A drama series about food, love and infidelity in Cornwall.

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Actor: Tanya Reynolds

Director: Dan Sefton

Country: UK

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Delicious
"Leo Vincent is a successful chef, who has stolen most of his recipes from ex-wife Gina Benelli, whom he cuckolded for years with second spouse Sam. Now Sam is convinced he is having an affair and he is - with Gina. Gina has another problem with rebellious daughter Teresa, who is allergic to water, but things come to a head at a party for Sam and Leo's son Michael's eighteenth birthday party, when Sam learns the truth and reacts angrily. Rather than hate each other the two women empathize, casting Leo as the villain but both rush to his hospital bed-side when he makes a suicide bid."
"As friends and family members gather for the funeral, emotions run high and one or two relationships take a new turn. Plus, the will reveals a few surprises."
"Gina confronts Rosa for helping Teresa get an abortion without informing her and reaches breaking point after a heated altercation, telling her the wedding at the Penrose is cancelled. Elsewhere, Michael and Tina have some serious doubts about their burgeoning relationship."
"The drama concludes as Gina is sent into a tailspin when James threatens to make a shock revelation to Teresa"
Season 2 - Delicious
"Business is booming at the Penrose a year after Leo's death, but there is trouble in store for the two women running things. Gina is left reeling when two men from her past reappear - one welcome, one not at all - while a frustrated Sam decides to show initiative personally and professionally, with potentially disastrous consequences."
"A vengeful Gina sets out to give Sam a 40th birthday she will never forget. But Sam is not the only one in for a surprise."
"Everyone gathers for a feast to mark the first anniversary of Leo's death, but passions soon boil over. A member of staff reveals a long-kept secret that shocks Gina to the core."
"Sam and Gina tell the family the truth about Adam, Michael and Teresa confront how they feel about each other and Gina embraces a future with James."
Season 3 - Delicious
"Gina and Sam have just about found a way to work together. But a new man is about to really stir things up."
"Sam and Gina discover Mason's up to something that threatens everything they've worked for. Teresa comes clean to the family. But will Mimi do the same?"
"Sam and Gina come to blows over the best way to help Mimi. But when it comes to Mason, they agree there's only one course of action - revenge."
"The drama concludes as Gina is sent into a tailspin when James threatens to make a shock revelation to Teresa. Strong language\/sex\/mature themes."