featuring Mary J. Blige)."
"Live from New York, it's... Will Forte!Sketches include \"Bush and al-Maliki,\" \"Sale-Mart,\" \"Nancy Grace,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"Lost Fans,\" \"Crazy Mountain Man,\" \"Math vs. History Buffs,\" and \"The Mayan Empire.\"Tenacious D performed \"Kickapoo\" and \"The Metal.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!Sketches include \"The Iraqi War Report,\" \"SNL Movie Trailer Re-cut: Apocalypto,\" \"Good Morning I Hate This Town,\" \"Diddy Kiddies\" (cartoon), \"High School Romance,\" \"Two A-Holes at a Live Nativity Scene,\" \"Fast Food Pep Talk\" (film), \"Buyer Beware,\" \"Monster Under The Bed,\" \"Valtrex,\" \"Socially Awkward Officemates,\" and \"Stanfield & Partlow.\"Gwen Stefani performed \"Wind It Up\"; Akon performed \"I Wanna Love You.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Kristin Wiig!Sketches include \"Santa's My Boyfriend,\" \"Homelessville,\" \"Target Greatland,\" \"D*** in a Box\" (film), \"The Barry Gibb Talk Show,\" \"Dry Eyes,\" \"Hip Hop Kids,\" \"Elf Auditions,\" and \"A Holiday Message from Nancy Grace.\"Justin Timberlake performed \"My Love\" and \"What Goes Around Comes Around.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!Sketches include \"21,500 More Troops,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"Bronx Beat,\" \"Trump's Press Junket,\" \"Juliano's,\" \"Laser Cats 2\" (film), \"Stock Footage Awards,\" \"'Law & Order' Auditions,\" \"Handicapped Matchup,\" and \"Kaplan, Lebowitz, & Dolemite.\"The Shins performed \"Phantom Limb\" and \"New Slang.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler!Sketches include \"Hardball,\" \"Urigro,\" \"The NFL on CBS,\" \"Frontline: 2007 Year in Review\" (cartoon), \"The First Person in History to Dance,\" \"MacGruber\" (three parts), \"Two A-Holes at an Adoption Agency,\" \"Common & Blizzard Man,\" \"The Unicorn Forest,\" \"Nurse Nancy\" (film), and \"Lansford Brothers & Associates.\"AFI performed \"Love Like Winter\" and \"Miss Murder.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Seth Meyers!Sketches include \"American Idol,\" \"The Dakota Fanning Show,\" \"Dioxin Poisoning,\" \"Body Fusion\" (film), \"Target Greatland,\" \"Nervous Job Interviewee,\" \"Versace Super Bowl Party,\" \"Country Club Valet,\" \"Firestarter Smoked Sausages,\" \"The Formosa,\" and \"Nelson's Baby Toupees.\"Lily Allen performed \"Smile\" and \"LDN.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!Sketches include \"Valentine's Day with the Cheneys,\" \"Bronx Beat,\" \"Andy Everywhere\" (film), \"Assagio's,\" \"Urigro,\" \"Man Versus Beast: The Road to the Final Four,\" \"Love Whitney,\" \"Am I a Crazy Street Person?,\" and \"A Message from the Staten Island Zoo.\"Keith Urban performed \"Stupid Boy\" and \"Once in a Lifetime.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!Sketches include \"The Situation Room,\" \"Danny's Song,\" \"Corporate Headquarters\" (film), \"Art Dealers and Architectural Digest,\" \"Peeping Tom,\" \"The New Officemate,\" \"White Possum Scream,\" and \"River Bliss Recording Session.\"Arcade Fire performed \"Intervention\" and \"Keep the Car Running.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Chris Rock!Sketches include \"SNL Special Report: The Road to the White House,\" \"Oprah,\" \"Monex,\" \"Restless Penis Syndrome,\" \"La Rivista Della Televisione,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"CBS Cares,\" \"Homebot,\" and \"Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll.\"Snow Patrol performed \"You're All I Have\" and \"Chasing Cars.\""
"This is the 16th broadcast of the 32nd season of SNL. Information is subject to change."
"Sketches include \"Reverends Jackson and Sharpton,\" \"Hathaway Moustache Rides,\" \"The Prince Show,\" \"Beer Purchase,\" \"The Dakota Fanning Show,\" \"Hide and Seek\" (film), \"Sofa King,\" \"SliceCo Salesmen,\" \"An Intimate Moment with Jessica Simpson and John Mayer,\" and \"Shia Rhymes with Maya.\""
"\"Live\" from New York, it's... Senator Charles Schumer!Sketches include \"White House Witnesses,\" \"Live with Regis and Kelly,\" \"Mrs. Hastings and the Prom Dress,\" \"Roy Rules!\" (film), \"Mike's Marbleopolis,\" \"WIIX News,\" \"Kuatos,\" \"News Makers with Jane Pauley,\" and \"Torboto\" (cartoon).Bj\u00f6rk performed \"Earth Intruders\" and \"Wanderlust.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Molly Shannon!Sketches include \"Mary Katherine Gallagher on American Idol,\" \"Urigro,\" \"Penelope at the Tenants' Meeting,\" \"The Fringe Candidates Debate,\" \"Sally O'Malley on The Sopranos,\" \"Kaitlin at the Nursing Home,\" \"MacGruber\" (three parts), \"The Legend of Big-Boobed Einstein\" (cartoon), \"Charli Coffee,\" and \"Trump Steaks.\"Linkin Park performed \"What I've Done\" and \"Bleed It Out.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Maya Rudolph!Sketches include \"Bush's Summer Vacation,\" \"Dog Love\" (film), \"Prom Committee,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"Decision '08: Spring Cleaning '07\" (cartoon), \"The Weight,\" \"La Revista Della Televisione,\" \"Bronx Beat,\" and \"Brian Grazer's Office.\"Maroon 5 performed \"Makes Me Wonder\" and \"Won't Go Home Without You.\""
Season 33 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"The All-But-Certain-To-Be-Next-President,\" \"Angry Dog,\" \"Penelope's Charity Auction,\" \"High School Musical 3,\" \"Iran So Far\" (digital short), \"Read to Achieve,\" \"The Lyle Kane Show,\" \"The Best of Solid Gold,\" \"Ambiguously Gay Duo\" (cartoon), \"106 & Park,\" and \"Great Moments in Guidance Counseling.\"\n\nKanye West performed \"Stronger\", \"Good Life\", \"Champion\", and an improvised version of \"Everything I Am.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Andy Samberg!\n\nSketches include \"A Message from Kevin Federline,\" \"Veritas Ultrasound HD,\" \"2007 National Douchebag Championships,\" \"MacGruber\" (three parts), \"Jeremy and Sasha,\" \"Fred Thompson '08,\" \"America's First Colonists,\" \"Rowlf & The Swedish Chef,\" and \"Mad Joe Dixon.\"\n\nSpoon performed \"The Underdog\" and \"You Got Your Cherry Bomb.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"Burlington, VT 1985,\" \"Ohhhhh!,\" \"A Visit with Former Vice President Al Gore,\" \"People Getting Punched Before Eating\" (digital short), \" (ALCS),\" \"La Rivista Della Televisione,\" \"The Captain's Purse,\" \" (NLCS),\" \"Notre Dame Football,\" \"Natural Disaster,\" and \"Iconoclasts.\" \n\nBon Jovi performed \"Lost Highway\" and \"Who Says You Can't Go Home\"; Foo Fighters performed \"The Pretender.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Senator Barack Obama!\n\nSketches include \"Clintons' Halloween Party, \"Maybelline for Men,\" \"Bronx Beat,\" \"Reilly's Way,\" \"Publishers' Clearinghouse,\" \"A Day in the Life of Brian Williams\" (digital short), \"Larry King Live,\" \"iPhone,\" \"Drexel University Debate,\" and \"Dunham & Kirk.\"\n\nFeist performed \"1-2-3-4\" and \"I Feel It All.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Kristen Wiig!\n\nSketches include \"CNN-Univision Democratic Debate,\" \"Annuale,\" \"Rock of Love 2,\" \"A Message for Old People\" (Digital Short), \"What's That Bitch Talking About?,\" \"Celebrity Apprentice,\" \"Ed Mahoney's Speech,\" \"Virgania Harsen's Hot Air Balloons,\" \"I Drink Your Milkshake,\" and \"Lady Business.\"\n\nCarrie Underwood performed \"All-American Girl\" and \"Flat on the Floor.\""
"Juno star Ellen Page hosts; Wilco performs songs from their new album, Sky Blue Sky."
"Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"Clinton Attack Ad,\" \"Mirror Image,\" \"Green Card Couple Therapy,\" \"A New Superhero\" (Digital Short), \"Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show,\" \"Penelope in Driving \" \"Dr. Uncle Jimmy's,\" \"Roger Clemens Presents,\" \"The Best of the Tookie Stiles Show,\" and \"Dancing Galpals.\"\n\nVampire Weekend performed \"A-Punk\" and \"M79.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Bill Hader!\n\nSketches include \"Spitzer & Associates,\" \"MacGruber\" (two parts), \"What's Your Situation?,\" \"Adam Grossman at Benihana,\" \"The Suze Orman Show,\" \"Andy's Dad\" (Digital Short), \"Target Greatland,\" \"NBC Special Report,\" \"Clancy & Jackie,\" and \"Internet Date.\"\n\nMariah Carey performed \"Touch My Body\" and \"Migrate\" (featuring T-Pain)."
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"The Clintons' Income,\" \"Annuale,\" \"Grease Rehearsals,\" \"Kevin's Farewell Party,\" \"Laser Cats 3-D\" (Digital Short), \"Excited Sue,\" \"Walken Family Reunion,\" \"Indoor Gardening Tips,\" \"Top Chef,\" and \"Larry King Live.\"\n\nPanic at the Disco performed \"Nine in the Afternoon\" and \"I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.\" \n\nMariah Carey performed \"Touch My Body\" and \"Migrate\" (featuring T-Pain)."
"Live from New York, it's... Steve Carell!\n\nSketches include \"Pounder School Commencement Ceremony,\" \"The Democratic Primaries,\" \"Deal or No Deal,\" \"Two A-Holes Do Karaoke,\" \"The Japanese Office\" (Digital Short), \"McCain 2008,\" \"The Charlie Flitt Show,\" \"American Red Cross,\" and \"Bless This Child.\"\n\nUsher performed \"This Ain't Sex\" and \"Love in This Club, Part 1\" (featuring Young Jeezy)."
Season 34 - Saturday Night Live
"Live from New York, it's... Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"A Non-Partisan Message from Governor Palin and Senator Clinton,\" \"Quiz Bowl,\" \"Jar Glove,\" \"Swim Team Pep Talk,\" \"Stacia and Cousin Craig,\" \"The Charles Barkley Show,\" \"T-Mobile,\" \"Space Olympics 3022\" (Digital Short), \"Mark Payne,\" and \"The Michael Phelps Diet.\"\n\nLil' Wayne performed \"Got Money\" (featuring Mack Maine) and \"Lollipop.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond! Sketches include \"McCain Voiceovers,\" \"The Cougar Den,\" \"Agent 420,\" \"Simpson Jury Selection,\" \"Murray Hill\" (Digital Short), \"The Looker,\" \"New York Times Reporters,\" \"Of Mice and Men,\" \"Yankee Stadium Stories\" (film), and \"James and Willam Dafoe.\" Kings of Leon performed \"Sex on Fire\" and \"Use Somebody.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Tina Fey!\n\nSketches include \"Sarah Palin Interview,\" \"New Friends,\" \"The First Presidential Debate,\" \"Rowboat Date,\" \"Scores,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"Googie Rene's Slightly Stained Wedding Dress Basement,\" and \"Superior Ex-Boyfriend.\"\n\nDuffy performed \"Mercy\" and \"Stepping Stone.\""
"Sketches include \"The Vice Presidential Debate,\" \"The Lawrence Welk Show,\" \"The Wall Street Bailout,\" \"Nightclub Flirting,\" \"Extreme Activities Competition\" (Digital Short), \"Mary Poppins,\" \"Sioux City News 3,\" \"Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals,\" \"Pretending To Be Gay,\" and \"The Less Provocactive Songs of Katy Perry.\"\n\nThe Killers performed \"Human\" and \"Spaceman.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Gov. Sarah Palin! Sketches include \"Palin on Palin,\" \"MacGruber\" (three parts), \"Sue and the Engagement,\" \"The Suze Orman Show,\" \"Mark and Andy Backstage,\" \"I'm No Angel,\" \"Fart Face,\" \"Narc School,\" \",\" \"New York Underground\" (film), and \"Fall Foliage.\" Adele performed \"Chasing Pavements\" and \"Cold Shoulder.\""
"Jon Hamm\/Coldplay is the sixth episode of the thirty-fourth season of Saturday Night Live. It originally aired on October 25, 2008."
"Ben Affleck Hosts, special guest John McCain, and your musical guest is Dave Cook."
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis! Sketches include \"Vice President-elect Joe Biden,\" \"Sproingo,\" \"Kissing Family,\" \"Scared Straight,\" \"Everyone's a Critic\" (Digital Short), \"Tom and Tonya Peoples,\" \"Garden Party Road Trip,\" \"Beyonce Video Shoot,\" \"Suicide Negotiation,\" \"Proposition 8,\" and \"Clearing the Air\" (film). Beyonce performed \"If I Were a Boy\" and \"Single Ladies.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen!\n\nSketches include \"The Big Three Automakers,\" \"Clear Rite,\" \"Dateline NBC,\" \"Turkey Chase,\" \"Live Another Death,\" \"Blizzard Man,\" \"Jeff Montgomery,\" \"Dale Britches' Down-Home Phony Phone Calls,\" and \"Mark Payne.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler!\n\nSketches include \"Secretary Clinton,\" \"Gas Right,\" \"Sexy Shannon,\" \"Obama Keeps It Cool\" (film), \"La Rivista Della Televisione,\" \"Virgania Horsen's Pony Express\" (Digital Short), \"Calculators,\" \"The Lost Works of Judy Blume,\" \"Jizz In My Pants\" (Digital Short), and \"J'Accuzzi.\"\n\nT.I. performed \"Whatever You Like\" and \"Swing Ya Rag\" (featuring Swizz Beatz)."
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!\n\nSketches include \"Blagojevich Testimony,\" \"Bronx Beat,\" \"Sarcastic Christmas Dinner,\" \"Culhane Wedding Toasts,\" \"Magical Lamps,\" \"Cat Christmas Letter,\" and \"Cookie Crimes\" (Digital Short).\n\nKayne West performed \"Love Lockdown\" and \"Heartless.\""
"Actor Neil Patrick Harris hosts; Taylor Swift performs \"Love Story\" and \"Forever & Always.\"\n\nSketches include \"The Rachel Maddow Show,\" \"The Today Show,\" \"Save Broadway,\" \"Penelope in Group Therapy,\" \"Digital Short: Doogie Howser Theme Song,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Charles Barkley and Will Forte, \"Two First Names,\" \"Air Traffic Controllers Fran and Freba,\" \"Frost\/Other People,\" and \"Whopper Virgins.\""
"Actress Rosario Dawson hosts; Fleet Foxes perform \"Mykonos\" and \"Blue Ridge Mountains.\"\n\nSketches include \"Vice President Dick Cheney: The Final Interview,\" \"North American Savings Commercial,\" \"Da Learnin' Train,\" \"Guant\u00e1namo Bay Liquidation Sale,\" \"Aladdin and Jasmine's Anniversary,\" \"Digital Short: Singing Narrator,\" \"Gilly,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Bernard Madoff, Judy Grimes, and Larry the Goose, \"La Policia Mexicana,\" \"The View,\" and \"Good Excuse!\""
"Actor Alec Baldwin hosts; Jonas Brothers perform \"Tonight\" and \"Video Girl.\"\n\nSketches include \"Republican Congressional Leadership Meeting,\" \"The Fourth Jonas Brother,\" \"The Cougar Den,\" \"Digital Short: The Jonas Brothers' Secret,\" \"Sir Mix-a-Lot's Photo Shop,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Oscar Rogers, Angelina Jolie, Angie Tempura, and Joaquin Phoenix, \"Vincent Price's Valentine's Day Special,\" \"Planning a Meeting,\" \"Wii,\" \"Chewable Pampers Commercial,\" \"Virgania Horsen's Hot Air Balloon Rides,\" and \"First Coughs.\""
"Sketches include \"1-800-IDEAS?,\" \"MacGruber\" (three parts), \"The Rock Obama,\" \"Activia Testimonials,\" \"Hawaiians,\" \"Game Time with Dave and Gary,\" \"NBC Promos,\" and \"Lighthouse Date.\""
"Host Will Ferrell; Green Day performs; Norm Macdonald, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway and Paul Rudd also appear."
Season 35 - Saturday Night Live
26 Sep 2009
"America's premiere sketch-comedy show returns for its 35th season LIVE from Studio 8H in New York City. Check out these selected sketches and segments from each of this season's episodes, so you can make every night a Saturday Night."
"Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen!\n\nSketches include \"Obama's Checklist,\" \"Mostly Garbage Dog Food,\" \"Celebrity Family Feud,\" \"Throw It On The Ground\" (Digital Short), \"Mike's Fountainry,\" \"Deep House Dish,\" \"So You Commited a Crime... And You Think You Can Dance?,\" \"International Masterworks,\" and \"Bubble Dresses Backstage.\"\n\nLady Gaga performed \"Paparazzi\" and a medley of \"LoveGame,\" \"Bad Romance,\" and \"Poker Face.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen!\n\nSketches include \"Obama's Nobel,\" \"Gilly and Gigli,\" \"Celebrity Ghost Stories,\" \"University of Westfield,\" \"La Rivista Della Televisione,\" \"Tampax to the Max Ladies' Billards, 1991,\" \"Cooking Al Fresco with Fran and Phil,\" \"Larry King Live,\" \"Brenda and Sean\" (Digital Short), and \"Debbie Turner Book Signing.\"\n\nRegina Spektor performed \"Eet\" and \"The Calculation.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Dwayne Johnson!\n\nSketches include \"The Return of 'The Rock' Obama,\" \"Fuquay Satin's Grand Hoochie Skank Rose,\" \"Game Time with Randy and Greg,\" \"Beauty and the Beast,\" \"300,\" \"What's Up With That?,\" \"Trina at the Ad Agency,\" and \"Daveheart.\"\n\nShakira performed \"She Wolf\" and \"Did It Again.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Kristen Wiig!\n\nSketches include \"Fox News Election Coverage,\" \"Carter n' Sons BBQ,\" \"The View,\" \"Firelight\" (Digital Short), \"Hollywood Dish,\" \"Teens Raising Awareness About Awful Parent Drivers,\" \"Penelope at the Wedding,\" \"Scared Straight,\" \"Best Friends,\" and \"Bunny Business.\"\n\nTaylor Swift performed \"You Belong To Me\" and \"Untouchable.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!\n\nSketches include \"Biden's in Control,\" \"Today,\" \"Rear Window,\" \"WIIX,\" \"A Lady's Guide To Throwing a Party\" (film), \"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,\" \"Toilet Encounters\" (Digital Short), and \"Cloud Watching.\"\n\nThe Black Eyed Peas performed \"I Gotta Feeling,\" \"Meet Me Halfway,\" and \"Boom Boom Pow.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Nasim Pedrad and Will Forte!\n\nSketches include \"Obama and Hu Jintao,\" \"Movie Trailer Re-Cut: Palin 2012,\" \"Secret Word,\" \"A Girl Like Reba\" (Digital Short), \"The Mellow Show,\" \"What's Up With That?,\" \"Thanksgiving Dinner,\" \"Woman To Woman,\" and \"Say Anything.\"\n\nThe Dave Matthews Band performed \"You and Me\" and \"Shake Me Like a Monkey.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, and Kristen Wiig!\n\nSketches include \"Obama and the Salahis,\" \"Carter 'n Sons,\" \"Vagisil Superstars of Bowling Tournament 1989,\" \"The Situation Room,\" \"Shy Ronnie\" (Digital Short), \"Gossip Girl: Staten Island,\" \"10th Annual Kickspit Underground Rock Festival,\" \"Virginaca Hastings at Barney's,\" \"UPS\" (two parts), \"Late Night with Chris Hansen,\" and \"NASA Recruitment Office.\"\n\nRihanna performed \"Russian Roulette\" and \"Hard\" (featuring Young Jeezy)."
"Sketches include \"Gov. Sanford, Sen. Ensign, and Sen. Edwards,\" \"Rose Bowl Shoot,\" \"Sue and the Baby,\" \"A Message from the PGA Tour\" (three parts), \"Middle School Jingle Jam,\" \"Twilight Science Partners,\" \"Yogurt Shop Flirting,\" and \"Doorbells and More.\" \n\nBon Jovi performed \"Superman Tonight\" and \"When We Were Beautiful.\""
"Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig!\n\nSketches include \"The Lawrence Welk Show,\" \"What Up With That?,\" \"The Kissing Vogelczeks,\" \"The Tizzle Wizzle Show\" (Digital Short), \"The Manuel Ortiz Show,\" \"Sigma Lambda Omega,\" \"Vincent Price Christmas Special,\" \"Tree Love,\" \"Christmas Gift Meeting,\" and \"Mark Wahlberg Talks to Christmas Animals.\"\n\nMuse performed \"Uprising\" and \"Starlight.\""
"Former basketball star Charles Barkley comes back (after a 17-year gap) to host the first new episode of 2010; Alicia Keys (who last appeared on the first episode of season 27 with host Reese Witherspoon) comes back to perform \"Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart\" and \"Empire State of Mind.\"\n\nSketches include \"The Situation Room,\" \"Thomas Peepers Insurance,\" \"Reel Quotes,\" \"MacGruber\" (three-part sketch), \"Shana at the Ski Retreat,\" \"Inside the NBA,\" \"Weekend Update\" with James Carville, Nicolas Cage, and Governor David Paterson, \"The Haney Project,\" \"Digital Short: Alicia Keys' Booty Call,\" \"Scared Straight,\" and \"Barkley's Bank.\""
"Sigourney Weaver comes back to host SNL after a 24-year gap between appearances (her first appearance was the 12th season premiere in 1986). Indie rock band The Ting Tings perform \"That's Not My Name\" and \"Shut Up and Let Me Go.\"\n\nSketches include \"Larry King Live,\" \"Grady Wilson's Fifty and Freaky,\" \"Summer's Eve Lady Stars of Darts Championship 1988,\" \"Digital Short: James Cameron's Laser Cats 5,\" \"Disco Booty Junction,\" \"Weekend Update\" with Larry the Goose and Meryl Streep, \"Avatar,\" \"Riley,\" \"Sigourney Weaver's Internet Addiction,\" and \"Fire and Rice.\""
"Sketches include \"State of the Union Cold Open,\" \"Jon Hamm Monologue,\" \"1920s Party,\" an SNL digital short: \"The Curse,\" \"New Senator,\" \"Sports Show,\" \"Hamm and Buble,\" \"Closet Organizer,\" \"Court Stenographer,\" \"Bar\" and \"Barnes & Noble.\""
"Actor Ashton Kutcher hosts; Them Crooked Vultures perform \"Mind Eraser, No Chaser\" and \"New Fang.\" Sketches include \"On the Record w\/ Greta Van Susteren,\" \"Gertrude's Will,\" \"The View,\" \"Cialis for Threeways Commercial,\" \"Roman Slave Boy,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Liam (a teenager who just woke up), Eliot Spitzer, Jean K. Jean, and Garth and Kat, \"What Is Burn Notice?\" \"Access Hollywood's Oscar Coverage,\" \"An Even-Tempered Apology from Rahm Emanuel,\" and \"Wedding Band."
"Actress\/musician Jennifer Lopez hosts and performs \"Pieces\" and \"Starting Over.\"\n\nSketches include \"A Message from Quincy Jones,\" \"Gyne-Lotrimin Ladies World Cup of Curling,\" \"Digital Short: Flags of the World,\" \"Hollywood Dish Interview,\" \"Telemundo's Olympic Games Coverage,\" \"Undercover Celebrity Boss,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Bobby Moynihan and Gov. David Paterson, \"Besos y Lagrimas,\" \"Office Romance,\" \"Smash Mouth,\" \"Car Horns and More,\" and \"Closet Organizer.\""
"Actor Zach Galifianakis hosts; Vampire Weekend performs \"Cousins\" and \"Giving Up the Gun.\"\n\nSketches include \"Health Care Reform,\" \"The Vogelchecks,\" \"Bidet,\" \"Zach Drops by the Set,\" \"Today,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Mo'Nique and Will Forte, \"What Up with That?\" \"The Situation Room,\" and \"Pageant Talk.\""
"Actor Jude Law hosts; Pearl Jam performs \"Just Breathe\" and \"Unthought Known.\"\n\nSketches include \"Eric Massa's Exit Interview,\" \"Ford Commercial,\" \"Secret Word,\" \"Broadview Security,\" \"Seville,\" \"Digital Short: Boombox,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Whoopi Goldberg and Jerry Seinfeld, \"The Twilight Zone,\" \"Hamlet Auditions,\" \"Kickspit Underground Rock Festival,\" \"Court Stenographer,\" and \"Talk Show with Ravish.\""
"Sketches include \"Obama Census Cold Open,\" \"Brownie Husband,\" \"Masters,\" \"Sarah Palin Network,\" \"Teacher,\" \"Weekend Update,\" featuring Jason Sudeikis as the devil, \"Women's News with Tina Fey,\" \"Ruff, Rugged and Roker,\" \"School Dance\" and \"Lolene.\""
"Actress Gabourey Sidibe hosts; MGMT performs \"Flash Delirium\" and \"Brian Eno.\"\n\nSketches include \"A Message from the President of the United States ,\" \"The Suze Orman Show,\" \"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?\" \"Mrs. Johnson,\" \"Digital Short: Cherry Battle,\" \"I Did It in My Style,\" \"Weekend Update\" with guests Judy Grimes, Stefon, and John Mulaney, \"Public Employee of the Year Awards,\" \"Alarm Clocks and More,\" and \"Hamilton.\""
"Sketches include \"Lawrence Welk Cold Open,\" \"Betty White Monologue,\" \"NPR,\" \"The Manuel Ortiz Show,\" \"Gingey,\" \"Weekend Update,\" featuring Molly Shannon as Sally O'Malley and Betty White as Dottie Donigan, \"Scared Straight\" and \"Census 2010.\""
"Sketches include \"BP Oil Spill Cold Open,\" \"Alec Baldwin Commencement Monologue,\" an SNL digital short: \"Great Day,\" \"Arizona Evenings,\" \"Swim Team Awards,\" \"Grady Wilson,\" \"Timecrowave,\" \"Some Big Shot\" and \"Snipers.\""
Season 36 - Saturday Night Live
"America's long-running sketch comedy show returns for Season 36 with \"SNL\" alum Amy Poehler helming the cast and fielding kisses from Justin Timberlake. Sketches include Bronx Beat, Hair Restoration, Maternity Matters, Wedding Venue, and more."
"Sketches include Rahm Emanuel Address Cold Open, Bryan Cranston Song Monologue, Pepto Bismol Ice, Miley Cyrus Show, What Up With That?, Shanna: Basketball Game, An SNL Digitial Short: Rescue Dogs 3-D, and Weekend Update."
"Sketches include Ask Gloria Allred Cold Open, Jane Lynch Monologue, Facebook, New Boyfriend Talk Show, Christine O'Donnell Ad, Secret Word, An SNL Digital Short: Relaxation Therapy, Returns & Exchanges and more."
"Sketches include Obama & Reid Cold Open, Emma Stone Monologue, Baby Spanx, Makeover Show, Headline News Show, An SNL Digital Short: I Broke My Arm, The View, Wrangler Jeans Commercial, Weekend Update and more."
"Rihanna performs \"What's My Name\" and \"\u201cOnly Girl (In The World)\"\n\nSketches include Biden Cold Open, Jon Hamm Monologue, An SNL Digital Short: Ronnie And Clyde, Vincent Price Halloween, Back To The Future Screen Tests, I Didn't Ask For This, Highway Cops, Darlique & Barney, Dog in Purse"
"Sketches include G-20 Cold Open, 16 and Pregnant Spinoffs, Millionaire Matchmaker, Manuel Ortiz Show, Unstoppable Trailer, Hollywood Dish, Weekend Update including Jay & Jason as George W. Bush & Kanye West; Vanessa & Fredas, and more."
"Sketches include Rachel Maddow Cold Open, Anne Hathaway Monologue, Message from the TSA, Miley Cyrus Show, Penelope Thanksgiving, Visiting the Queen, Weekend Update, Herb Welch, Black Friday, and Camel Tame."
"Sketches include WikiLeaks Cold Open, New York Monologue, Book Ad, What Up With That, Mr. Produce, An SNL Digital Short: Party at Mr. Bernard's, Weekend Update, Movie Fan, Blizzard Man, Vinny Talks to De Niro, Hair Restoration, and more."
"Sketches include Obama Address Cold Open, Paul Monologue, Cat Cuisine, Kissing Family, What's That Name, Message From MasterCard, Sexually Speaking, Weekend Update, Field Day, and Ice Show at the Garden (Meryl Streep on Ice)."
"Sketches include White House Christmas Party Cold Open, Christmas Song Monologue (Silver Bells with Cookie Monster), A Message From Mark Zuckerberg, Miley Cyrus Show, An SNL Digital Short: I Just Had Sex, Larry King Live and more."
"Sketches include Bloomberg Cold Open, Jim Carrey Monologue, Hair Restoration, Black Swan, Finding Your Power (Healing Conversations), Grady Wilson's Tantric N' Tasty, Worst of Soul Train, Weekend Update, Amusement Park Ride and more."
"Sketches include Fox News Cold Open, Country Monologue, The Cape Promo, Secret Word, An SNL Digital Short: Andy & Pee Wee's Night Out, Bar Mitzvah Songs, Record Meeting, Weekend Update, Fresh Prince Lost Episodes, ESPN Deportes, and more."
"Sketches include Bachmann Address Cold Open, Eisenberg Monologue featuring Mark Zuckerberg, Estromaxx, Mister Wizard, Herb Welch, An SNL Digital Short: The Creep featuring Nicki Minaj, Weekend Update, Bride of Blackenstein, MTV Skins, and more."
"Sketches include Wayne's World Cold Open featuring Mike Myers, Dana Carvey Monologue, Sleepmate Pro, Church Chat featuring Justin Bieber, Teen Crisis Hotline, The Roommate featuring Justin Bieber, Weekend Update, Pageant Preview, and more."
"Sketches include O'Reilly\/Obama Cold Open, Russell Monologue, Spider-Man Lawsuit, Vacation Giveaway, British Movie Trailer, Royal Taster, Chris Brown \"Yeah 3X\", Weekend Update, and more."
"Sketches include Winning It Cold Open, Miley Perfect Monologue, Baby Spanx, Our Time with Taboo & Apl De App, Disney Channel Acting School, Miley Cyrus Show, The Strokes \"Under Cover of Darkness,\" Weekend Update, and more."
"Sketches include March Madness Cold Open, partial Zach Monologue, The Talk, Comedy Tour, Scared Straight, Digital Short: Zach Looks for a New Assistant, Weekend Update, Canadian Entertainment Show, Corn Syrup Commercial, and Titanic."
"Sketches include Lawrence Welk Cold Open, Elton John Monologue, ESPN Classic: Ladies Shot Put, Knights of the Realm, An SNL Digital Short: Laser Cats #6, Elton John & Leon Russell: \"Hey Ahab\", Weekend Update, Elton Visits the Queen, and more."
"Sketches include Presidential Address Cold Open, Celebrity Taxes, An SNL Digital Short: Helen Mirren's Magic Bosom, Fox and Friends, Mary Shelley, Foo Fighters \"Rope,\" Weekend Update, Underground Festival - Easter, The Roosevelts, and more."
"Sketches include Osama Cold Open, Mother's Message Monologue, GOP Debate, Mermaid, An SNL Digital Short: Jack Sparrow, Weekend Update, Birthing Class, Bedelia - Sleepover, Pregnant in Heels, Discount Prom Wear, and Hallmark Mother's Day."
"Sketches include The Situation Room, Corn Syrup Producers of America, What up with that?, The Ambiguously Gay Duo: The Dark, Clenched Hole of Evil, Wild World, One-Take Tony, Ann-Margret Tries To Throw A Wad Of Paper Into A Trashcan, and A Republican Candidate."
"Sketches include Rikers Island, Liquorville, WXPD News, Three-Way (Digital Short), What's That Name?, Merry-Go-Love Tunnel, Secret Word and The Barry Gibbs Talk Show. Lady Gaga performs \"The Edge of Glory\", \"Judas\" and \"Born This Way\"."
Season 37 - Saturday Night Live
"Radiohead performs \"Lotus Flower\" and \"Staircase.\"\n\nSketches include Either the 7th or 8th Debate, Red Flag, All My Children Wrap Party, WDHX 19 Buffalo, Who's on Top?, Top Gun Screentests, Child Psychologist, and Angels in the Trenches."
"Lady Antebellum performs \"We Owned the Night\" and \"Just a Kiss.\"\n\nSketches include The Lawrence Welk Show, Lil Poundcake, Arlene and Tim, Stomp, The Comments Section, Rock's Way, Hidden Valley Ranch Product Testing, and The Tap."
"Foster the People perform \"Pumped Up Kicks\" and \"Houdini\" with Kenny G on soprano sax.\n\nSketches include Mitt Romney and Chris Christie, Lincoln Financial Group (three parts), Fox & Friends, The Best of Both Worlds, V-Necks (Digital Short), Shanna's Halloween Party, Columbus Day Aassblast, Bruce Springsteen: Just the Stories, and Tinyballs."
"Drake performs \u201cHeadlines\u201d and \u201cMake Me Proud\u201d with guest Nicki Minaj.\n\nSketches include \"Mayor Bloomberg,\" \"The Manuel Ortiz Show,\" \"What's Wrong With Tanya?!\" \"Interview with Drake\" (Digital Short), \"Yet Another GOP Debate,\" \"Sip n' Soda,\" \"J-Pop America Fun Time Now,\" \"Foppish Cecil,\" and \"Ferrari Calendar.\""
"Maroon 5 performs \"Moves Like Jagger\" and \"My Heart'sa Stereo\" (feat. Travis McCoy).\n\nSketches include \"The Ghost of Moammer Ghadafi,\" \"Kim's Fairytale Divorce,\" \"The Dr. Oz Show,\" \"Greek God Meeting,\" \"Getting Freaky with Cee-Lo Green,\" \"Kings of Catchphrase Comedy, Volume 2,\" \"Because of One Dolphin,\" \"Seinfeld Apartment Murder,\" and \"Lil' Poundcake.\""
"Coldplay perform \"Paradise\" and 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall\"\n\nSketches include \"Rick Perry Fumbles,\" \"Secret Word,\" \"WXPD News,\" \"Wish It Would Rain\" (Digital Short), \"Les Jeunes de Paris,\" \"Bachlorette Party,\" \"Someone Like You,\" and \"Technology Hump\" (film)."
"Florence + The Machine perform \"Shake It Off\" and \"No Light No Light.\"\n\nSketches include \"Romney: Raw & Unleashed,\" \"Red Flag,\" \"Replacing Regis,\" \"Kemper-Pedic,\" \"Vogelchek Thanksgiving,\" \"Mitch's Retirement Party,\" \"A New Jack Thanksgiving,\" \"Seducing Women Through Chess\" (Digital Short), \"Andre the Giant Chooses An Ice Cream Flavor,\" and \"Blue Jean Committee.\""
"The Black Keys perform \"Lonely Boy\" and \"Gold On The Ceiling.\"\n\nSkits include: Presidential Address, Frozen Mexican Dinner, The Miley Cyrus Show, The Dark Knight Sneaks Up on Gordon, The Mystery of the Chopped-Up Guy, Central Cougars, Playskool Surprise, Ed Vincent\u2019s Sex Symposium, Happy Holidays From Sheila and Sheila."
"Robyn performs \u201cCall Your Girlfriend\u201d and \u201cDancing On My Own\u201d \n\nSkits include: On The Record, J Pop America Fun Time Now, The Apocalypse, Kalle, Two Best Friends, Doggie Duty, Kate Middleton Pregnancy, Politics Nation, Lounge Act Soul Mate."
"Michael Bubl\u00e9 performs \u201cA Holly, Jolly Christmas\u201d and \u201cHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas\u201d \n\nSkits include: Sully and Denise, Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Michael Bubl\u00e9 Christmas Duets, Mirror Sketch, 1920s Party, Half Jewish, Half Italian, Completely Neurotic, Seasons Greetings From Saturday Night Live, Beethoven\u2019s 9th Symphony, Regional Production of \u201cWar Horse, Tebow and Jesus."
"Kelly Clarkson performs \u201cWhat Doesn\u2019t Kill You\u201d and \u201cMr. Know It All\u201d\n\nSkits include: A Message From Rick Santorum, Chantix, Inside The NBA, White People Problems, ESPN Bowl Madness, Joanne, Charles Barkley\u2019s Post Game Translator, Lord Wyndemere, The 17th Annual Adult Video Awards, Convoluted Jerry (digital short), Mayan Calendar."
"Lana Del Ray performs \u201cVideo Games\u201d and \u201cBlue Jeans\u201d\n\nSkits include: Ricky Gervais: Awards Host, Target Lady, You Can Do Anything!, Spin the Bottle, The Delaware Fellas, Hogwarts 2020, X27B Theater, Glenda Okones, The Jay Pharoah Show, Concord Exit Poll"
"Bon Iver performs \u201cHolocene\u201d and \u201cBeth\/Rest\u201d\n\nSkits include: Newt Gingrich, Moon President, It\u2019s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green, Downton Abbey on Spike, NBC NFL Promo, Secret Word, Rebecca\u2019s Bat Mitzvah, Tom Brady in Ruby Tuesday, Go-Tech Flex (With Thumbpulse), Bongo\u2019s Clown Room"
"Karmin performs \u201cBrokenhearted\u201d and \u201cI Told You So\u201d\n\nSkits include: Chrysler Ad II, Piers Morgan Tonight, Les Jeunes De Paris, Chrysler Ad III, Daily Post, 1941, Chrysler Ad IV, Bein\u2019 Quirky with Zooey Deschanel, Verizon Commercial, Crab Blast 2012, We\u2019re Gonna Make Technology Hump, Letters Between Sisters."
"Sleigh Bells perform \u201cComeback Kid\" and \u201cEnd of the Line\"\n\nSkits include: New York Sports Now, Bronx Beat, Maya Angelou\u2019s I Know Why The Caged Bird Laughs, Beyonce and Jay Z, What\u2019s Up With That?, Super Showcase, A Message from First Lady Michelle Obama, How\u2019s He Doing?"
"Jack White performs \u201cLove Interruption\" and \"Sixteen Saltines\"\n\nSkits include: The Real Housewives of Disney, 2012 Psychic Awards, Scared Straight, Deliquent Girl Teen Gang, Big Afro Wedding Invitation, B108FM, Housesitter, Rude Buddha, A Weird Guy By A Fire"
"The Shins perform \u201cSimple Song\" and \u201cIt\u2019s Only Life\u201d\n\nSkits include: Benihana, Science Finders, J-Pop America Funtime Now!, Primate Research Center, Liza Minelli Tries To Turn Off A Lamp, Anniversary Orchestra"
"One Direction perform \"What Makes You Beautiful\" and \"One Thing\" and appeared in \"The Manuel Ortiz Show\" sketch.\n\nSkits include:Just Friends Booty Shorts, Bein\u2019 Quirky With Zooey Deschanel, Almost Pizza, Channel 5 Action News Team Promo, It's Gilly, The Manuel Ortiz Show, Lil\u2019 Poundcake, Watch What Happens Live, Pantene Commercial, 74th Annual Hunger Games."
"Gotye performs \u201cSomebody I Used To Know\" (with Kimbra) and \u201cEyes Wide Open\"\n\nSkits include Game of Thrones Behind The Scenes, The Californians, America\u2019s Next Top Empire State of Mind Parody Artist, Laser Cats, Piers Morgan Tonight, Slow Motion Hallway, Somebody That I Used To Know, Booker T Washington High Prom"
"Rihanna performs \"Talk That Talk\" and \"Where Have You Been\"\n\nSketches include Fox and Friends, Mother\u2019s Day Gift, Madden Motion Capture, Bananagram Murder Trial, Little Brothers, WXPD News, Tanning Mom, What Is This, Helga Lately, Illusions, TCM: The Essentials"
"Usher performs \"Scream\" and \"Climax\"\n\nSkits include: Nasaflu, Wilson High School Alternative Prom, ESPN Classic, The 100th Digital Short, 2012 Funkytown Debate, Broadway Sizzle, Vince and Angela\u2019s 25th Anniversary"
"Mick Jagger performs \"The Last Time\" with Arcade Fire, \"19th Nervous Breakdown\" and \"It\u2019s Only Rock \u2018n Roll\" with Foo Fighters, and a duo with Jeff Beck.\n\nSkits include: The Lawrence Welk Show, Secret Word, Karaoke Champ, Lazy Sunday 2, Politics Nation, So You Think You Can Dance At An Outdoor Music Festival, The Californians, Graduation Day."
Season 38 - Saturday Night Live
"Host Seth MacFarlane; Frank Ocean performs \"Thinkin' Bout You\" and \"Pyramids.\""
"Host Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Mumford & Sons perform \"I Will Wait\" and \"Below My Feet\"."
"Host Daniel Craig; Muse perform \"Madness\" and \"Panic Station.\""
"Host Christina Applegate; Passion Pit performs \"Take a Walk\" and \"Carried Away.\""
"Bruno Mars hosts and performs \"Locked Out of Heaven\" and \"Young Girls\"."
"Host Louis C.K.; Fun performs \"Some Nights\" and \"Carry On\"."
"Host Anne Hathaway; Rihanna performs \"Diamonds\" and \"Stay\"."
"Host Jeremy Renner; Maroon 5 perform \"One More Night\" and \"Daylight\"."
"Host Jamie Foxx; Ne-Yo performs."
"Host Martin Short; Paul McCartney performs."
"Host Jennifer Lawrence; The Lumineers perform."
"Host Adam Levine; Kendrick Lamar performs."
"Host and musical guest Justin Bieber."
"Host Christoph Waltz; Alabama Shakes perform."
"Host Kevin Hart; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform."
"Host and musical guest Justin Timberlake."
"Host Melissa McCarthy; Phoenix perform."
"Host Vince Vaughn; Miguel performs."
"Host Zach Galifianakis; Of Monsters and Men perform."
"Host Kristen Wiig; Vampire Weekend perform."
"Host Ben Affleck; Kanye West performs."
Season 39 - Saturday Night Live
"No description"
"Cold Open: Affordable Care Act\n\nSketches: Airport, New Cast Member or Arcade Fire?, Cinema Classics, Manolo Blahnik \n\nPretaped: Girls, E-Meth, Rick's Model T's"
"Cold Opening: VMAs Backstage\n\nSketches: 50 Shades of Grey Auditions, Girlfriends Talk Show, We Did Stop, Piers Morgan Live, Cheer Squad, Mornin' Miami, Poetry Class, Miley Sex Tape"
"Cold Open: NASA Shutdown\n\nSketches: Black Ops, The Ol' Barbershop, Boy Dance Party, The Lady Gaga Show, Armageddon, Centauri Vodka, Protective Son, Sigma\n\nCommercials: 24-hour Energy For Dating Actresses, E-meth"
"Cold Open: Obamacare Website\n\nSketches: School Visit, Steve Harvey, Critter Control, Drug Deal, 12 Years Not a Slave, Ruth's Chris, Halloween Candy\n\nCommercials: Autumn's Eve Pumpkin Spice Douche, The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruder"
"Cold Open: Oval Office\n\nSketches: Career Week, My Girl, How's He Doing?, Miss Universe Moscow 2013, Cartoon Catchphrase, Fall Carnival, Date or Diss, Ice Cream"
"Cold Open: Rob Ford\n\nSketch: Anti-Depressant, Kimye Talk Show, Co-op Board, Spotlightz Acting Camp, Blockbusters, 4th Grade Talent Show, Red Zone"
"Cold Open: Pier Morgan Live\n\nSketches: Josie, Office Boss, Best Buy, Dancing, Bugs, Girlfriends Talk Show, Turkey Dinner Date, Matchbox 3\n\nMusical Act: Haim"
"Cold Open: The Sound of Music Condensed\n\nSketches: Bill Brasky, Dan Charles, The Lawrence Welk Show, Politics Nation, Divorce Meeting, Michalangelo's David, White Christmas, Santa's Elves, 28 Miles Away \n\nMusical Act: One Direction"
"Cold Open: Nelson Madela Funeral\n\nSketches: Guy Fieri Holiday Special, Three Wise Guys, Shopping at H&M, Snowflakes Dance, Genevieve, Fire Safety, Hallmark Christmas Movies, The Christmas Whistle, Last Call\n\nMusical Act: Kings of Leon"
"Cold Open: Wrappinville\n\nSketches: Celebrity Family Feud, The Barry Gibb Talk Show, Waking Up With Kimye, A Christmas Carol, It's Cold Outside\n\nCommercials: Now That's What I Call Christmas"
"Cold Open: Piers Morgan Tonight\n\nSketches: Mazel Tov Aubrey, Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars, Nancy Grace, New Years Resoultuion, Pajama Party, Indiana Jones Spectacular, Detention, Morning' Miami, I Know"
"Cold Open: Heterosexual figure skating\n\nSketches: Adam Grossman, Couples Quiz, Sweetland Ranch, Dinner at the Boss'\n\nPretaped: Hitmen, Me, Inside SoCal \n\nCommectial: Lamborghini\n\nMusical Act: Bastille"
"Cold Open: Halftime Spectacular\n\nSketches: Women's Group, Guess That Phrase!, Art Exhibit, Girlfriends Talks Show, Summer of Diane\n\nPretaped: CVS, Delaware 1 News Special Report, Super Champions\n\nMusic: Imagine Dragons"
"Cold Open: Ellen\n\nSketches: The Killer Files, Oscar Profile: 12 Years a Slave, Murder Mystery Dinner, Spotlightz: Acting Camp for Serious Kids!, Elevator Stink, Dwayne's Birthday\n\nPretaped: Peter Pan, Bird Bible\n\nMusic: Beck"
"Cold Open:Crimea Taken\n\nSketches: Scandal, What's Poppin', What Are You Even doing? You're Being Crazy, Jewellery Patry, Pimpin' with Katt Williams\n\nPretaped: Ooh Child, Girl Eve, Will Smith E-mails\n\nMusic: The National"
"Cold Open: ObamaCare Website\n\nSketches: Black Jeopardy, Baby CEO, Mr. Big Stuff, Doctor's Office, Detective Brock, Dave & Stacy\n\nPretaped: Chris Fitzpatrick for Kentwood High School ASB President\n\nSam Smith performs \"Stay With Me\" and \"Lay Me Down\"."
"Cold Open: Congressional Hearing\n\nSketches: Fox & Friends, The Little Mermaid, Les Jeunes de Paris, Norfolk Zoo Field Trip, Big Joe, Twin Audition\n\nPretaped: Dongs, Get More Groceries, NCAA Tourney Best of The White Guys"
"Cold Open: Coachella Music Festival\n\nSketches: Just Say No, Helen at the Party, Blue River Dog Food, Only Once Engagement, Undercover Sharpton, Every Sperm Must Go!\n\nPretaped: CNN Pregnancy Test, Monster Pals, A Very Smoky 420"
"Host Andrew Garfield; Coldplay perform."
"Host Charlize Theron; The Black Keys perform."
"Host Andy Samberg; St. Vincent performs."
Season 40 - Saturday Night Live
"Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt hosts Saturday Night Live's 40th season premiere with musical guest Ariana Grade. Sketches include Marvel Trailer, He-Man & Lion-O, CNN State of the Union \u2013 NFL Cold Open, Cialis Turnt and Booty Rap."
"Saturday Night Live alum Sarah Silverman returns as host while musical guest Maroon 5 makes their fifth appearance on the show. Sketches include Joan Rivers, Whites, Weekend Update: What You Can Say, Proud Mary, Car Ride and Poem."
"Bill Hader makes his hosting debut alongside musical guest Hozier. Sketches include Herb Welch: Virginity Pledge Rally, The Group Hopper, Hollywood Game Night, Weekend Update: Stefon Returns, Puppet Class and Cat."
"Jim Carrey returns as host for the third time while musical guest Iggy Azalea makes her SNL debut. Sketches include Halloween Party, Ghost Chasers, Carrey Family Reunion, Lincoln Ad and Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Halloween."
"Former cast member Chris Rock hosts for the second time while Prince performs a special medley set. Sketches include Vlog, Shark Tank, How's He Doing, GoProbe and Swiftamine."
"Woody Harrelson hosts Saturday Night Live for the third time and Kendrick Lamar performs. Sketches include 1989 Monologue, The Dudleys, Match'd, A New Day, Weekend Update: Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson and Last Call with Woody Harrelson."
"Cameron Diaz hosts Saturday Night Live for the fourth time while Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars serve as musical guest. Sketches include Back Home Ballers, Capitol Hill Cold Open, New Annie, High School Theater Show and Office Boss."
"James Franco hosts Saturday Night Live for the third time while Nicki Minaj makes her second appearance as musical guest. Sketches include Peter Pan Live!, Star Wars Teaser, Brain Space, Kid Mayor and Porn Stars with James Franco and Seth Rogen."
"Martin Freeman makes his Saturday Night Live hosting debut while Charli XCX serves as musical guest. Sketches include The Hobbit Office, Sump'n Claus, Church, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy on Hanukkah and Waterbed Commercial."
"Amy Adams returns to host Saturday Night Live while One Direction makes their third appearance as musical guest. Sketches include Christmas Serial, Girlfriends Talk Show with Amy Adams and One Direction, Tenderfield Video Christmas Card, Sam\/Smith Dr. Evil Cold Open and Office Christmas Party."
"Kevin Hart hosts Saturday Night Live for the second time while Sia makes her debut as musical guest. Sketches include MLK Cold Open, Kevin Hart Monologue, Calvin Klein Ad, Why'd You Post That, Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015 and Kevin's Son."
"Blake Shelton pulls double duty as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Sketches include Blake Shelton's Hee-Haw Monologue, Farm Hunk, Wishin' Boot, Celebrity Family Feud and Weekend Update: Riblet."
"J.K. Simmons makes his hosting debut while D'Angelo serves as musical guest. Sketches include Super Bowl Shut Down, J.K. Simmons Monologue, Teacher Snow Day, Totino's Super Bowl Commercial and The Jay Z Story."
"Actress Dakota Johnson hosts SNL for the first time while Alabama Shakes returns as musical guest. Sketches include Giuliani Cold Open, Father Daughter Ad, Say What You Wanna Say, Press Junket, I Can't and Emergency Room."
"Host Chris Hemsworth and musical guest Zac Brown Band make their SNL debuts. Sketches include American Express Ad, Empire Promo, Avengers News Report, Porn Stars: Dolce & Gabbana and Reality House."
"Dwayne Johnson hosts for the fourth time while musical guest George Ezra makes his SNL debut. Sketches include The Rock Obama Cold Open, Dwayne Johnson's Franchise Viagra Monologue, New Disney Movie, The Jungle, Pepboys and Improv Show."
"Michael Keaton hosts for the third time while musical guest Carly Rae Jepsen makes her SNL debut. Sketches include Michael Keaton Tribute Monologue, Prom Queen, Easter Hotline, Neutrology Music Video, Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on The Walking Dead Season Finale and Easter Candy."
"Taraji P. Henson makes her hosting debut alongside second-time musical guest Mumford & Sons. Sketches include Hillary Election Video Cold Open, Taraji P. Henson's I Made It Monologue, Game of Thrones, Sesame Street Promo and Weekend Update: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy Explains Passover."
"Scarlett Johansson hosts for the fourth time alongside musical guest Wiz Khalifa in his SNL debut. Sketches include Mayweather-Pacquiao Cold Open, Orioles, Girlfriends Talk Show: Prom Queen Camden, Virgin Flight, Blazer and Weekend Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Marriage Equality."
"Reese Witherspoon makes her second appearance as host alongside musical guest Florence + the Machine. Sketches include 2016 Republicans Cold Open, Mother's Day Apologies Monologue with Reese Witherspoon, Picture Perfect, High School Theatre Show and Whiskers R' We Spring Cat Giveaway."
"Louis C.K. returns as host for the third time while Rihanna makes her fifth appearance as musical guest. Sketches include Summertime Cold Open, Louis C.K. Monologue, Police Lineup, This Is How I Talk, Wood PSA and The Shoemaker & the Elves."
Season 41 - Saturday Night Live
"No description"
"Miley Cyrus serves as host and musical guest for the season 41 premiere. Sketches include Trump Cold Open, My Way Monologue, Bar Talk, The Squad and 50's Dance."
"Amy Schumer makes her hosting debut alongside The Weeknd, who serves as musical guest for the first time. Sketches include Fox & Friends: Speaker of the House Cold Open, Amy Schumer Monologue, Delta Flight, Porn Teacher and Hands-Free Selfie-Stick."
"Tracy Morgan returns to SNL for his second hosting stint while Demi Lovato makes her second appearance as musical guest. Sketches include Democratic Debate Cold Open, Tracy Morgan Monologue, Brian Fellow's Safari Planet: A Beaver and a Camel, Yo! Where Jackie Chan at Right Now? and Astronaut Jones: The Martian."
"Donald Trump hosts for the second time alongside musical guest Sia, also making her second appearance. Sketches include MSNBC Forum Cold Open, Donald Trump Monologue, Bad Girls, Live Tweeting, Hotline Bling Parody and Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Donald Trump."
"Elizabeth Banks makes her SNL hosting debut alongside musical guest Disclosure, who performs with special guests Lorde and Sam Smith. Sketches include Black Jeopardy with Elizabeth Banks, First Got Horny 2 U, High School Theatre Show with Elizabeth Banks, Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Transgender Rights and Uber for Jen."
"Matthew McConaughey hosts SNL for the first time in a decade alongside musical guest Adele, who makes her second appearance on the show. Sketches include Fox & Friends: Syrian Refugee Crisis Cold Open, Matthew McConaughey Monologue, A Thanksgiving Miracle, Star Wars Auditions and Weekend Update: David Ortiz on Retirement."
"Ryan Gosling makes his hosting debut alongside first-time musical guest Leon Bridges. Sketches include Ryan Gosling Canada Monologue, Santa Baby, Birthday Party, Weekend Update: Anthony Crispino and Angelo Skaggs, Hometown Bar and The Wiz."
"Chris Hemsworth hosts for the second time while Chance The Rapper makes his musical guest debut. Sketches include Bush Cold Open, Chris Hemsworth Returns Monologue, Time to Bleed, Brother 2 Brother: Wrestling Meet, Brunch and Male Strippers."
"Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host SNL alongside musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Sketches include GOP Debate Cold Open, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Christmas Mash-up Monologue, A Hillary Christmas, Meet Your Second Wife and Tina & Amy's Dope Squad."
"Adam Driver makes his SNL hosting debut alongside first-time musical guest Chris Stapleton. Sketches include Republican Debate Cold Open, NFL Playoff Game, Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base, Aladdin, Golden Globes and Porn Doctor."
"Ronda Rousey hosts for the first time alongside musical guest Selena Gomez. Sketches include Palin Endorsement Cold Open, Ronda Rousey Monologue, Screen Guild Awards, Love Struck and Bland Man."
"Larry David makes his hosting debut alongside first-time musical guest The 1975. Sketches include Larry David Monologue, Bern Your Enthusiasm, Steam Ship, Weekend Update: Derek Zoolander & Hansel and Last Call with Larry David."
"Melissa McCarthy hosts alongside musical guest Kanye West. Sketches include Hillary Clinton Cold Open, Melissa McCarthy Five-Timers Monologue, Beyonc\u00e9 Trailer, Kyle vs. Kanye and Whiskers R We with Melissa McCarthy."
"Jonah Hill returns for his fourth hosting appearance alongside first-time musical guest Future. Sketches include CNN Election Center Cold Open, Jonah Hill Monologue with Future, School Auction, Fond Du Lac News & Jungle Fever."
"Ariana Grande returns to SNL and pulls double duty as host and musical guest. Sketches include Carson Endorsement, Ariana Grande Monologue, Hillary Clinton Ad, This Is Not a Feminist Song, Tidal and Sound of Music."
"Peter Dinklage hosts SNL for the first time alongside musical guest Gwen Stefani. Sketches include At This Hour Cold Open, Peter Dinklage Monologue, Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition, Mafia Meeting and Game of Thrones Sneak Peek."
"No description"
Season 43 - Saturday Night Live
"No description"
"Ryan Gosling hosts with musical guest Jay-Z."
"Gal Gadot hosts with musical guest Sam Smith."
"Kumail Nanjiani hosts with musical guest P!nk."
"Based on the popular Saturday Night Live sketch, this animated special features the voice of Tom Hanks as mystery man David S. Pumpkins, and the voices of Peter Dinklage, Mikey Day, Bobby Moynihan and Streeter Seidell."
"Celebrate with Kellywise, David S. Pumpkins, Vincent Price and more."
"Larry David hosts with musical guest Miley Cyrus."
"Tiffany Haddish hosts with musical guest Taylor Swift."
"Chance the Rapper hosts with musical guest Eminem."
"Saoirse Ronan hosts with musical guest U2."
"Golden Globe winner Sam Rockwell makes his hosting debut with musical guest Halsey, also marking her debut."
"Comedian Kevin Hart returns to host his third episode with Foo Fighters returning for a seventh time as musical guest, tying the record for most \"SNL\" appearances by a rock band."
"Golden Globe winner Sam Rockwell makes his hosting debut with Halsey marking her debut as musical guest."
"Jessica Chastain takes the \"SNL\" stage as host for her first time with Troye Sivan appearing as musical guest for the first time."
"Will Ferrell, who was a cast member from 1995-2002, returns to Studio 8H as a four-time host. Chris Stapleton joins as musical guest for the second time."
"Academy Award winner Natalie Portman returns for the second time as host and pop artist Dua Lipa joins as musical guest for the first time."
"John Mulaney hosts Saturday Night Live on April 14, 2018, with musical guest Jack White."
"No description"
Season 44 - Saturday Night Live
"No description"
"\"BlacKkKlansman\" actor Adam Driver hosts with musical guest Kanye West."
"Actress and rapper Awkwafina hosts with musical guest Travis Scott."
"Television host and \"Saturday Night Live\" alum Seth Meyers hosts with musical guest Paul Simon."
"Actor and \"Mid90s\" filmmaker Jonah Hill hosts with musical guest Maggie Rogers."
"\"Ray Donovan\" actor Liev Schreiber hosts with musical guest Lil Wayne."
"\"Beautiful Boy\" actor Steve Carell hosts with musical guest Ella Mai."
"\"The Girl in the Spider's Web\" actress Claire Foy hosts with musical guest Anderson Paak."
"\"Aquaman\" actor Jason Momoa hosts with musical guest Mumford & Sons."
"Actor Matt Damon hosts with musical guests Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus."
"\"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel\" actress Rachel Brosnahan hosts with musical guest Greta Van Fleet."
"\"Glass\" actor James McAvoy hosts with musical guest Meek Mill."
"Singer Halsey hosts and performs as musical guest."
"\"Black Monday\" actor Don Cheadle hosts with musical guest Gary Clark Jr."
"Comedian John Mulaney hosts with musical guest Thomas Rhett."
"\"Turn Up Charlie\" actor Idris Elba hosts with musical guest Khalid."
"\"Killing Eve\" actress Sandra Oh hosts with musical guest Tame Impala."
"\"Game of Thrones\" actor Kit Harington hosts with musical guest Sara Bareilles."
"\"Murder Mystery\" actor and \"Saturday Night Live\" alum Adam Sandler hosts with musical guest Shawn Mendes."
"\"Late Night\" actress Emma Thompson hosts with musical guest Jonas Brothers."
"\"Avengers: Endgame\" actor Paul Rudd hosts with musical guest DJ Khaled"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 45 - Saturday Night Live
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
09 May 2020
Season 46 - Saturday Night Live
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 47 - Saturday Night Live
02 Oct 2021
"Host Owen Wilson; Kacey Musgraves performs."
16 Oct 2021
06 Nov 2021
"Host Kieran Culkin; Ed Sheeran performs."
"No description"