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Outlaw Tech

Outlaw Tech goes inside true stories of crazy heists and epic crimes, where biology, physics, chemistry and technology are tools of the trade. State of the artscience, thrilling suspense, unforgettable characters.

Genre: Documentary

Director: N/A

Country: N/A

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 8.0

Season 1 - Outlaw Tech
26 Apr 2017
"An undercover investigation targets a high-tech North Korean plot to counterfeit American $100 bills. An identity thief uses a clever hacking scheme steal $100 million. When an ex-KGB agent..."
03 May 2017
"Drug lords in South America have built a fleet of narco subs to carry cocaine to the US. These vessels are engineered to escape detection by law enforcement, leading to a high-tech game of ..."
10 May 2017
"A criminal mastermind breaches a highly-armed bank vault and steals over $100 million in jewels. A simple invention helps thieves make off with over $5 million in gold. When over 500 luxury..."
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