"Prospectors" follows a group of miners searching for the rarest gems in order to strike it rich. However, they risk life and limb daily as they face extreme climates, weather and other ...

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Prospectors
"In the Rockies Mountains of Colorado, the prospectors begin their hunt for gems and crystals. Near Lake George, the stakes are high for the Dorris family. They must make a big find in order to keep their season alive. Meanwhile, on Mount Antero, prospector Steve Brancato hunts for his biggest score of his life. On the other side of the mountain, Amanda Adkins arrives at the dig site only to find a thief on the claim. But the biggest danger that both Steve and Amanda face is a sudden lightning storm. And above tree line, humans are the only things conducting electricity."
"Colorado\u2019s Mount Antero is famous for aquamarine, but so far this season, Steve Brancato has yet to make a big find. So, he and his mining partner, Travis Anderson, decide to prospect new and very treacherous zone by rappelling down a sheer cliff. And when a sudden lightning storm catches both by surprise, the situation could turn deadly. Meanwhile, both the Busse family and Rich Fretterd hit it big."
"Near Pikes Peak in the Colorado Rockies, the Dorris family deals with multiple setbacks at their Smoky Hawk claim. Meanwhile on Mount Antero, Steve Brancato takes on a five thousand pound boulder. And Amanda Adkins tempts fate as she mines underneath a shifting wall of rocks. And when a hailstorm hits, the unstable overburden could turn deadly."
"In their annual visit to Mount Antero in the Colorado Rockies, the Dorris family gets caught in a thunderstorm, miles from safety. And Amanda Adkins, Steve Brancato, and Daniel Barkus race to catch potential thieves."
"Near Lake George in the Colorado Rockies, the Dorris family hunts for topaz while Rich Fretterd mines for crystals 35 feet underground.On Mount Antero, the Busse family gets caught in a sudden white out. Worse, this incoming snowstorm carries with it potentially deadly lightning."
"Near Lake George, Colorado, Rich Fretterd spots a big blue topaz, but getting to it could prove deadly. On Colorado\u2019s Mount Antero, Amanda Adkins\u2019 dig site threatens to collapse. And a snowstorm on Mount Antero could be a season ender for the miners."
"On Colorado\u2019s Mount Antero, Steve Brancato must survive a sudden storm carrying thundersnow. The Busse family launches a search and rescue mission. And near Lake George, the Dorris family makes the find of a lifetime."
"Amanda Adkins and Rich Fretterd mine in a super secret location. Near Lake George, Steve Brancato tries to redeem his season. And the Dorris family finds an unexpected, but massive, pocket."
Season 2 - Prospectors
"The miners return to the mountains in Colorado in the Season 2 premiere, as Amanda and Dwayne are after aquamarine, and the Dorris family look for amazonite and smoky quartz. Meanwhile, Rich scopes out his next dig site."
"Amanda finds aquamarine in a dangerous place; Steve and Rich confront unwelcome visitors on their claims; the Dorris family make a spectacular find."
"Summertime in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado brings daily thunderstorms, which force Joe to abandon a promising pocket, while the Busse family must leave their dig site. Elsewhere, Steve digs for amazonite near Lake George; and Rich finds a lost cache of topaz."
"Evidence of claim-jumping forces the miners to go to extremes to protect their investments, including Joe, who pulls an all-nighter, while Amanda sets a trap on Colorado's Mount Antero."
"Rich takes time off from mining to honor the memory of his brother with a donation; Amanda and her partner hunt for aquamarine on Colorado's Mount Antero; Brian's injuries present a new set of challenges."
"Amanda digs for aquamarine in a dangerous spot; the Dorrises dig for topaz near Lake George; and Steve hunts for blue barite on the plains as the miners take bigger risks near the end of the season."
"The arrival of autumn marks the beginning of the selling season for the Dorris and Busse families, but the quest for a big payday continues for the other miners, including Steve, who strikes a deal to mine a promising claim, and Amanda, who finishes cleaning out a lucrative aquamarine pocket."
Season 3 - Prospectors
"Life on the mountain has never been as hard! Follow our favorite gem hounds as they face tornadoes, claim jumpers and so much on the all new season of Prospectors!"
"Rich risks being buried alive while working beneath an overhang. The Cardwells use an excavator on Mount Antero. The Dorrises' operating costs may exceed their earnings Dwayne's discovery could make history."
"Brian saves the day on Mount Antero. The Dorrises discover rare specimens. Dwayne's dreams come true. Amanda finds her site vandalized and later senses the presence of a mythical Tommyknocker."
"Amanda looks for topaz. The Busses hunt for aquamarine at night. The Cardwells suspect they've got company at their camp. Dwayne teaches his grandson the tricks of his trade."
"The Dorrises set off another blast at their famed amazonite claim. The Cardwells have a hair-raising, life-threatening experience, and it's Homer's last hurrah with Dwayne."
"Brian looks for aquamarine that could be the biggest haul of the year for the Busses. Travis searches for a surprise for Amanda's wedding ring. Rich and the Dorrises hunt for topaz before the gem shows."
"Rich gets good news at the gem shows. Dwayne makes what could be his last trip to the Blue Rose. The Dorrises leave their machines to look for aquamarine."
Season 4 - Prospectors
"In the Season 4 premiere, snowstorms cause trouble for the prospectors. Dwayne goes underground in search of silver. Amanda and a new mining partner hope to strike it rich. The Dorrises sludge through mud."
"Spring storms wreak havoc. Dwayne forms a team to tackle Mount White. Rich faces a 20-ton quandary. The Busse and Cardwell families return to Mount Antero."
"Storms threaten the prospectors' payday. Dwayne and his team hunt for aqua. The Dorrises return to the Smoky Hawk. The Busses endure storms and injury. The Cardwells hit it big."
"The prospectors face a violent storm and potential flash floods. Rich heads deep underground to unearth a mystery mineral specimen."
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