Ladies Night

LADIES NIGHT is a reality-based television series that follows the legendary Hip-Hop recording group Salt-N-Pepa as they prepare for a Las Vegas residency and a nationwide tour with the ...

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 4.5

Season 1 - Ladies Night
"SWV wraps up their tour in South Africa, Salt-N-Pepa plan their Las Vegas residency, and Coko's divorce leads to questions as the groups work on their co-headlining tour."
"Given Coko\u2019s absence, Salt N Pepa decide on a major shift to the Ladies Night Tour and hope SWV will accept the new terms. Spin pursues her own solo career outside of the SnP umbrella."
"Choosing a set list proves problematic as SnP and SWV try to merge their music styles, culminating in a rift that could unravel SWV."
"Salt N Pepa quickly realize their Vegas Residency hasn't gotten the attention it needs as major train wrecks pop up at their dress rehearsal. SWV must prove themselves in Dallas if they hope to continue."
"After a successful performance, Jimmy asks SWV to add another song to their set list."
"The disaster of the Salt-N-Pepa residency soft opening causes past issues to resurface to negatively affect Spin and her decision to do a TV appearance with Salt-N-Pepa; SWV gets a call do to do the Toni Braxton tour."
"Existing tensions between Salt-N-Pepa and Spinderella reach new levels when Salt-N-Pepa don't show up in the Caymans; SWV sees a new side of Salt-N-Pepa causing a rift between the two groups."
"Tensions between Salt and Pepa and Spin continue to escalate after SnP no show in the Caymans.\n\nSWV, having chosen to tour with Toni Braxton, are convinced to finish out the Ladies Night Spot Dates in Australia.\n\nLadies\u2019 Night follows Salt-N-Pepa, DJ Spinderella and SWV as these 90s hip-hop and R&B artists create, choreograph and execute a national tour."
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