Scared Famous

In a haunted house lets see who lasts!!

Genre: Reality

Director: N/A

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5

Season 1 - Scared Famous
"Ten of the biggest reality stars move into one of the creepiest estates in America to endure scares, gruesome challenges , and one-on-one eliminations all for a shot at winning $100,000 for their favorite charity."
"The housemates are lured into a demonically themed challenge, have a terrifying encounter with ghostly twin girls, and are forced to kill off one of their own."
"Everyone scrambles to create alliances following the elimination of the first housemate; backstabbing is placed on hold as the entire house joins forces to face a horrific challenge."
"A crew member meets a horrific fate; someone gains the power of immunity; one roommate's conjuring of spirits threatens the house; unlucky housemates face off."
"The survivor of the kinky \"Fifty Shades of Horror\" challenge returns seeking revenge; the terror at home takes a turn for the worse; a mysterious force kidnaps one of the crew."
"Two housemates fight to keep from drowning in a deadly Devil Jeopardy Elimination; the remaining crew pushes the limits of claustrophobia; an alliance conspires to manipulate rivals into losing their cool and their lives"
"The final five housemates endure a three-part challenge; the lone survivor will be crowned the winner."