Hetty Feather

Set in Victorian-era London of 1887, Hetty and her foster brother Gideon are forced to return to the foundling hospital where she was abandoned by her mother as a baby. Hetty and her ...

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Hetty Feather
11 May 2015
"In Victorian London foundlings Hetty Feather and Gideon Smeed are fostered by the Cotton family until the age of five when they are taken to the foundling hospital, run by the austere ..."
18 May 2015
"Hetty tells her friends Harriet and Polly that it will soon be her and Gideon's birthdays as celebrated at the foster parents and, since the sexes are segregated, she must think of a way to..."
25 May 2015
"Matron attempts to coerce a cowed Mathias into being her spy as she sets the orphans to work making toys, supposedly destined for charities though Gus discovers that she and tradesman ..."
01 Jun 2015
"A new foundling arrives, a little girl called Eliza, who was fostered with the same family as Hetty though Hetty is disappointed that her borrowed brother Jem seems to have forgotten her. ..."
08 Jun 2015
"The foundlings must perform a hymn by composer Mr Melrose to sing at a charity lunch but they are bored by it so kindly Nurse Winterson teaches them a music hall song, with the result that ..."
15 Jun 2015
"An army sergeant visits the hospital to recruit a drummer boy, the successful candidate being decided on the outcome of a series of tests. In the event the sergeant picks both Walter and ..."
22 Jun 2015
"Gideon gets a letter from his mother wanting to see him and he attempts to escape but Hetty proves to him it was a hoax perpetrated by the unpleasant Sheila. Meanwhile Hannah and Arthur ..."
29 Jun 2015
"Gideon plans on escaping in search of his parents, but Vince and Judd have other plans."
06 Jul 2015
"Sheila uses the open day as an opportunity to make some money, but ends up getting caught thieving! What will Matron Bottomly say?"
"The gang try to expose Matron's true intentions behind Hetty's planned trip to India."
Season 2 - Hetty Feather
"Hetty risks getting into serious trouble with Matron when she makes a desperate promise."
"Hetty is shocked when a wealthy couple want to adopt one of her friends."
"Hetty has a surprise visitor with important news, but can she meet him without getting caught?"
"Gideon tells a lie, which gets Hetty into trouble, and Matron has mysteriously disappeared."
"Hetty is determined to discover what secret Matron is hiding in the basement."
"A tragic accident brings Hetty and Sheila together to find the truth."
"Hetty is excited when an explorer talks about her adventures, and there's a snake on the loose."
"Hetty plays a practical joke on Matron that has frightening consequences for everyone."
"Hetty discovers news that will change her life forever."
"Will Hetty be able to keep the truth about her real mother a secret?"
Season 3 - Hetty Feather
"Hetty makes a daring escape. She soon learns the streets of London are a dangerous place - how will she survive?"
"Hetty searches the streets of London for Ida, not realising Matron has her own plans to find her. Will the police reach Hetty first, before Matron's friend gets rid of her forever?"
"Hetty helps a street girl who breaks into the hospital looking for safety. However, they are unaware that Matron has her own reasons to find the young girl first."
"Will Hetty find the secret book that could bring Matron's downfall? And why are so many of the foundlings falling ill?"
"Hetty discovers that others are planning a daring visit. Meanwhile, Vince blackmails Nurse Winterson to get special treatment."
"Hetty's plan to help Nurse Winterson backfires when an innocent man is accused of theft."
"Special visitors to the hospital are caught up in a fight among the boys, while Hetty tries to discover what Matron has planned for her."
"Hetty is shocked when she discovers that Matron has sinister plans for her future. But how can Hetty stop Matron when she's locked in a cellar?"
"Hetty starts her new life in a grand country house but is immediately drawn into a world of mystery. And a London gang are searching for her, too."
"Hetty plans to rescue a kidnapped girl, leading to a final confrontation with her old enemy."
Season 4 - Hetty Feather
"It's the day of the fair and Gideon makes a surprising discovery about Jack."
Season 5 - Hetty Feather
"Hetty and the gang play a prank on Sheila, but it has disastrous consequences when a young visitor with a secret arrives to stay at Calendar Hall."
"Jack has a romantic proposal in mind, but a new butler spells trouble for the gang, while Ashok reveals his secret \u2013 a priceless diamond hidden in Calendar Hall."
"The gang follow clues as they search for the Dawn Star, not realising that Ambrose is looking for it, too. Rosamund surprises everyone when she brings an old enemy back to the house."
"Hetty and the gang find crucial clues to the Dawn Star."
"Lizzie discovers a secret tunnel with a clue, while the gang races Ambrose to find the jewel, and Hetty fears that Ashok is growing too friendly with Lady Grenford."
"The gang realise they need to break through a wall to get to the jewel \u2013 but can they do it without being discovered? And what will Agnes do when she finds out Gideon\u2019s been lying to her?"
"The gang realise they need to break through a wall to get to the jewel \u2013 but can they do it without being discovered? And what will Agnes do when she finds out Gideon\u2019s been lying to her?"
"The gang are stunned when Hetty is accused of stealing the Dawn Star, and a fire in the barn leads to a dramatic escape."